Top 10 Best Baseball Training Apps for Android

Baseball is one of the popular sports and games. Some of you might be keen to try something new in baseball. Well, you must learn how to hit properly.

Today, tons of videos and apps provide a shortcut for people who want to enter the baseball field, either a newcomer or the experienced one. They can only use a smartphone, and then the app will show some tips.

Moreover, the apps are more useful because of analytical features and advanced simulation. The next section shows the list of the best baseball training apps for Android.

List of the Best Baseball Training Apps for Android


If you often enjoy YouTube, you can look for baseball tips and other training videos. In general, many videos will give some options. Unfortunately, you may have any issue when following all the tips or methods, so you must choose the right one. As a solution, Hustle provides an app that collects and compiles all videos into the right tutorial.

It will give the drill videos with various contents. You can use it for regular practice of amateur coaches. The ideas, method, tips, and tricks are available in this app. The good thing is you can get it without paying too much. You will get everything in one app.


One of the best baseball training apps for Android is Uhit. You can use this one to boost your confidence and awareness. In general, the developer creates Uhit as a baseball simulation. At first glance, you may see it as the game due to its graphic and gameplay which resembles the mobile app.

From this app, you can simulate how to hit a ball accurately. It gives the analytical explanation regarding your result. The most important part is you should check the reaction time. It is necessary on baseball, especially when you are in the tight spot. Moreover, you can learn how to react when the ball comes to you at 90 mph.

Smash Baseball

You need the best baseball training apps for Android to ensure the right swing. For such purpose, Smash Baseball will do the job. This app has features and capabilities to do the analytical process. You can use it to keep the track and save your training session.

The app focuses on the swing speed, bat path angle, and time to contact. You just choose the training session and set the schedule. After that, follow the training drill and see the record. Smash Baseball has a 3D mode. You can check all aspects related to 3D simulation to analyze your training.


A Pitcher has a goal to increase the speed. Fastball is necessary for baseball since it brings an excellent result. As a player, you must train hard and find the best way to develop such skills. In this situation, the best baseball training apps for Android can be a solution. You can use Topvelocity to gain more speed.

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This app provides several services. You can get the basic mode and learn how to improve the pitcher skill. It is enough if you are just an amateur who plays on a local team. On the other side, the developer brings more professional support. This app will show excellent analysis, including suggestions from the experts.

Corepower Baseball

Baseball players must hit the ball as fast and strong as possible. It will make the ball goes farther. However, that’s not an easy task, especially for a novice, even the professional and expert must find the best swing position. As a solution, you can train it with the app called Corepower Browser.

In general, the main feature is the list of video that explains how to swing the bat and hit in the right position. It explains several methods and tricks. You need to know the right position of hip, legs, and arms when swinging the bat onto a ball. The goal is to reach the farthest distance, even homerun.

USA Baseball Mobile Coach app

USA Baseball Mobile Coach App is an official app that you can install, and act as a coach. It is an official app, which means you get the right one for your purpose. The interface is quite complex but easy to understand. You need to install the latest version to get the best features and supports.

This app provides some features for users. You may create a plan and schedule for practice. After that, explore some videos for drills and find the right skill set. Moreover, the features also include a stopwatch to set the time. It is definitely one of the best baseball training apps for Android.


Coach must know a player who has the weak-hitting. The problem is how to improve his skill, at least not much slump. Some apps will provide a great solution for fixing baseball-hitting mechanics. You can use Zepp for such purpose.

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This app is available on Google Play Store. You just install it and explore some features. At first, choose the training plans. Follow the drill and look for new tricks. In general, Zepp is quite similar to the app you use to monitor the calories and exercise. The features make sure the players can get the best result.


If you like baseball, Gamechanger must be on you smartphone. It is recommended and the best baseball training apps for Android. Its interface is simple and easy to understand. You can see the features to manage the team, score, and training.

In general, Gamechanger is an app for keeping all records and stats. Coaches need this app.


You need to find the right player for your team. Scouting the talents is not a simple task. You may see some people do this job, and ask the potential kids to join the team.

However, finding the right one may take time. Today, some aps will solve this problem effectively. You can use the app called Fieldlevel for recruiting resources.


Training is more than following the drill. You must know your position and role. Teamsnap is an app to manage and organize the team. It provides a reliable schedule, including the responsibility list.

Furthermore, the coach can communicate with players about the baseball match, schedule, training, and other aspects. This app is your right pick for the best baseball training apps for Android.

From the list above, you know that baseball is not just hitting a ball. Players and coaches must implement the right schedule. Moreover, the training must be useful, reliable, and effective. That’s why you need the best baseball apps for training in an android phone.

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