Top 7 Best New Balance Running Shoes in 2024 For Men and Women

Those best New Balance running shoes should be on your list when thinking about losing some weight of your body because they are perfect for running activity. Besides, they are specifically made for runners all over the world, men, and women.

Because of limitation, we divide them into two categories, female and male running shoes so that all of you will be well-informed without discriminating the genders. New Balance or simply NB is one of the popular shoe’s manufacturers. They are also known as the affordable shoe’s providers. But, the quality and quantity are not careless. Without further ado, check them out below.

Best New Balance Running Shoes 2024

New Balance Women’s 77v1 Vazee Transform

Of course, we prefer to be ladies first. These best New Balance running shoes 2024 are perfect to be your best friends whenever and wherever you run. Its mesh is also well-designed because it brings more breathability for the shoes so that your foot won’t feel any hot temperature even in hot track.

Meanwhile, the midsole is also using rapid rebound system. It gives perfect movement every time you hit the ground. This finest shoe will help you to achieve your goals as an athlete or someone who has to do diet program and chooses running as the main treatment. You can purchase under 100 dollars.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2


The second best new balance running shoes is New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2. This running shoe uses mesh as upper that has very good quality. However, the best part is shown by the no-sew material which will give more flexibility whenever we run or walk.

The rubber sole and foam midsole are also tightening this shoe in order to be suitable for our feet just like the main goal of New Balance as sport’s shoes manufacturer. When you compare them with others, they might seem like smaller. But, they are completely fit with any type of feets surely. Do not hesitate to choose this brand because we are surely recommending this one.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080v6

Enough for the female shoes, now let us face the next best New Balance running shoes. This Fresh Foam 1080v6 provides more comfort for men’s feet which is thicker than women. For your information, it is made by a combination between the fabric and synthetic materials.

Moreover, they have bootie-like which are more attractive to be worn, right? Ortho line sock liner is obviously fit for men since we have more energy to run anytime we want so that the feet do not easily get tired. As same as its name, the fresh foam is the main feature here. You can purchase online or local store nearby.

New Balance Men’s 1260v6 Stability


Runners or athletes need more stability while running so that they need these best New Balance running shoes obviously. Unlike other manufacturers, New Balance keeps on fabric and synthetic combinations to create their best products including this one. Moreover, there is an Acteva Lite which brings more comfort with its lightweight foam midsole.

Do not hesitate with the FantomFit upper unit because it is a purely no-sew material which is able to fit with your feet. The stability is inspired by the Pronation-minded runner‘s problem. Thus, New Balance creates ABZORB Crash pad on these shoes which have a starting price at around $150 even lower.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Gobi Neutral Trail

If you look for better breathability running shoes, these best New Balance running shoes will meet your expectation perfectly. Once again, we found a shoe which has no-sew upper on the New Balance product. This is the main characteristic of them so that the shoppers won’t have any problem with the fitness of New Balance.

This time, there is a neutral trail and toe protector rubber. They give more protection for your feet obviously. Moreover, the breathability which we mentioned in the first sentence is emphasized with these protections.

New Balance Men’s Vazee Rush

The next best New Balance running shoes in 2024 are designed for men’s feet. The Vazee Rush offers some beneficial features for us. The Bootie-construction is what we are talking about here. It comes with cool and attractive colors which will be men’s favorite choices.

REVlie foam midsole is another best feature which makes this shoe as light as possible for our feet so that we have no worry about how long we have to run with them.

New Balance Men’s 900v3 Cross-Country Track Spike

best new balance running shoes

As usual, we prepare the best New Balance running shoes in 2024 on the last list. This time, we have 900v3 Cross-Country Track Spike which is specially designed for male runners. There are 6 removable spikes on the midsole. Of course, they will work perfectly for any terrain or track. Thus, you will have more choices and challenges to run and run every day.

To add more comfort, this cheap running shoe is just made with synthetic materials. Of course, it will create more versatility for you as runners, right? The price starts from 20 to 80 dollars.

Honorable Mention:

New Balance is one of shoe manufacturer that has been known for its excellence quality for running shoes productions, both men and women. This company is able to provide support for its customers using their technology and stylish design. Despite not being as flashy as other brand, New Balance surely gives you everything you needs.

New Balance is not only providing comfort for neutral feet, but also for over-pronator and under-pronator feet. These running shoes on our honorable mention list is also give an excellent quality, good features, and worthy price. Just take a look and you will now why we must mention those sneakers beside the top 7 above.

  • New Balance 760: this shoe is a lightweight, has stylish design, and provide comforts for its wearer. It is also equipped with Abzorb and N-ergy cushioning that gives awesome performance in shock absorption for your heels. Additional feature such as New Balance Phantom Liner gives seamless inner lining to prevent skin irritations.
  • New Balance 1064: this product is developed for neutral runners. It has remarkable cushioning and excellent motion control and flexibility, make it the best pairs of running shoes you can ever get. In addition, its Ndurance rubber compound is especially carved for maximum external strength and durability of the shoes.
  • New Balance 1012: this product has exceptional design and features that give the finest motion control and smooth transition. This shoe is the best for those who look for flexibility. For those who have over-pronate feet, this model is the best you can have.
  • New Balance 1225: this model is specialized for long run due to its maximum support and cushioning. Additional feature called NLOCK secures its midsole in position and prevent any foot twists.

Overall, each of the best New Balance running shoes above have their own special features. You can choose the running shoes based on what you need and how much money do you have.

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