Top 11 Best Baseball Games for Android in 2024

In the U.S.A, Baseball is a sports game which often referred to as its national pastime since it had a vital role in the forming of the country.  In the past, baseball supports so many aspects of Americans’ lives.

As for today, it becomes the most popular sport in the States, either for professionals or hobbyists. Aside from being quite easy to play, the equipment is also relatively affordable.

For baseball lovers, there are a bunch of baseball games that can be played on mobile.  Although they don’t have the same quality as console games, they can still be very engaging. Here are the best baseball games for Android to kill times.

11 Best Baseball Games for Android Users

Big Win Baseball

Big Win Baseball is basically a simulator game where players must be a team manager and make all possible attempts to make sure the team won. The player has to set up a team in advance. The composition of baseball players and their look may change. The positioning of players, training, and quality improvement is the job of the player as manager.

In this one of the best baseball games for Android, there will be cards which can be used to strengthen the quality of individual baseball player or even the whole team. In addition, the player may have difficulty to understand the main features of the game. Still, everything can be learned once the game started.

Baseball Star

Baseball Star deserves to be one of the best baseball games for Android as it provides exquisite graphics and great gameplay that will attract all baseball fans. Here, the player has to build a team and choose the best baseball players to show their abilities on the field.

There will be special cards that can be collecting to add new skills, strengthen every player’s ability, and enhance the chance of the win. This game has three different modes with its own features and rules. This game doesn’t require any internet connection and completely free.

Real Baseball 3D

As the name suggests, the Real Baseball 3D offers the most excellent graphics and gameplay. No wonder it becomes the best baseball game for Android.

Apart from the graphics and gameplay, this game has light control and interface, which makes the player master it quickly. There are several paid items, but the user doesn’t have to spend money on it. Above all, it is a chance to enjoy a baseball game since there are a lot of competitions here.

R.B.I Baseball

Being included in the list of the best baseball games for Android, R.B.I will definitely attract the hardcore fans of baseball. This one offers the best graphic design and gameplay. It’s not only highly recommended for baseball lovers, but also for a player who doesn’t have any foggiest idea about the rules of this game.

Since R.B.I has marvelous gameplay, nothing should be done from the beginning. Player just picks the base and beats the ball. The rest of the game runs automatically.  Even so, the player is able to change the level of the difficulty.

Freestyle Baseball 2

Unlike any other baseball games, Freestyle Baseball 2 is a sports game with an engaging storyline, changeable characters, and a lot of online competitions. Hence, it becomes one of the best baseball games for Android users.

Each competition here is created based on the simplified rules. This game also requires attention to the little details, so the player has to learn all the rules and features beforehand. There will be an assistant that will assist the player with every detail.

MLB 9 Innings 17

In MLB 9 Innings 17, there are more than 700 baseball players that can be chosen. The player can also decide either full game or even auto game mode where you doesn’t have to spend much time on competition events. There are also several options in customizing gameplay to make it more interesting.

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Baseball Highlights 2045

It’s the next of the best baseball games for Android users. Player needs to be mindful in arranging the strategy since unlike any other football games; this one is like a baseball match in television broadcast which turned into a highly interactive game. It has brought the popularity of baseball where the real rivals appear.

MLB Home Run Derby

This simulator can be considered one of the best baseball games for Android, which has licensed baseball players and excellent graphic design. In this game, the player can either choose a single-mode with bots or a multi-player mode. The latter is much more interesting because a player will be opposed to another one. Thus, the internet connection is highly needed.

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Home Run High

It’s a very distinctive football game for Android. Home Run High is a simulation game where the player has to build a team, upgrade the abilities, and build a batting cage. It simulates the actual baseball match, and the player has to manage everything. However, unlike other free baseball games, Home Run High is a purchased game, but it has no ads.

Tap Sports Baseball 2019

This game features a well-designed graphic, control, a list of well-known baseball players, and many more. This one has an online competition that each player can be opposed to another player, and also the customizable team. Unfortunately, it is not entirely free, meaning there are several paid features to get the best experience of playing the game.

Baseball by Glu Studio

Among all baseball games, BASEBALL from Glu Studio is the classic baseball simulator with decent graphic design, realistic players’ appearance, comfortable control button, and a lot of tactical strategies. This classic game also has an online PvP mode where the player can be opposed to another player.

Playing a baseball game is not only for baseball fanatics. Although sport is not that great on the mobile phone, you can still feel the fun of playing baseball games on mobile. The list of the best baseball games for Android above is definitely worth to try. It works well to kill a few hours because you will be immersed in the simulation that feels like a real baseball tournament.

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