Air Jordan 13 Retro Review, Specification and Price

Sure, there are many sports shoes to choose out there. However, not all of them could be the best choice for you. We are sure that you need to be picky to get one. Well, if you don’t mind spending lots of money to buy shoe, there is one we want to suggest to you here. It is called Air Jordan 13 Retro. Let us tell you it’s review, specification as well as its price here in this Air Jordan 13 Retro review.

Review and Specification of Air Jordan 13 Retro Shoes

Speaking about the specification of this shoe, you can expect much for it is branded by a very famous company. Yes, Air Jordan is shoes branded by Nike that guarantees a high quality of the products. This shoe, for example, is really well prepared. First of all, it is brand new with original packaging. So, you can expect to experience wearing new, original product with the look, feel, and all at their best condition. It is 100% authentic shoe for you to do some sports.

Materials and Design

Wearing brand new shoe like this would feel so great, you see. Well, it is not the only thing you can benefit from this shoe, though. This shoe is made of leather, but it sure has a rubber sole for flexibility. With such design too, this Air Jordan shoe is made to offer durability to you. The look itself is pretty cool. Even when it is said to be retro, it does not look that classic to wear today. So, there is no reason for you to back away from choosing this cool shoe here.


The traction, at first, didn’t give a good impression. However, after you get used to it and wearing for a quite long time, it would break-in and give plenty of coverage on the court. The traction better for playing outside than inside.


The Air Jordan Retro has a responsive and comfortable when you wear it even for a quite long time. Not as great as the others version of Air Jordan like Jordan VII, but you still have much better court feel with the lower profile.


For the support, it’s so great and might be one of the best among other Jordan shoes. The Carbon Fiber adds minor arch support and torsional support .

The Pricing of Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro Shoes

air jordan 13 retro review

How about the pricing then? Of course, we will also include it in this Air Jordan 13 Retro review here. Even when you don’t care about spending much to buy this shoe, it is still important for you to know the price. Well, we are talking about one of the best Nike basketball shoes here. So, you should have known that any shoe made by it wouldn’t be so cheap. It is understandable for Nike shoes are high in quality after all. Furthermore, it is Air Jordan model we have here.

You have to prepare to spend much for it. When it comes to shoe price, though, it could be different depending on the shoe size. Even so, the price range might still remain the same. For this Air Jordan shoe, the price range would go between $300 and $800. Yes, it is expensive, no matter how you look at it. However, you get brand new original shoe by paying that much. So, it is the price range that is only right to be expected. You should get ready for it.


Now that you have known the specification and the price of this Air Jordan shoe, do you feel interested in buying it? If you need a reliable and cool shoe to do some exercises or sports, this shoe is just the perfect one to go with.

There is nothing to doubt when it comes to Nike. So, be sure to grab this shoe if you feel that this Air Jordan 13 Retro review has given you enough insight of this shoe.

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