Best Nike Basketball Shoes in 2017 with Cheap Price

There are many kinds of shoe sold in the market. It is always best to get one that is meant for a certain type of sports. If you want shoes for playing basketball, we suggest to looking for the best Nike basketball shoes. They are from Nike, so you definitely can expect good things from them. Nike has always been producing high-quality products after all.

Furthermore, if you get the best ones of all, it should double the deals. Really, you can expect no less when it comes to Nike basketball shoes.


Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017

Yes, we have the best basketball shoes from Nike to offer to you here. They are the ones that sit on the top places in 2017. Their popularity should show you enough that they are promising to consider. The more the customer, the better the shoes are to choose.

Also, the ones we will tell you here are currently priced with an affordable price. So, they could benefit you much in just any aspect. We have 7 of them for you to take into account. We will describe them one by one here. So, let’s get down to the list of the best Nike basketball shoes this year.


 1. Nike Sonic Flight Basketball Shoe

We would say that this best Nike basketball shoe has a cool design on it for men. It has some dots on two sides with flame detail on the sides of the heel. With two major colors used in one design, there is no way for it to look old-fashioned to wear today. Of course, this shoe is offered in all sorts of color choices.

As for its features, you don’t have to worry. This shoe is designed with leather and synthetic. You get rubber sole and the inner sole is also cushioned. The price range of it goes from about $60 to $160.



 2. Nike Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe

latest best nike basketball shoes

As the name suggests, this shoe is designed to be low. However, it is still synthetic with rubber sole. That being said, it is different than the first shoe above.

The synthetic skin it has is lightweight. Also, the shoes itself is specifically made with half-length bootie construction. So, your foot can comfortably snug fit in it.

Padded collar for comfort and molded sock liner for flexibility are also added to the design of the shoe. For that many good things, the price goes right from $40 to $170.



 3. Nike Kb Mentality Round Toe Basketball Shoe

If you care more about the capability rather than the look, this basketball shoe should make a good choice for you. It is Kobe Bryant-inspired shoe and is made to be simple in its design. However, it is still designed with synthetic and mesh. It is lightweight and has partial bootie construction.

It is the shoe that ensures nice fit and feel. Even the outsole is made of rubber, so you can expect to get a superior traction from it.

Currently, the price going on for this shoe ranges from around $40 to $110.



 4. Nike Men’s The Overplay VIII Basketball Shoe


One of the best Nike basketball shoes we have here is actually quite simple in its design too. Not to mention, it has traditional lacing system.

However, it does look cool if you look at the details on its front part. Also, it is made of the synthetic and leather. Rubber sole and phylon midsole are even used to offer flexibility and good cushioning for comfortability.

Really, you can’t judge things from its look. This shoe is very much worth to consider. The price ranges for it going from $40 to $130 these days.



 5. Nike Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoe

If you want a high-profile shoe, we would say that this basketball shoe makes it just a perfect choice. It is designed to be high with eye-catching color options. So, it will definitely stand out more than the others when it comes to the look.

Of course, this shoe is still made of synthetic and leather with rubber sole too. However, it is also made with decoupled collar, breathe tech construction, no-sew skin, and asymmetrical overlay. You can buy this shoe today with the price ranging from $40 to $170.



 6. Nike KD 8 Basketball Shoe


This basketball shoe we have here this time stands out much too with rather contrast color combination in one design. However, that is what makes it different than the others. Furthermore, it is made with Nike Flyweave construction. So, lightweight, support, and lockdown are all guaranteed.

Other things are also used in its design, like Flywire cables, phylon, rubber, and articulated zoom air unit. Priced from $60 to $260, this shoe can feel remarkably great to wear with such great design.


 7. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoes

The last of the best Nike basketball shoes we have here might look simple at first glance. However, it has small holes pattern on front and sides, making it seem nicer to look at. Unlike the other products we have been talking about so far, this shoe is the one designed with visible air unit in the heel to ensure great impact cushioning.

There is also outsole with herringbone pattern for no slip. For fitting, this shoe has collar design in its upper part too. Priced between $50 and $150, this one of the best basketball shoes from Nike that could make a nice choice for you.

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They sure are very promising, aren’t they? So, you can believe that they are worth sitting on the top places. Nike has always been trying to meet the high demands of customers. That is why you can get well-thought out shoes from the brand. It is not wrong at all to put high expectations on them. You see yourself from those 7 best Nike basketball shoes above.

They are very much worth to set your eyes on and spend every penny to own. Why are you looking for others if they have everything you need? Choosing one of them would not disappoint you no matter what.




How to Know the Real Nike Basketball Shoes: Watch for the 3 Important Points

As you might have known, Nike is the most well-known manufacturer that has always been producing top-notch quality shoes. However, many counterfeiters appear one after another nowadays to take advantage of Nike’s fame. If you don’t want to end up buying fake ones, you need to learn how to know the real Nike basketball shoes. Let us tell you 3 important points of it here.

Made of the Highest Quality Standard Materials

Speaking about Nike shoe, you can never doubt its quality because it has always been made with the highest standards of material. You know find out the real Nike basketball shoes through this fact. Take a closer look at them. If you see frayed seams or undone sole, they are most likely a fake. Then, try to feel them. Nike shoes should not be hard, rigid, and uneven as well. Be sure to check this out.

Have Same SKU Number between Shoe and Box

How to know the real Nike basketball shoes includes you concerning about the SKU (Stock Keeping Number). Normally, the shoes and its box it comes with would usually have the same number. If upon its arrival to the front of your door the shoe and box have different SKU, there is something suspicious going on. The real brand-new Nike basketball shoes won’t be like that. It might be a fake.

Get the Nike Shoe Labels Sewn on the Shoes

Besides the quality and the SKU number, you need to pay attention to the Nike shoe labels as well. The labels have black sign in white letters saying “”. Remember that this site must be sewn at the tongue of the shoe. If it is on sticker or you get “Made in China” saying instead, the shoe is indeed a fake. This is the best way to try of how to know the real and best Nike basketball shoes.

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