Adidas Crazy Explosive Review and Specification

Adidas has been on the rolls lately with its new releases. In this article, it consists of Adidas performance crazy explosive as one of the greatest Adidas basketball shoes, this brand new silhouette from three stripes. This sneaker is one of the best products since it featured best technologies like Primeknit and Boost. To know this shoe in detail here is the Adidas crazy explosive review for you.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Review

adidas crazy explosive review

The Tractions

These shoes feature the traction patterns which are made up from thick lines which look sort of like the mazes. Its grooves are quite deep, thick, and have enough spaces in between them for maintaining the grips even if the dust get attracted to the outsoles. Its outsoles wrap around the midsoles on medial sides for tractions and stability during the cuts. The rubber wears quite easily. As you wear these shoes, it is not recommended to use them on the outdoor courts. However, its outsoles can perform well, you can stop pretty fast and hard and the dust will not get stuck to them since the groove is quite wide.

The Cushions

These models feature full-length boost midsole with the stable frame underneath for increasing the responses and stability. Also, the boost midsoles are caged on lateral sides for stability during crosses and cuts. The rubber cages have holes on it. By this, the boost could compress on the heel areas. Its cushioning systems feel softer. On the Adidas performance crazy explosive review, it is mentioned also that the medial sides are left exposed for providing soft boost cushioning. The players can feel the boosts in the heels a lot as well as a little bit on the forefoot. For Adidas performance crazy explosive model review, these shoes can provide good impact protections, good heels to toe transitions; this is responsive as well as provide good courts feels.

The Materials


For its upper, these Adidas are constructed with Primeknit technology with Geofit bootie underneath its Primeknit uppers and unique anatomical lacing systems. However, on Adidas performance crazy explosive material review, many people agree that it is one of nicest uppers shoes. Its Primeknit feels quite stretchy and soft while its Geofit bootie nicely wrap around the whole feet and those are incredibly soft.

The others feature

Others thing you should know about these series are the fits. However, this crazy explosive can fit really nicely. The material sits right over the whole foot and toes. These shoes are pretty narrow even though it looks quite wide since this has wide bases. So, for those who have a wide foot, these shoes must be yours.

Talking about the support, these shoes are quite supportive. Its Primeknit are pretty stretchy but its wide bases as well as more tightly woven Primeknit on lateral sides can help in providing good support for mid-foot and forefoot. However, its Primeknit is not bad at all. Although this is a high top shoe, these series do not provide great ankle protections. But, if you are wearing the brace with the shoes, it will feel very supportive and safe. Support is probably not the strong criteria as looking for the best shows, so it will not detract the overall performance of these shoes.

Last but not the least; lockdown is also essential features on this Adidas series. The lockdown feature is really good. The crazy lacing systems that Adidas describes as anatomical lacing systems really do the nice job to wrap around the foot as well as locking you in. On the Adidas crazy explosive review, it is mentioned that the weight of this shoe is about 13.83 ounces. With these great features, you will feel more confident and comfortable whenever you wear the shoes.

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