Top 10 Best Batting Gloves in 2017 for Beginners and Pros

Batting gloves can be considered as mandatory equipment for baseball game. As the name suggest, the equipment is designed exclusively for player in batting position. It is important that the batting gloves qualify some important qualifications. Other than being comfortable when you wear it, it is also necessary for the batting gloves to have capability in absorbing both shock and heat.


List of the Best Batting Gloves with Their Specifications

Here is the list of 10 best batting gloves in 2017 along with their respective specifications.


 1. Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves

When it comes for the best batting gloves, you have to mention products by Franklin Sports. The MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves are one of their flagship products. As you can expect from the name, this particular series is exclusively designed to absorb shock. The product comes in dark gray color option. However, you can also select other color scheme. The background color is highlighted with brighter colors such as lime yellow and orange. The price offered for this series is up to 50 dollars.



 2. DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

best batting gloves in 2017

The next product of best batting gloves is DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove. As the name suggest, this particular series comes with camouflage pattern. Other than having cool pattern it is also able to improve your grip as well. The main material used for this batting glove is leather material. The layout is designed so that it fit your knuckle bends. It does not sold in pair. The glove is only available for the right hand. As for the price tag, it comes at around 50 dollars.



 3. Franklin Sports 2016 MLB Digi-Camo Batting Gloves

Plenty of batting gloves manufactured by Franklin Sports have great quality. Therefore, it should not be surprising if some of them go into the list of best batting gloves. The Franklin Sports 2016 MLB Digi-Camo Batting Gloves series is not an exception for it. The material used for this product is genuine leather material. As it goes with most batting gloves by Franklin Sports, this series also comes in pair. The price offered is ranging from $12 up to $30.00 or more depending on the size of the gloves.



 4. Xprotex 15 HAMMR Batting Gloves

If you are looking for batting gloves that come in pair, the Xprotex 15 HAMMR Batting Gloves is definitely a recommended series. This product comes in four different color options. The color options available for this product are including white, royal, red, and black. You can easily distinguish it from other products since the X logo can be found on the outer side of the glove. This size is stretched from X-small up to youth large.



 5. Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Batting Gloves

As one of the best batting gloves, this Batting Gloves series is specifically designed for professional use. If you are joining big event such as major league, you normally want to use the best equipment. This particular series is highly recommended for this purpose. It is able to improve your performance during the baseball game. With such great benefit, you can purchase it from around 15 up to 60 dollars.



 6. Easton Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves

When serving as the batter for the team, your hand often blistered. This condition is caused by poor choice of batting gloves. In this case, you will need the best batting gloves you can find. Easton Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves is recommended product. It will prevent your hand from blistered.

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The gloves feature thick padding on the palm. The padding is not only protective, but also improves your grip as well. In order to enjoy this feature, you only need to spend $21.95 up to $36.99. That is definitely a cheap price to pay to avoid blistered hand.



 7. Easton HS9 Batting Glove

Other recommended option for batting gloves manufactured by Easton is the Easton HS9 Batting Glove. It comes with patches added in strategic locations. The patches will make your hand feel comfortable inside it. The mesh is made out of breathable material that supports good air ventilation. The palm uses different material that serves as your second skin. It comes only for your right hand. With five color options that you can select, you can choose your favorite color.



 8. Easton Youth HS VRS Batting Gloves

The Easton Youth HS VRS Batting Gloves are specifically designed for youth who want to improve their skill. It is also packed with high quality features. Therefore, it should not be surprising if it is considered as best batting gloves that you can purchase. The palm of this product comes with thick goatskin padding. It has great durability. That makes the glove can be used across different seasons. As for the price tag, you can bring it home for around 20 dollar or more



 9. Under Armour Men’s UA Motive Batting Gloves

When looking for batting glove, you normally consider how free you can move your fingers. Plenty of best batting gloves have this specification. The Under Armour Ment’s UA Motive Batting Glove is one of those products. It features silicone printing to make it fit in your hand perfectly.



 10. Rawling Adult Batting Gloves

Even though Rawling Adult Batting Gloves is the last product in the list of the best batting gloves, the quality of it is no less impressive than the rest of products. The snow leather palm of this particular series is durable. Moreover, the mesh is able to absorb your shock and sweat. The Velcro feature on its cuff will secure its position in your hand. It comes in affordable price of 11 to 15 dollars.


The list of best batting gloves above comes with superior quality. Other than using decent material, they also have several features as well. You can use this list to get reference on finding batting gloves that suit your need.

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