Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk-Review, Specification and Price Comparison

Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk has become one of the topics debated by a lot of basketball players around the world. Talking about speed, both shoes are indeed included in the best shoe used in not only basketball but also in other sports types. They are well designed that can gain agility and speed of the player to the next level.

These kinds of shoes come in trendy design which is able to improve the player’s appearance while they play in the sports field. Both shoes have the look similar to a sneaker. Each inch of its surface has manly touching which is completed by excellent quality with the purpose for creating comfortable footwear.

This aspect is definitely needed by the basketball players in the world. In this opportunity, you will get more information regarding these two shoes come fro the different brand. They will be compared in term of design and style, comfortability, as well as price comparison. So, let’s check it out below.

Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk for the Best Support and Performance in the Court

As one of biggest manufacturers of shoe industry, Adidas has released the product called as Adidas Crazy Light. It is made of original feather and qualified material. During the first debut, this product was worn by the athlete from basketball field, namely Derrick Rose. This shoe is very light due to its quality material. No wonder that when you wear it, the feeling is like you wear no shoes.

Besides, this item is comfortable when you wear it. It can support your performance and improve abilities at the best level on the field. Both of Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk are almost presenting similar quality.

Design and Style – The first point to be discussed about Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk is related to their design and style. Both products are designed specifically as shoes which are lightweight supported by feather material in high quality. This kind of material is believed to have strong durability. This shoe will be great to improve the performance of sports players, especially basketball players.

Nike Hyperdunk as the rival of Crazy Light from Adidas has been supplied by rubber sole which is soft with a special pattern. This feature will make it very suitable to play in court. Sole heel presented uses a qualified material to improve your speed, durability, and flexibility while playing. These two different shoes nearly look very alike in the same aspects like materials, impact, and body.

Comfortability – In term of comfortability, it is firstly related to shoe’s ventilation of Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk. The shoes from Adidas will be fine in outfit, while the one from Nike will be more relevant to ventilation air. Lace-up position and fit size combination can hold on your feet perfectly.  Exact place of synthetic and feather material in the product of Nike Hyperdunk produce solid combination. It makes anyone who wears it feel very comfortable.

Price comparison The next discussion of Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk is talking about the price comparison. The price offered by both products makes them different. If you want to get a pair of either form Adidas or Nike, you need to pay for around 150 or less. So far, the price they have is not too much different with each other.

But if you look for another different side, they can different in term of weight. The shoe from Nike weighs 11.4 ounces, while the one from Adidas is 11.7 ounces. Even though Crazy Light is a bit heavier than Hyperdunk, both shoes give the best performance in the field.


To summarize, it could be said that Hyperdunk from Nike is more stylish than Adidas Crazy Light shoes. However, Adidas is a slightly better than Nike in term of Performance and comfort. As for the price, they differ not too much.

So, which one will you choose? After discussing Adidas Crazylight vs Nike Hyperdunk, consider carefully to find the best shoes for you.

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