Best Basketball Backpacks in 2021 [Top 8]

Backpack is a bag for carrying all your stuffs to go anywhere. In sport field, you often see athletes bring backpack at their back with full of gears. In basketball, wearing a cool backpack doesn’t make you an incredible athlete in one night, but it sure upgrade your confidence. Besides that, it keeps everything you need to play basketball is secure and safe.

We will give the top 8 best basketball backpacks for you to consider. Sure, our rating is not one hundred persent correct, but we make sure our judgement is not biased.

The Best Basketball Backpacks 2021 for Your Consideration

Some key elements are important to know to choose the proper and right backpack. You need to check the material, design, even color to fit your needs and preference.

 1. Molten Basketball Bag
Molten Basketball Bag

Backpack for basketball does not have to be usual. It may be rectangular one with shoulder strap. One of the best basketball backpacks is Molten Basketball Ball.

The size is big enough to put the ball inside. It has rectangular size with capability to keep six inflated official ball. To bring this bag around, you need to put the strap on shoulder with adjustable mode. It is the top choice since it has the plate to name on your own. Just put your team or identity on this plate.

2. Mardingtop Gym Bag Duffel Bag for Sport

Mardingtop Gym Bag Duffel bag is one of recommended best basketball backpacks of 2021. You need more space to put the shoes, shirt, socks, and other gears for basketball match. For such purpose, you need to buy this product. It is designed with separate area for clothes and shoes. The material is water-resistant polyester.

This bag is not only for basketball, but also other sport or gym activities. You may find wet floor or any liquid around with the risk for spilling.

Water resistant feature keeps the inside part as dry as possible. Close zipper, arm handle, and shoulder strap are properties on this bag.

3. Nike Hoops Elite Team Black Duffel Gym Bag

Nike is the top company on sport apparel industry. Another choice of the best basketball backpacks comes from this manufacturer. It is Nike Hoops Elite Team Black Duffel Gym Bag. The color is black to blend with any activity, including basketball. It has spacious cabin to keep many stuff.

Other properties of this bag are insulated pocket, separator for wet and dry, ventilated compartment, polyester, shoulder strap, and arm handle. Well, ventilated area is for dirty shoes and clothes.

4. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Basketball Backpack
Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0

There are many properties to consider when looking for basketball backpack. It has to be big and spacious alongside the wet-dry compartment. Nike introduces Hoops Elite Air Team 2.0 for carrying sport gears. It is also versatile bag for other activities. You may separate dirty and clean clothes to prevent them mixing into one compartment.

Another property is water resistant mode. You do not have to worry when doing outdoor sport during wet season. It is also safe for visiting gym where the floor is quite wet.

Therefore, you have to put Nike Hoops Elite Max Team as the top list on basketball backpack.

5. Nike KD Max Air Elite Basketball Backpack
Nike KD Max Air Elite

One of the best basketball backpacks is Nike KD Max Air Elite. Actually, Nike produces several backpacks for sport and KD Max Elite is at the top rank. It is quite bulky with spacious compartment and small side pocket for tiny stuff. It also has separator to prevent mixing clean and dirty clothes.

Nike uses polyester as the main material with water resistant capability to keep the surface as dry as possible. This bag has Quad Zip system for the easy access when you need to pick something from compartment.

6. Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack
Wilson Evolution Backpack

You need high durability bag for carrying much stuff, particularly during basketball match. There are clothes, shoes, socks; even you bring your own ball. For such needs, there is bag called Wilson Evolution basketball backpack.

The properties include the main compartment, padded separator, wet storage, front pocket, and side holder. The main compartment is enough to put your things. If you have wet clothes, put them at bottom part.

Side pocket and holder are versatile area for wallet, mobile phone, etc. Manufacturer provides three colors, which are red, navy, and black. You can choose one of them to suit your own preference.

7. Point 3 Road Trip Basketball Back Pack

You need the bag with more than keeping gear, clothes, and other stuffs. The bag should contain separator and different compartment for clean and dirty stuff. For such purpose, Point 3 Road Trip basketball backpack should be at the top choice. It belongs to the list of the best basketball backpacks due to some reasons.

The bag uses high-grade material to prolong the capability, utility, and durability. Other properties are ventilated mesh and adjustable strap. You can carry it as usual backpack and adjust the strap on shoulder. Padded cover keeps the strap more comfortable. Moreover, the ventilated mesh is area to keep your dirty or smelly stuff.

8. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

Another option for the best basketball backpacks is Hard Work Sport Basketball Backpack. It is definitely a bag with double shoulder strap to keep it at you back.

The properties of this product are rubber mesh, several compartments, adjustable shoulder, and polyester material. Rubber mesh is for keeping any ball due to large size. It also has side zipped and mesh pocket for water bottle and any small items.

The compartment has separator to bring your sport gears. Besides, it is also quite versatile for other activities. You may bring books, clothes, shoes, towel, and even electronic device. This is the top backpack when you need to bring more space for bringing gears.

From those bags, you already understand that some properties are essential to consider. Well, backpack for sport has to be durable and spacious enough to put the ball.

Moreover, it should have easy access for compartment and separator area. The brands are varied from popular one, such as Nike and the others like Hard Work, Wilson, Mardingtop, and Molten.


Which one is better on the list of the best basketball backpacks above? You can choose duffel bag style with shoulder strap or usual backpack. Each of them has pros and cons. The key thing to consider is the capability. You can bring the necessary gears, and some bags are versatile enough for other activities. That is what you have to know from backpack for basketball.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Bags for Novice

If you are into sports especially basketball, one of the essentials of being player is having a basketball bag. You have to make sure having the right gear if you want to optimize the basketball match. Of course, you want to have the perfect one, so you need to know how to choose the best basketball bags.

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to have the ideal basketball bag for the better games. Here are some pointers for you on what to look for in the ideal bag.

Wet/dry compartments

If you want to keep the bag fresh, this is an important feature that you will need. Compartment is designed to do so by separating clothes, shoes, or other equipment used in a previous game from the rest of the bag.

Shoe compartment

With this feature inside the bag, you won’t have to carry additional bags anymore. This compartment, usually ventilated, will let you keep the shoes safely and ready to use anytime. This is a very important feature if you are asking on how to choose the best basketball bags.

Insulated pocket

It is important to always take the water bottle when you’re about to do some sport. So, this pocket will offer you a space to keep the water bottle. Aside that, it will also keep the bottle cool before, during and even after a game.

Laptop and tablet sleeve

If you want to know how to choose the best basketball bags, this is one of the answers. Aside from carrying basketball essentials, you will probably want to bring laptop or tablet. Not all basketball bags have this sleeve, but if you want the best, look for this feature in the object. It will be a multifunctional bag in case you need to bring gadgets to work or school.

Mesh netting

To those who need a bigger internal space, this would be a crucial feature to look for. Some basketball bag models come with mesh netting attached on the outside to hold the ball steady. With this, you can store various things due to the upgraded internal storage space. There are models that allow users to detach the mesh netting as well.

Water-resistant features

The most important thing for basketball bag is to be durable enough. But as time goes by, there are bags that include water-resistant feature. It is included for the reason of keeping your personal items, such as wallet or phone, dry. In addition, the bag will also be moisture-resistant.

It won’t be easy to look for an all-rounder basketball bag model, but it will be worth the price and features. You will need to be well-prepared and organized for any basketball game. Therefore, be sure you’re choosing the right bag to buy.

After reading this, if anyone asks how to choose the best basketball bags, you will know what to say. So grab your bag, put all your stuffs in, and hit the court with style.

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