Top 7 Best Basketball Games for Smartphone (Android or IPhone)

Playing basketball is a joyful activity. You can enjoy it with friends and try scoring as much as point you can get. On the other side, gamers also enjoy playing this kind of sport.

In fact, basketball is one of the popular sport games for a mobile device. You can find the best basketball games that are compatible with smartphones, especially for Android and iPhone.

List of Best Smartphone Basketball Games in 2020

You can still find many games with basketball themes and genres. For Android users, go to Playstore and see what the games you can get.

Meanwhile, for iPhone and iPad users, Apple Store is the best place to find the basketball game you like. Just check the following list for recommended basketball games for smartphone in 2020.


Discussing about the best basketball games cannot be separated from NBA jam. It is available for Android and iPhone. You can download and install it directly on your device.

This game has attractive graphics and gameplay. You will win when your score is bigger than your opponent. Just choose the players and team then start entering the match.

The game becomes more interesting because you can compete with another player. This is the main reason why the mobile game turns into a popular choice, even for basketball. You can play alongside other players and enjoy your winning directly.

After winning some matches, your skill will be improved, and there are many benefits to it. The unlocked legend and hidden gems will be in your possession. This game is definitely the top recommendation for basketball lovers.

NBA Live mobile

If you look for the best basketball games, the answer is NBA Live Mobile. This game has attractive graphics and excellent control. From its name, you can expect the gameplay that the developer adds to this game.  As usual, you can choose the team, and play against another player.

This game has several modes, such as playing with NBA Legends. After winning more matches simultaneously, you will obtain a high reputation.

This game requires the internet, and you must have good connectivity. One important thing is you need a proper device and a vast amount of data.

Basketball battle

source : apk4fun

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Basketball games for a mobile device do not have to be in complex gameplay and realistic graphic. On the contrary, you can enjoy the game with simple arcade gameplay.

This is when we consider the “Basketball Battle” as one of the best basketball games.

The game has simple control and action. You may face the opponent in one-on-one mode. Your character must steal, jump, run, and throw the ball into the basket. This is not a difficult task, considering the controls are just to swipe and touch.

The problem appears because you have limited time. More scoring will make you be the winner. It is a practical game for killing time.

Real basketball

Some games utilize the real match on the court. As you can see, most basketball games include the court as one of the background. If you want something new, there is a game called Real Basketball.

As the name implies, the gameplay and setting will be in the real situation on the street. That’s what you see for the first time after the installation is done.

You only need to control one player and customize him based on your personal preference. Your goal is to get more score through the ring. You are the only player on the court. It looks less interesting, considering your gameplay is very simple.

To make the game more challenging, the developer adds some settings, such as time limit and continuous shooting without missing. Therefore, you need to spend much time trying to be the best in this game. Well, the Real Basketball is one of the top recommendations for the best basketball games.

Bouncy Basketball

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You can play a basketball game without paying any fees. Free games have been around, and basketball is on this list. If you like a simple and arcade-style game, Bouncy Basketball should be at the top list.

This game is considered one of the best basketball games for smartphones due to some reasons. The gameplay is simple, and the control is easy, even for beginners.

The game adopts basic shooting, and you must score before the time is up. This is a challenging action, especially when you are at a higher level. That’s what you should know about Bouncy Basketball.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

The next app on the list of the best basketball games is ESPN Fantasy Sport. It is quite different from others because you become the manager and create the winning team. The platform is accessible for smartphones or just browsers.

You need to add and edit the player then prepare the lineup for your team. The most interesting thing is you can play with a stranger in the unknown league. Well, this is a challenging situation. You are a part of the league, which means you can communicate with other managers.

This game makes sure you become the real person who involves in basketball. Trading and contract are something you can do in this game.

NBA 2K mobile

source : apkpure

Some developers put extra effort into making the real basketball game. One of the best basketball games is NBA 2K mobile. For playing this game, you should install the latest version.

Its control is quite easy, and the game needs relatively fewer data needed. You can get the game in a normal setting without enhancing the graphic aspect. You do not need an advanced smartphone at all.

The basic gameplay is similar to the basketball rule. You can choose the team and compete with others in the league or tournament. This game becomes more interesting with a background story. Even though the graphic is quite decent, you will enjoy spending your leisure time with this game.


From the list above, you can categorize the games into two main groups. The first category is for the games with the real gameplay and realistic graphic. This kind of game utilizes the real basketball session. You can play with the team and opponent to win the league.

The game has some modifications, such as the story, unlocked character, point, items, bonus, etc. The second group is the arcade basketball game, which is not a realistic basketball. Developers use the ring, jump, and shoot as the main gameplay.

The graphic is mostly not realistic, but it represents what basketball supposed to be. From both categories, you just need to find the best basketball games for smartphone (Android and iPhone) based on your preferences.

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