Top 7 Best Basketball Mouthguards in 2019 under $50

Basketball is popular sport and injury is inevitable when players are on contact each other’s. Injury in basketball seems only for body, but actually mouth and tooth are also eligible to get it. In order to protect tooth from severe injury, you need to use the best basketball mouthguards. In this article, you will find seven mouthguards with eligible capability to protect tooth during the game.

Why do player need mouthguard? This is primary question that has simple answer. Mouth might not sensitive or severe part during basketball match. Unfortunately, dental injury in basketball is placed at the highest rate which means it takes much money to recover after this injury.

Besides, you need to protect teeth because small broken part will cost much damage to others. In order to maintain teeth at good condition, mouthguard is inevitable to use during the match. Several products are available to fulfill this need and you will find in list of the best basketball mouthguards.

List of the Best Basketball Mouthguards 2019

 1. Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard

best basketball mouthguards in 2017

One of the best basketball mouthguards is Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible. This is the right tool to protect mouth and teeth from extreme injury. Manufacturer uses gel to increase the protection capability which is also flexible to fit any mouth and teeth contour. One of advantages of this product is that it’s suitable for any ages. Practically, adults have their own protection, but they still require the adjustment. Such matter is no longer issue because Shock Doctor creates this mouthguard to make you easily when putting this on the mouth. Another product is also available for youth and kids.

 2. LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard
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Having injury will take much money to get medical treatment, especially on mouth and teeth. As you know, the cost to recover teeth is very high so preventive measure is necessary. One simple way to protect teeth and mouth during basketball is mouthguard. If you are looking for the best basketball mouthguards, LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard is good option. It has affordable price and ready to wear anytime during basketball match. This product is designed in two sections to cover the right and the left sides of mouth. User does not have to worry about eating or breathing. Manufacturer makes sure this mouthguard is lightweight and you may not aware still wearing it after the game is over.

 3. Teeth Armour Professional Sport Mouthguards

Teeth Armour Professional Sport Mouthguard is good solution to protect the teeth and mouth during basketball match or other sport activities. It is versatile protection with capability to fit any mouth and teeth contour. Soft cushion makes sure it absorbs any impact immediately. These properties are enough to put Teeth Armour Professional Sport as one of the best basketball mouthguards. Manufacturer produces this product with safety material and no additive color. Moreover, the design is suitable to wear in any situation then customer will get the case to bring it everywhere. With this product, you can protect the mouth and teeth then save more money from visiting doctor due to dental injury.

 4. ProDental Sport Mouthguards-2 pack
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Mouthguard for athletes needs to have several properties. It has to be comfortable, custom fit, and maximum versatility. Those three traits can be found in ProDental Sport Mouthguard. This product is one of the best basketball mouthguards on market which is recommended to wear in order to keep the mouth and teeth from injury. High quality material keeps this mouthguard at the top durability.

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Manufacturer makes sure the material is hygiene and free from dangerous compound. Anyone is eligible to wear this product, ranging from children to adult. It can adjust with mouth size and teeth shape. Moreover, you can still speak without restraint when this mouthguard is still on your teeth.

 5. Nike Pro Hyperflow Mouthguard

Nike is popular brand in sport industry, including basketball. One of their products is Nike Pro Hyperflow Mouthguard. If you want to look fashionable and stylish while wearing mouthguard, this product is the right choice. Several colors are available to fulfill customer preference. Nike uses high quality material to ensure that mouthguard is versatile and comfortable to wear. You can enjoy wearing this product ultimately in any match, including basketball. Therefore, Nike Pro Hyperflow deserves to have a place on the list of the best basketball mouthguards.

 6. Redline Sportwear Mouthguard with Vented Case

Attractive design is what you get from Redline Sportwear Mouthguard. There are several colors available to pick to fit your preference. This product also comes with top quality because manufacturer uses safety and hygiene material when producing mouthguard. Moreover, adult and children are capable to use it because of comfortable and effective design. As one of the best basketball mouthguards, Redline Sportwear will give ultimate protection for mouth, lips, gum, and teeth. It is versatile product to protect any sport contact, including basketball. Customers will get hygiene case to carry this stuff anywhere without worry about contamination.

 7. Shock Doctor Clear Basketball Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Clear Basketball Mouthguard is special tool to protect the mouth and teeth from heavy injury. This has versatile form to fit any teeth shape and structure. Gel liner in this tool keeps the guard on mouth at comfortable position. You do not have to worry when doing vast and drastic movement during the game. Another property is customizable feature, so user does not have to order specific guard for his or her own. Single the product is capable to protect entire mouth and Shock Doctor produces what basketball player wants. Those properties put this stuff as one of the best basketball mouthguards.

Actually, many mouthguards are available on stores and market with different form, design, and price. Seven products above are categorized as recommended to wear for everyone. Mouthguard is necessary to protect teeth from dental injury during basketball which has high risk at all.

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Several considerations to pick mouthguard are high durability, resilient, safety material, comfortable, and resilient. Moreover, it should make you easy to breathe and speak. You do not want mouthguard creates difficulty for communication during match, right? Moreover, wearing mouthguard is still able to breathe normally without any resistant. Those things are important to consider before buying this stuff. Those properties can be found on the list of the best basketball mouthguards. You just need to pick one of them to fit your need and preference.

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