Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support in 2021

If weak ankles are the issue you’re having, you should make sure that the basketball shoes have the capability to stabilize and support your ankles. You have to look for some features that make your ankle better stabilized.

In this article, you will see the best basketball shoes for ankle support. But before we go to the lists, see some considerations for you to choose which one suits you.

First, you must think about torsion stability. The forepart of the shoes must not be twisted easily to the sides. If the twist movement is little, it can ensure the stability of your ankle. Second, you may consider high top shoes.

Products List of the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

These types of shoes provide more support for your ankle than the low type. In some cases, high top is the better option, even though sometimes low top provides better tensional stability. Now, let’s get into the list of best basketball shoes for ankle support.

 1. Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier IX

Lebron Soldier IX is one of the Lebron Soldier collections from Nike featuring Lebron James. This line has characteristically been superb as the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Speaking of traction setup, the Soldier IX made an awesome performance on every aspect and was really reliable.

The soldier’s tying setup is made of straps. One strap is used to wrap around or lock the ankles and heels. The other one is used to fasten the fly-wire at the forepart and wrap the midsole.

The material for the wing is made of foam, which means it will bend and fold along with your feet.

2. Under Armour Curry 3

The Curry 3 is a sturdy and sleek shoe that does a great job in the category of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Providing softer materials than the previous line, the quality of the design is enhanced.

The Curry 3 also provides the support that is great for your feet. The broad midsole are latched to the heel and the wings made of carbon fiber add more safety.

If you wear the right size, you will be sure that your ankles are very well-supported. Intended for torsion stability, the shank is also made of carbon fiber.

For more stability, the shoe is built on a flat base. You can expect the shoe to be sold at around 100 dollars.

3. Nike PG 1 Basketball Shoes

The Nike PG 1 offers a Zoom Air element for the forepart, Phylon foam for the entire midsole. This shoe is really the definition of modern technology with some excellent support features.

The features are mainly derived from the midsole that are intentionally designed to wrap your feet up. It lets you feel like the shoes are an extension of your feet and the base will move swiftly with you.

However, these features probably will not quite enough for some people who want stronger support. Although some would experience awkwardness at first but you will get used to wearing it eventually. Being one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support, the PG 1 is priced for less than 150 dollars.

4. UA ClutchFit Drive Highlight II

It’s been known that the ClutchFit Drive 2 have similar look with the original. This is what makes it to the list of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. People also love because it complements the original and adds the Curry One qualities.

Those features include ClutchFit on the upper sole, herringbone pattern for the whole traction, and supported cushion. If you feel like wearing really high-top shoes is for you, this shoe is definitely recommended. The notch at the heels is great for more flexibility support during movement.

The high collar offers great support for ankles which becomes the highlight of its design. This shoe is the perfect choice if your physique is big or if your ankle tends to get hurt easily.

5. Adidas D Lillard 3

The Adidas D Lilard 3 offers a high low-top design. The support is mostly originated from the strong and the real solid counter for outer heel. The counter will no bend by any means. You possibly will consider that it is too rigid, but you will not really become aware of it.

The majority of shoes will bend a little although they are built with a shank in it. However, the D Lilard 3 is really firm on the back and the midsole. Speaking of the transition from heel to toe, it is slightly more clunky and rigid than the previous installment.

Nonetheless, it prevent over flexing of your feet so that you won’t get any injury. That is why this shoe is surely capable of being the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Its outsoles are flat so that more stability can be supported.

6. Nike Hyperdunk 2017

Nike’s Hyperdunk 2017 is comparable to the other best basketball shoes for ankle support. Nike may have exchanged some parts of the cushioning, but the shoe’s essentials are still sustained at some points. Just like what you can anticipate, the outer counter of heel is added with the TPU torsion shank and extra outer support piece.

The whole design is intended to keep your feet on the base so that you will not injure them. The Hyperdunk 2017 provides some wide outriggers for stable support. These components play the role of shock absorbers so that you will not roll over on sideways movement.

7. Adidas D Rose 7

What puts Adidas D Rose 7 as one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support list is its improved cushioning, better-quality grip and upright support.

Those are the main things that make this shoe great. However some would find a slight issue. That is laces that keep untangled after a few games, but it might be a trouble from just a particular pair.

Besides the traction, the support is really decent. The TPU shank and midsole support will keep your feet in their places and ensure a sleek ride.

To keep your feet from tipping over from jagged surfaces, its stable roll cage is added for the support system. You will go far with this one of the best Adidas shoe.

8. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Introduced in 2016, the infinity shank plate on Crazy Explosive makes it an entry to the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The TPU shank goes over the heel and toe with an opening in the middle. This allows the boost cushioning to perform well without making your feet twist in the wrong way.

How the plate is placed offers a firm base for proper landing. The design that connects the heel and forefront part will avoid any bend when your jumps are off-centered. Its counter of heel is low and so flexible while making sure you get the best comfort.

The high knitted collar is designed for the ankle that will fit and look awesome on you. Offered for around 150 dollars price, what you need is also a cool design.

9. Air Jordan XXXI

To continue the line of Air Jordan, the XXXI is a modernized shoe of which the previous design could have been. Although it’s great that it respectably alter the preceding, what Air Jordan XXXI gives is more of its performance.

The shoe has the capability to adapt to your motion while giving enough support and grip. Its safety feature and the unlocked Zoom are great on your feet.

The best part is the shoe’s fit and traction, while everything else happen as expected.

10. Ektio Alexio basketball shoes

Invented by Dr. Barry Katz, Ektio is also included as the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Following his discovery of ballplayers statistics which said 93% of them have experienced ankle injuries, he created the Extio technology. The shoe is a sequence of bumper sole and straps system intended for wearing stability.

Essentially, it is an ankle brace in the form of shoes. The straps are wrapped around the heel and over the instep while the other is wrapped around the higher ankle. Both of them are attached at the middle of the midsole with Velcro to fasten the down.

This system is designed to brace your ankle tightly. Ektio is offered in three lines of basketball shoes. Two of the Breakaway line is offered at less than 150 bucks, while the Alexio line is for under 200.


The most excellent basketball shoes for ankles support are those that are changed frequently. It’s advised to change them just the once every month or even more if you are a professional ballplayer.

The above list is the current best basketball shoes for ankle support which you can think about. Remember to get a thorough examination from doctor before the game is you have ankle issues.

The best shoes will help but you shall need a comprehensive treatment preparation.

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