Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Review, Specification and Price

Speaking of the Adidas Performance Isolation 2, this product is one of the most popular and successful on the market from Adidas. Of course, many people know about this Adidas’s product surely. But, you might not know about the detail specs and even the price of it, right?

Because of this reason, we will give you the detail information or review of this basketball shoe for you today. There are several points which we have presented in order to make you have better understanding later.

Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Review

adidas-performance isolation 2 review
Adidas Performance Isolation 2

Almost all shoes’ review derives from this factor. Thus, we start from this point of view for this Adidas performance Isolation 2 review. These shoes are very simple with the iconic Adidas’s design pattern. Therefore, we cannot give a lot of points for that.

However, we count there are at least three types of Performance Isolation 2 variants so far on Amazon. It indicates that Adidas wants to give some choices for their customers about the styling segment.

Unfortunately, the colors are not too much different. This cheap Adidas basketball shoe is covered with black, grey and white colors dominantly. As a result, the kids or the people who love fancy things may not have much interest in these models.


The next point of view is about the cushion. According to our Adidas Performance Isolation 2 review, this shoe provides comfort cushion for our foot. In addition, it is also very soft in any condition. The mesh system on its body brings breathability into your feet easily.

For your information, breathability system must be added for sports shoes because it will keep our feet in cool condition although the game is hard or in high tension. As a result, we will have extra energy to run and run without worrying about the condition anymore.


Talking about the material, our Adidas Performance Isolation 2 review shows that the main materials of these shoes are leather and synthetic. Thus, they have blended each other with the Performance Isolation 2 perfectly. Once you wear them, your feet will be pain-free. That is the main benefit of these shoes since the traction does not have more points.

Not only that, both materials provide long-lasting shoes too so that it would be perfect if you did not plan any further shoe in short period. Those materials also fit with our skin.


The fitness of this cheap Adidas Performance Isolation 2 may depend on your current foot’s size. But, we got some reviewers say that the size is very fit with the size on Amazon. Thus, it depends on you in choosing the appropriate size with your foot. Others also say that Adidas does run narrow size for its Performance Isolation 2. We have no worry about the fitness anymore.

Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Price

adidas performance isolation 2 review

Another important thing of this Adidas Performance Isolation 2 is about the prices. We have to say that the prices are quite affordable because it starts from $25 to $95 USD. Of course, this shoe should be on your list since you are on budget customers now.

Actually, it also depends on the size of your foot. Moreover, the shipping factor is also influencing the price that you have to spend for this shoe. If you are attracted to purchase these shoes, you can take a look for the details.


Overall review of the Performance Isolation 2 is satisfied the customers. Although this shoe is having a lack of traction, they can be covered perfectly by other factors such as the prices, cushion, etc. Moreover, adults and kids love wearing these shoes because of those benefits. Its sporty look becomes another plus point for this shoe since we wear it for sport’s activities.

At last but not least, this Adidas Performance Isolation 2 surely would give you so much on the court.

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