Find the Best Lightweight Running Shoes in 2021 [Top 7]

Running is a simple sport, yet it requires proper attire in order to prevent injuries. The best lightweight running shoes are recommended for running. This type of products emphasizes the design in the lightweight feature. Why a lightweight’s feature is important to a runner? because hat a lightweight shoe does not burden your foot when you are running. Most importantly, it allows you to run freely.

Due to this feature, some of the leading sport footwear companies releases some products with lightweight technology. Here are some of the popular brands that boast its lightweight benefit.

Best Lightweight Running Shoes in 2021

 1. Fuzex Lyte Running Shoes from ASICS

The Fuzex Lyte Running Shoes is designed for men. As the manufacturer of this brand, ASICS realizes the importance of lightweight feature and traction of this product.

The fuzeGel Midsole technology incorporated in the shoes make it lightweight. With a total weight of 9.9 ounces, you will be able to run easily using this series. The rubber material used for the soles improves traction significantly.

 2. Tesla Lightweight Sports Running Shoes E621


As one of the best running shoes in this category, Men’s Lightweight Running Shoes E621 manufactured by Tesla has an exceptional quality. The cushion inside the shoes takes advantage of foam material. Therefore, the bulky design provides comfort for its users without adding more weight. Even though the dimension is slightly bigger than average, the weight is surprisingly only 5 ounces.

 3. Aleader Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sport Running Shoes

From the title above, you can tell that these best lightweight running shoes are designed for women. In order to achieve as lightweight as possible, the shoes use fabric instead of synthetic material. The fabric material used allows the shoes to be breathable as well. Most importantly, the sole uses the hydro-grip feature. It provides more traction regardless the terrain and surface.

 4. Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes L511

best lightweight running shoes

As leading manufacturer, Tesla also produces Men’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes L511. The weight of this product is only 5 ounces. Besides the lightweight feature, you can move freely using this series due to the flexible soles as well. The additional feature added to the running shoes is vent mesh design.

 5. Puma Meteor Cross Trainer Shoes

List of the best lightweight running shoes will not complete without mentioning Men’s Meteor Cross Trainer Shoes manufactured by Puma. Being a trainer shoe, it is also able to do a great job when being used for running. As it goes with any shoes by the same company, it comes with impressive design and style.

 6. Juan Running Shoes Breathable Sneakers

When searching for the best running shoes, lightweight sneakers will be a great option. The Men’s Running Shoes Breathable Sneakers is not only popular due to its lightweight feature.

The breathable feature of this product allows your foot to be ventilated all the time. The material used in it combines synthetic material with fabric.

 7. New Balance Comfort Ride Running Shoes

The Men’s Comfort Ride manufactured by New Balance is engineered as running shoes. Both of its shaft and soles are made of synthetic material. The foam midsole used in it makes it lightweight. The product weight is about 10 ounces. The low collar design is intended to make the users able to move freely.

When it comes to running, the sole of the shoes is also playing an important role. The best lightweight running shoes always include a unique pattern on the soles. This pattern is intended to provide extra traction. Why is the extra traction needed for running shoes? It gives more grip when running, thus prevent slipping.

The list of best lightweight running shoes in 2021 above already includes an extra traction feature on its soles. Besides letting you running without any restriction, those shoes are also able to save you from injuries as well.

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