Top 8 Best Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes in 2024

Everyone recognizes Kobe Bryant as popular basketball player with many accomplishments. He collaborates with several brands to produce basketball shoes based on his name.

In the next section, you will see the top and best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes to fulfill demand of basketball fans around the world. If you aspire to become skillful player as Kobe Bryant, just start by owning his shoes.

Best Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes to Wear

 1. Nike Air Force 1 high

One of the best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes is Nike Air Force 1 high. It is classic product that gets new design and technology to increase its capability. The shoes use genuine leather material that’s very lightweight and able to boost premium appearance. Several properties of this product are high-cut collar, perforation at toe, full-length midsole, and rubber outsole.

Moreover, perforation has purpose to control temperature and airflow inside the shoes. During playing, you will be doing excessive and vast movement. Well, your feet produce sweat and should be in check. High-cut collar has pad to secure ankle and reduce high impact after jumping. It is also useful to keep balance between feet and ankle.

 2. Nike Zoom Kobe V

What is the most significant aspect for basketball shoes? It is about comfortable to wear from beginning until the end. For such reason, you need to pick Nike Zoom Kobe V. Several technologies are added to create more than regular basketball. Of course, you will see Kobe Bryan uses this product and cannot resist buying them.

The shoes have flywire technology and bubble mesh. Another property is cushion to keep your feet at comfortable condition. You do not have to worry about high temperature and excessive sweating. Such problems are handled efficiently to keep breathable condition inside the shoes. Therefore, this product from Nike is your choice to play basketball in any court.

 3. Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Olympic PE

Nike Hyperdunk is one of top brand from Nike and you will see several series of them. One of them is part of the best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes in 2024 with top quality and advanced technology. New Nike shoes come with flywire technology and synthetic materials. Olympic in its name means Olympic Games for basketball and USA is part of it.

Kobe Bryant participated in Olympic and Nike incorporated design for him to wear during match. This is the top choice when you want elegant design with top quality.

 4. Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Zoom Kobe V11 is your choice when needing advanced shoes with high capability. As part of the best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes, customer can pick two options: attack fast and strong. What are differences between one and another?

Well, the base design, material, and specs are similar. Attack fast is more lightweight and it uses high traction in order to maintain stability when running fast or for incidental jumping. These shoes are what you need to score and attack. On the other side, attack strong is the version with strong and high cushion. You can get comfortable cushion to keep the feet from exhausting and at good condition.

 5. Nike Air Flight Huarache PE

Nike launched several shoes brands some decades ago. Few of them reach present time and Nike launches them again with new design. One of them is Nike Air Flight Huarache. New updates come with recent technology to fulfill what basketball players need the most.

As one of the best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes, you get the top quality product that’s explored in some properties. There are leather heel clip, Jacquard textile, durable outsole, and lightweight midsole. Those are what you get to feel like Kobe Bryant when playing basketball.

 6. Air Jordan VIII PE

best kobe bryant basketball shoes 2017

Air Jordan VII is the top choice when you want to feel high comfortable when playing basketball. It is also part of the best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes.

The material is high-grade leather to enhance capability alongside lightweight feature. Other properties are flexible forefoot, polyurethane foot bed, robber sole, and slid rubber for partial cup sole. For cushioning, Air Jordan relies on Phylon wrap.

 7. Air Jordan 1

You will find some Air Jordan series on market, but the first edition is always irresistible. Nike puts Air Jordan 1 as new update while maintaining old style and design. New technology and material are added to make you feel more comfortable.

There are three materials for production, such as synthetic leather, genuine, and textile. Nike also enhances the perforation feature to make the shoes more breathable when you wear them in tight match. This is also one of the best Kobe Bryant basketball shoes in 2024 to choose.

 8. Adidas Crazy EQT Elevation

Adidas EQT Elevation is the right option when you need shoes with strong durability. Adidas is not new brand in sport industry, especially basketball.

Many shoes have been produced in order to fulfill professional player need, including Kobe Bryant. The material is top quality alongside the lightweight and breathable feature.

Eight shoes above come from two big brands in sport industry: Nike and Adidas. After reading the specs, of course the quality always becomes the top priority in order to create shoes that can fulfill every position during basketball playing. You can get those shoes at local sport stores or via online.

Therefore, the best basketball shoes above are the top choice to enjoy basketball ultimately.

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