Top 7 Best Adidas Baseball Bats in 2021

Choosing perfect baseball bat is an important decision for the game. The ideal bat to choose would be the one that has good weight, good length, as well as standard barrel diameter.

Besides, good baseball bats should meet the league requirements. The following description is some lists of the best Adidas baseball bats that you may choose.

The List of Best Adidas Baseball Bats 2021 for Pros or Amateurs

 1. Adidas AeroBurner Alloy


If you are looking for the best Adidas baseball bats, try to use Performance AeroBurner Alloy. This baseball bat is supported by AeroBurner technology that will be able to provide the ideal distribution of weight as well as to increase the control. The swing weight is also balanced to increase more power and swing speed too.

The Burner Alloy of this item can produce exceptional durability and explosive power when you use it. The barrel diameter is as much as 2 5/8 inch. There are three options of color you may choose including white, red, or metallic silver. This bat is -8 length to the weight ratio.

 2. Adidas Performance AeroBurner Composite

The next best Adidas baseball bats you probably want to choose is AeroBurner Composite. This baseball bat is available in three variant of red, black, or white as one of your favorite color. This AeroBurner feature is able to give you the ideal distribution of weight, increase the control and swing speed, as well as decrease the MOI. Its barrel construction is extended to maximize sweet spot.

There is also Texin endcap which is lightweight that increases the swing speed. Meanwhile, this item is designed with ultra-thin which can extend sweet spot of increased power. The design of EQT grip tape will be able to enhance bat control as well.

 3. Adidas Melee 2 Balanced

The best Adidas baseball bats of Melee 2 Balanced can be your option to play baseball. It is built with balance to provide maximum control. You can choose it in 34-inch size with the option of 25, 26 or 28 oz. Its composite construction allows durability and unmatched performance. It is designed with a high material ratio which is strong from the market.

By having this kind of baseball bat, it is approved to play in SPA, USSSA, as well as other leagues of 1.21BPF. Melee 2 is designed specifically to deliver consistent and crisp performance as required for maximizing distance.

 4. Adidas Melee 2 Loaded

Another type of the best Adidas baseball bats from Melee 2 series is Adidas Melee 2 Loaded. Compared to the Balanced version mentioned above, this Loaded bat provides two more option in 34-inch size of 27 and 30 oz. It has the design of end loaded to give more power when playing the game. It has the composite construction as well for durability and unmatched performance.

This baseball bat has been designed with the high and strong material. Just like its Balanced version, this item is also approved to use in SPA, USSSA, and other leagues.

 5. Adidas Equipment X3

As one of the best Adidas baseball bats, this Performance Equipment X3 is very good option for baseball players. There are only two color options of green or white that you can choose. This baseball bat has barrel profile that has been extended to maximize sweet spot.

In order to enhance the swing control, this bat is supported by tackified EQT grip tape too. The construction applied to this item is two-piece and fully composite. For its barrel diameter, it is as much as 2 5/8 inch with -3 lengths to the weight ratio. As for the size available, you may choose the one in 33 inches and 30 oz or 34 inches and 31 oz.

 6. Adidas Equipment X1

Still from Performance Equipment series, one of the best Adidas baseball bats is Equipment X1. It is available in three different color combinations to choose including blue black, onyx black, or white black. The barrel profile is designed specifically in order to provide maximum bat control and speed balance.

This baseball bat uses Texin end cap with good durability. This two-piece construction bat is supported by high performance Alloy too that will deliver barrel flexibility at maximum. Its barrel design is extended to provide explosive power, maximize sweet spot, as well as give explosive control and performance.

 7. Adidas Equipment X2

best adidas baseball bats
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The last is Equipment X2 as one of the best baseball bats from Adidas. Just like Equipment X1 version mentioned before, this bat is available in blue black, white black, or onyx black color combination to choose. It is -5 lengths to the weight ratio. Its barrel design which has been extended provides great sweet spot with perfectly swing weight of end loaded.

It comes with the handle made of carbon fiber which is engineered to give energy transfer or stiffness at maximum. Thus, it can work optimally.

Today’s technological advancement provides baseball player more options of baseball bat to choose. So, find your perfect bat among the best Adidas baseball bats reviewed above. Knowing the material used and the one that meets your requirement is an important consideration.

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