Best Basketball Shoes for Center Players [My Version]

One of popular sport is basketball. Everyone knows this sport and likes to play it. Modern basketball strategy consists of many types of players, including center as defensive type player. To handle this task, a player needs shoes with a strong and high-durability feature. The best basketball shoes for center players are available on market from cheap to the expensive variants.

If you are still new in basketball, it is better to pick shoes from popular brands. You may recognize Under Amour, Nike, New Balance, and Adidas. They are prolific companies that focus in the sport’s industry. Nike and Adidas are on the top market. Many skilled and popular players endorse products from them.

Actually, there are no distinctions between shoes for a center, forward, or guard. Manufacturers now focus producing shoes with lots of capability to overcome multi-position. However, some of the products are better than the rest due to the benefits and what the shoes provide for center players. The next section will explore recommended shoes for center in basketball.

Best Basketball Shoes for Centers in 2021
 1. Adidas Performance men’s Crazy Bounce

When it comes to basketball shoes, everyone can’t ignore Adidas. You may recognize this brand in many sports and athletic fields, such as football, tennis, baseball, golf, and badminton. Adidas are also the part of a major competition with millions of spectators. In basketball field, Adidas introduces Crazy Bounce as a part of Performance Men’s series.

The shoes are high collar mode with rubber sole and TPU midfod panel. The latter is technology to prevent injury when players do the extreme and fast movement. The shoes are eligible for many types of basketball players, including center.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation


One of best basketball shoes for center players is Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation. This product is specifically designed to support extreme movements. Center in basketball has two tough jobs. He may not give much shooting or point in a match.

However, defensive and offensive patterns rely on the capability of center. He stands firm under the basket to block any direct shooting from the opposite. Adidas uses a rubber sole and synthetic material to create this shoes. Well, the other features are air mesh and collar. It is quite lightweight, so you do not have much trouble to move from a jump, and run quickly.

3. Converse For Three Men’s Basketball Shoes


Another option of the best basketball shoes for a center player comes from Converse. The product has a name as Converse for Three. The manufacturer uses leather and adds rubber toe. It also has a signature of the brand with the red star on the side.

For centers, you cannot pick shoes with low durability, even lack of quality. This ‘guy’ from Converse is one of the best options to play basketball without injury or foot issue.

4. Nike Jordan Men’s True Flight

best basketball shoes for center

Nike is a must if you are looking for a basketball shoe. This company is on the top of sport’s apparel. Basketball is part of Nike line of business. Basketball has many top players since the beginning of a modern competition and one of them is Michael Jordan. He is now retired, but everyone recognizes his achievement. Nike collaborates with him to create Nike Jordan Men’s True Flight.

From the name, you can expect much for quality and capability. This product is part of the best basketball shoes for a center. The manufacturer uses high-grade leather as the material. It also has soft and colored foam to reduce high impact after extreme movement.

5. Nike Jordan Kids true Flight

NBA is basketball competition in the United States. Many players around the world gather in this competition to show their skill and capability. Before turning into the top level, they played it since kids. Basketball shoes are available for anyone from kids, teen, men, and women.

Nike introduces Jordan Kids True Flight as one of product for kids. Since an early age, they have started to learn several positions, including the center. Therefore, this product is one of the best basketball shoes for center players, especially for kids.


6. Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown


Agility, durability, and lightweight are the basic needs of basketball shoes, especially for centers. You will find those qualities from Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown. It uses the combination between leather and synthetic material to create more lightweight result. Under Armour is the company with long dedication in this industry. The products have the same quality with others. As one of the best basketball shoes for center, Men’s UA Lockdown will deliver full comfort in feet to do the lateral movement quickly.

From the list of the best basketball shoes for center above, you can pick one based on personal preference. They are great and excellent products, but you cannot just buy them at once. For kids, parents should consider the shoes to suit their feet condition.

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