Best Basketball Biography of All Time

Basketball becomes one of the most popular sports. That’s why there are some professional basketball players who get popularity. They have great skills and have brought trophies for the teams.

Some of them also have inspiring stories that can motivate the fans. In this case, there are some great best basketball biographies that you should know. It is not only about popularity, but also the things behind their success.

Recommendation of the Best Basketball Biographies

There are many basketball players and most of the popular ones are found in NBA. Some of them also make great books as one of the memories and masterpieces of their great works.

Well, there are few biographies that are titled as the best books. They do not only give achievements, but great stories that can inspire the fans. These are some of them.

1.Michael Jordan: The Life

First reference of the best basketball biographies is the biography of Michael Jordan. All of basketball players and fans of this sport know this player. Shots, dunks, game play, and other skills of him have become great things to wait for.

However, the biography does not only underline his great achievements and skills. The author witnessed the journey of this superstar from nothing until he got his popularity.

2. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

The next recommendation of the best basketball biographies is about the Black Mamba. It is the title given for Kobe Bryant. As its title, the book portrays how Kobe thinks in playing basketball. Readers will read how Kobe analyzed the opponents and dedicated his life and passion in this sport.

here were also stories how he dealt with injuries. Some great photos of him become interesting part of the book. Surely, this book is like window to see the things behind his awesome play on the court.

3. A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball

The next book is about the superstar of Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade. He is not just regular players. He grabs popularity and trophies for his great game and skills. He also obtained Gold Medal Winner in one of the Olympics held in Beijing.

However, besides telling about his great story as basketball player, the book also shares his struggle as a father for his two sons, Zaire and Zion. Surely, it is great story off the courts that should inspire many men.

4. Stephen Curry: The Inspiring Story of One of the Basketball’s Sharpest Shooter

As we know, Stephen Curry becomes one of the best point guards in NBA. He got the title as one of the best shooters although there were also strong competitors. His skills in shooting bring him the popularity and great achievements for his team.

All of his great works and achievements are found in this biography. Moreover, the book shows the complete journey of his life, and it is not only about his life as basketball players. Things about his childhood up to his legacies are discussed in the books.

5. KD: Kevin Durant’s Relentless Pursuit to Be the Greatest

When talking about the best basketball biographies, it will not complete without the story of Kevin Durant. Speed, shooting skills, and instinct of him are awesome and become great combination that makes him a legend.

In this biography, Marcus Thompson, the author, portrays the complete journey of Durant before he got his popularity. His journey as underdog players and all of his efforts are told well in the book.

6. LeBron, Inc: The Making of a Billion-Dollar Athlete

LeBron James is the superstar in NBA. Many kinds of achievements are made by him. Basketball has also made him the famous icon of business.

In the book, it does not simply underline his success as the icon of various brands, but it also shows the complete journey, efforts, failures, and other experiences that shape the iconic basketball player.

That’s why it is one of the best basketball biographies that must be read. His fans can see some valuable insights for life in his biography.

7. The Sixth Man: A Memoir

Basketball is not only played by 5 players. There is always the sixth man, and Andre Iguodala is one of the best sixth men who play for Golden State Warriors.

The biography tells the complete journey and story of his life. It is not just about his basketball, but the other stories that can inspire the readers. This point makes the book worth as the best basketball biographies.


Well, those are some biographies of popular basketball players. Things that make the books awesome are not only about the achievements of players, but there are the sweats and tears behind the curtain portrayed in books.

Therefore, those best basketball biographies can be the recommended books to give abundance of inspirations.

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