Top 7 Best High Arch Running Shoes under $100

Choosing the best high arch running shoes is super important if you want to enjoy a safe and enjoyable running moment. This type of foot alone has good and bad things. Since it is only the front area of the foot and the heel making contact with the surface or the ground, it might absorb the impact less than the other types of feet. Although high arch foot isn’t a bad thing, you have bigger risk of injuries and pain. That’s why you need running shoes with more cushion and provide more comfort to the feet.

Despite your luck of having the high arch condition, you still need extra protection if you are going to do any physical activities. Be mindful, though, you don’t really need one because of your natural condition. By having the extra protection, not only it will minimize the possibility of pain and risks, it will also improve your comfort. So, what are the available options you have?

Best High Arch Running Shoes, Some of the Best Products

 1. Pegasus+ 33 Nike Air

best high arch running shoes in 2017

If you are looking for a running shoe with different variants and options within a single line only, this is the right brand to choose. Not only it comes with a different design for male and female users, each of the design has been developed with an advanced technology to improve comfort. And let’s not forget the stylish factors because they are truly appealing to the eyes.

There are various colors and their combinations that are so hard to resist. Whether you are looking for the colorful types or the dark-and-plain type, they have it all. Not to mention that the midsole area is cushioned well so it is super comfy. The shoes have this nice fitting feel. They simply hug your feet without constricting it. Be sure that your feet will be cushioned and protected well. No wonder if it is included in one of the best running shoes for high arch feet in 2021.

 2. Glycerin Brooks 14

Have you noticed how smooth it is for the hot knife to pass through the butter? The same thing can be expected from this product. You don’t really need to break a sweat because each stride and movement will be made easy when you have a pair at home. Thanks to the stretching TPU material, it provides somewhat customized and fitting feel.

There is contoured foam inside that can be removed to deliver a fitter feel. Everything will be cushioned well, including the midsole, so you are free to enjoy the nice support in every movement you make, such a construction will enhance the energy return as well as offer maximum cushioning.  If you are still wondering why the shoes are considered as one of the best high arch running shoes ever made, then you are missing all the crucial points.

 3. Kinsei 6 ASICS Gel

This is another inexpensive pair of the best high arch running shoes in 2018 that won’t hurt your wallet a bit. If you are happy with the basic type, you won’t have to spend more than $100 and that basic type will be enough to improve your running mood.

With the rubber sole, GEL cushion, and FluidFit technology, you will only enjoy the best moment in running. Besides the super comfy cushioning system, enjoy the high quality shock absorbant technology. It protects your feet like a gem and minimizes the possibility of injuries. Well, the options of colors are just cute for the male and female users.

 4. Venture 5 ASICS Gel

This is another variant of ASICS running shoes with GEL technology. The combination of GEL cushion for the rearfoot and also the rugged construction make it ideal for the all terrains shoes. Whether you are running on a smooth paved road or the bumpy terrains, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The shoes will protect you.

The shoes feel fit; it hugs your foot in the comfiest way. Whether you are using the shoes for running or for everyday activities, you will remain stylish and super good-looking. As one of the best high arch running shoes, they have super attractive options with adorable colors only.

 5. Altra Torin 2.0

One thing to like from the best high arch running shoes is the unique design. Unlike other shoes, this one has a specialized design for the toes, allowing your toes to sit naturally without being constricted or limited in the movement. Instead of being cramped in the tight space, the toe box design let your toes to be free and spread out evenly (and also naturally).

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The shoes are designed with well-balanced and distributed weight – from the front to the back – to reduce the running impact. As the result, the users will only experience the comforting low impact enjoyment while running.

As one of the best high arch running shoes, it has a unique technology that maps the tendons and bones, creating customized and natural flex ability.

 6. Saucony Ride 9

The combination of good technology and impressive design will result in a stylish pair of running shoes like this variant. The shoes have breathable mesh construction with lace up model and FlexFilm overlay (no sew construction) for a better support and yet in a lightweight manner.

Rubber sole, RunDry lining with chafe-resistant feature, and padded collar and tongue will definitely create a very nice support while you run. Not to mention that there is Tri-Flex outsole for better flexibility and dual density for controlling the pronation. Should it be included in the lists of the best high arch running shoes? Yes, it’s definitely!

 7. New Balance 1600

Not all kinds of running shoes can be worn for formal occasion. Yes, you can wear them for casual style but for formal one? It is not likely. However, this variant from New Balance is different. Thanks to the combination of premium leather and suede, the shoes look super cool and fashionable.

This is definitely the perfect option for formal wear. In fact, it would be a shame to wear this for your running session, simply because it is gorgeous. Quite logical if it is included in the best high arch running shoes lists, don’t you think?

There are a lot of great options for comfy and stylish running shoes. This list is only the compilation of some of the best names in the industry. They are included in the best high arch running shoes 2021 for a reason. So, which one is your pick?

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