Top 10 Best Minimalist Running Shoes in 2021 (Men, Women, and Kids)

Which do you prefer to wear on running? The Minimalist shoes or the regular running shoes?

Since you’re here, I guess you prefer to take the first one.

Some people also like to run and get a bit attention by wearing colorful running shoes, while the others like the minimalist style of their shoes.

Running shoes is categorized as sports attire. As it goes with most sports attires, running shoes come in different styles and specifications.

A minimalist concept is one of the concepts that are often implemented on the running shoes. This concept allows the manufacturer to improve the feature of the shoes.

The Reason Minimalist Shoes are Great for Running

What are the benefits of using this kind of shoes? First, minimalist running shoes can help you to gain more flexibility when hitting the trail or pavement.

The soles of the shoes provide better response over the months of using minimal-structured shoes. The shoes also give more elasticity and comfort, so the foot fatigue would decrease.

Second, running shoes with less cushioning are likely to improve the runner’s performance on the trail, grass or on the road. The minimalist running shoes also provide a better stability with more ground contact.

When you wearing minimalist shoes, the pressure from the body would decrease, which is caused by heel striking. It will also provide a better acceleration as well as a balanced natural foot motion.


Some Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Minimalist Running Shoes

The Weight of the Shoes

The weight of your running shoes is one of the most important factors to consider. Running shoes with lightweight platforms are better since they do not drag the runner down when walking or running and would not make you tired quickly.

Look at the Structure

When you looking for the best minimalist running shoes, Look and check the technical construction of the shoes. Pick the shoes which have a barefoot-like feel.

Style and Design

Pick the best running shoes in term of style and design is also important. Since you don’t want to look old-fashioned.

List of the Best Minimalist Running Shoes 2021

In this article, we are going to talk about the best minimalist running shoes. Here is the list of running shoes with superb features and minimalist concept.

 1. Vapor Glove 2 by Merrell

best minimalist running shoes

The first product of the best minimalist running shoes that you should purchase is the Vapor Grove 2 by Merrell. Spenco is a good manufacturer when producing running shoes with great support and features.

When you are using shoes for running, stability is the most important aspect. Therefore, this one of the best running shoes provides with a low profile in order to improve its stability. The structure of this product is also able to increase the motion control. this shoe absorbs the shocks when you are running or jumping.


  • Very stable and flexible for a variety of surfaces
  • Mesh and TPU Materials
  • Sticky Vibram outsole for traction
  • lightweight running shoes


  • some people had a problem with the size, it’s better to pick one size smaller

Rating: 4.8/5

 2. All Out Rush Trail Running Shoes by Merrell

List of the best minimalist running shoes continues with All Out Rush Trail Running Shoes by Merrel. This particular product has better lace system. The lace is incorporated in a way that allows the shoes to fit perfectly with your foot.

Moreover, it has lime yellow color with minimalist design. The soft padding inside it will ensure your comfort while wearing it. Meanwhile, the material is made out of synthetic and fabric.

 3. Classic High Top SL Canvas Shoes by Feiyue

Feiyue always manufactured product with above-average quality. The Classic High Top SL Canvas Shoes by Feiyue is one of them. As you might already expect, this running shoe is made out of canvas material. The canvas material makes it lightweight, suitable for running shoes.

You do not have to be worried over the comfort of this canvas shoes. It has a cotton lining and rubber sole that will guarantee your comfort and safety. It is highly recommended for running and other activities with active movements.

 4. Air Max Thea Running Shoes for Women by Nike

As one of the best shoes manufacturer, Nike produces the best minimalist running shoes that you can purchase. The Air Max Thea Shoes is one of their running shoe series. As you might expect from this product, it has a lightweight benefit and offers stability when running on the road, trail, or any kind of surfaces.

The ventilation system on the front side ensures good air circulation to your foot. It comes in different color variations that you can choose according to your liking.

 5. T2 Palani 2.0 Running Shoes for Women by Scott

The next product of the best minimalist running shoes is T2 Palani 2.0 Running Shoes. As one of the products manufactured by Scott, it is designed for men and women. Even though it is designed with a minimalist concept, the wearer of this shoe will feel comfortable when using it.

It comes with more than 2 different variations of color. One with pink and white combination seems to be the most popular one. However, you can also choose other color variation as well.

 6. Air Max Thea Print for Kids by Nike

Nike manufactured countless shoes designed specifically for kids. As part of the best minimalist running shoes in this list, Air Max Thea Shoes is produced with a good specification. The product comes with comfortable padding inside it.

Meanwhile, the front section is featuring microscopic pores for better air circulation. The rubber sole incorporated in this design will improve the grip when your kids wear it for running.

Even though it is designed for running, it can also be used for other activities with active motion.

 7. Vibram KSO EVO Cross

If you are looking for the best minimalist running shoes, you can always rely on this product. The Vibram KSO EVO cross running shoes have a minimalist concept with a catchy look. This particular series is extremely light with just 4.1 oz and less than 5 millimeters of the sole.

The padding inside these running shoes is intended for two purposes. Aside from providing comfort for the wearer, it is also able to ensure that the shoes will fit perfectly in your foot.

 8. Tactical Recon Cross-Training by 5.11

Even though Tactical Recon Cross-Training is intended for training activities, it can also be used as running shoes as well. There are two superior features added in this product.

The first feature is the lightweight feature. It allows you to move freely while running or training.

The second feature is the enhanced rubber soles. It is designed to improve the friction when you wear it for running. It is manufactured in six different colors and has an affordable price.

 9. KJ633 Running Shoes for Kids by New Balance

Running shoes comes manufactured by New Balance is famous due to its comfortable use. The KJ633 is one of those running shoes. This particular series is manufactured exclusively for kids. Kids have a delicate skin condition.

Therefore, they use soft padding inside of the shoes to make sure that the kids are feeling comfortable using it. Since it is on the list of the best minimalist running shoes, it has the best quality.

Your kids will like to have shoes with a minimalist concept like this one.

 10. MO10 Minimus Outdoor Running Shoes by New Balance

The last product on the list of the best minimalist running shoes is a product by New Balance. The MO10 Minimus Outdoor Running Shoes is specifically designed to fit men requirements.

As it goes with most products on this list, it also brings minimalist concept. The comfort of the men wearing sport attire is the top priority.

You can use the list above as a reference when looking for the best running shoes with top end quality and minimalist look.

As you can see, those shoes are not only having a minimalist concept, but also superior features as well. Running shoes with such specification are recommended for those of you who want to use it comfortably.

Most of best minimalist running shoes are able to improve your performance, and of course, all come with a reasonable price.

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