Top 10 Best Basketball Training Apps for Android and iPhone

In order to become a better basketball player or even as a basketball coach, there is more than just one way to train yourself. Why not taking challenge by trying different types of approaches such as in-personal learning or online learning opportunity?

You can find plenty of both formal and informal learning methods, such as by reading manuals and books, watching videos, or by using these best basketball training apps.

Recommended Smartphone Apps to for Basketball Training

1. Homecourt

Homecourt is an AI-based basketball training application and is the most used tool for both amateur and professional players, for youth and college students.

Based on data in 2018, it has helped basketball players to improve their shoots and raised about $4 million in working capital. It even refers itself an app that revolutionizes basketball training.

By using this app, you can record your shot with camera and track back the shot to see what will work and what won’t.

Unfortunately, it is currently only available for iOS devices.

2. Jump Shot Genie

Being developed by The Idea People, this is a mobile app that created for players in all skill levels and all ages to improve their shooting ability.

It offers detailed analysis about the shot, personalized drill videos, as well as interaction with professional coach. In short, it is definitely one of the best basketball training apps for players if they want to perfect their shooting form.

The Jump Shot Genie application is available in both Google Play and App Store.

3. Hustle Sports Training

Hustle Sports Training covers hundreds of drills skill training for both the players and the coach. The app offers guided plans for exercising and practicing, which specifically crafted to help the user attain new techniques and skills.

Features like Drill of the Day will provide new topic exercises on daily basis to develop your skills. All trainings are led by professional trainers, coaches, or players.

You can download this best basketball training apps both in iOS and Android devices.

It is worth to download because besides providing training for basketball, it incorporates baseball as well to cater the needs of wider audience.

4. Shot Tracker Basketball System

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This app describes itself as a sensor-based system that able to offer analytic and statistical capture of entire team’s performance in real-time manner.

To get the benefit of the system, players should wear tracker with sensor, place anchors above the court (either on ceiling or rafters), and one more censor on the ball. That way, the app can track advanced and updated statistic of each player and the ball.

The live analytics and data are also sent to the coach along with the custom reports. Besides, the results can be seen for the whole teammates, parents, and fans.

5. Basketball Coach’s Clipboard

source: apkmonk

In this technology-based age, it is time to upgrade physical clipboard used by coaches and turn to digital one.

This clipboard app for basketball coach is included in best basketball training apps because it has several beneficial and modern features.

In this app, the coach can draw and animate the players’ game. It allows the coach to organize and sync players in different situations across devices.

6. Basketball Practice Planner

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What makes every team able to reach success is no other than doing disciplined practices.

However, a less than efficient practice only add a little to none skill development of the players. As the name refers, Basketball Practice Planner app is one of the best basketball training apps to help players get effective practice.

It features hundreds of different drills (and still growing) to help designing an ideal practice. You’d be able to easily build different practice and organize customized drill.

7. Nike+

A renowned brand Nike has expanded its line by introducing the Nike+ Basketball application.

More than an ordinary sportswear, it launched a new sneaker line with pressure sensor that placed strategically on the shoe’s sole area to measure how fast and hard the user is moving, as well as how high the jump is.

The data from this sensor then transmitted to the smartphone via Bluetooth, to let you see the result and track the progress. This statistic can be shared as well on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

8. Challengers

As one of the training apps for basketball, Challengers has various features and contents, which are split into several sections.

The first section is exercise, in which the player can practice by choosing exercises with guided tutorials.

The second one is workout, in which the coach and players are able to combine different training routines. The third is results, where detailed overviews of players’ performance are given, including the speed, jumping height, shot balance, and ball handling ability.

The last section is the sharing system through messaging, to let others see result and training activity.

9. Sportplan

Sportplan is amongst the best basketball training apps that allows you to save content personally, in order to have faster access to it.

You may capture the training key moments, upload the video or keep them forever.

All contents including drills, videos, and animations, are allowed to be saved so they can be viewed on offline mode easily. All you have to do is download the app on smartphone or tablet and create an account on it.

10. Evolve Basketball


It is easy to be convinced that Evolve Basketball is a well-deserved to be one of the best basketball training apps because it is such a complete tool to help player becoming better in almost every game aspect.

This application for basketball training includes feedback ability for user’s videos, free videos of basketball sparring, workout calendar, tips and recipes to get the sport nutrition, as well as personal and group chat messaging features.

Apps have become an inseparable part of human’s life, thanks to the rise of smartphone usage. More than a cure for boredom and means of connection, they can be educational tools as well.

There are approximately millions of apps both in Play Store and App Store, so it is certainly not hard to find best basketball training apps to help improve your skills as basketball player, coach, or even referee – or merely as a tool to fill your free time with something productive.

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