Top 10 Best Nike Running Shoes for Men In 2017

Running becomes a common way for men to do exercise. To support such activity, they must wear appropriate running shoes. In this case, the best Nike running shoes for men will give some top lists as your reference.

What is running shoes? Simple answer for this question is that it’s the specific shoe designed to keep the feet comfortable during running session. As you know, many sports includes running as the important part, for example basketball, tennis, etc.

Those sports require shoes with high durability to maintain the right position when doing extreme movement. Basically, running shoes are only for simple to mild running session. You wear this kind of shoes to run outdoor, indoor, or on the track. The shoes are also capable to support hiking or jogging.

For certain reason, people wear running shoes for playing sport such as basketball and tennis. The shoes may be eligible for those sport, but not for professional tournament.



Recommended Products as the Best Nike Running Shoes for Men

Well, Nike is one of top companies in sport apparel industry. You can see Nike emblem on many competition and tournament, from local to worldwide level. When coming into running shoes products, Nike is one of the most recommended brands to choose. You can get several series that are suitable as running shoes. The next sections will give the list of the best running shoes for men by Nike.


 1. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

List of the best Nike running shoes for men have various series of shoes. Nike creates those series to fulfil different demand and preference. One of them is Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV. This product is specifically designed for training indoor or outdoor. The design is bold and masculine with two colors available on Nike store. The specs of the shoes are flex grooves, phylon midsole, leather upper, and rubber outsole. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV is the right choice when you want high capable shoes with top durability.



 2. Nike Men’s Tanjun Running Sneaker

best nike running shoes for men in 2017

Sneaker is casual shoe to wear daily. Nike also produces sneaker with high-grade material in order to be capable as running shoes. That is why you can wear Nike Mens Tanjun Running Sneaker. It is also product on the list of the best Nike running shoes for men. The design is simple with main color at top and white as below part.

The shoes have midsole cushion and more lightweight to adjust your feet. Another property is breathable mode to control airflow, so your feet do not get wet due to excess sweating.



 3. Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

You need shoes with breathable and comfortable specs for running. During running, your feet will get much force and your shoes have to contain cushion to absorb that impact. You can rely on Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 to make your running more comfortable every day. This is one of the best Nike running shoes for men to have if you concern much about safety, comfortable, and style for exercise.

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It uses flywire technology to create adjustable foot condition then keep running at top traction. Other properties of the shoes are rubber crash, cushion midsole, internal heel counter and mesh inner sleeve. Rubber crash is important to give smooth transition from extreme movement to lower level or vice versa. The cushion midsole create high stability when you need to jump or change pacing into more speed mode. Therefore, Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 is the top choice to enjoy running.



 4. Nike Lunarepic Flyknit

Another top list of the best Nike running shoes for men is Nike Lunarepic flyknit. The shoes have high collar to act as extended leg part. Lunar sole is one of top technologies from Nike. Several products use this one to enhance capability. Your feet will feel comfortable and breathable during running session.

Another property is flywire technology to adjust the fit level of shoes and feet. As you know, flywire is common thing on new shoes of Nike. Other specs are foam midsole, laser-cut outsole, and skin-like overlay. You still need to wear sock while using the shoes to feel adjustable. Another model of Lunarepic has low collar with similar material and tech. The design is fancier than flyknit model. All of them are the top choice to buy for running.



 5. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Air Zoom is popular product from Nike with several shoes as the top choice. You can enjoy running while wearing Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33. The specs of this shoe are the reason to put on list of the best Nike running shoes for men. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 gives a perfect fit and responsive cushioning to help you getting a pace and concern on speed.

Flyease technology gets rid of traditional laces. The shoes use innovative sipper to keep everything as simple as possible. Moreover, it has flex grooves, waffle piston, and soft cushion. You cannot see sew mode on toe overlay to enhance the longevity. Its design is simple and no fancy pattern, except Nike emblem at usual side.



 6. Nike Free RN Running Shoes

Most of running shoes from Nike have similar specs, but some differences put them on another series. You cannot get the same properties from different series. Another top choice for the best Nike running shoes for men is Nike Free RN. Nike produces this variant for men and women with top specification. It has soft layer and thinner tongue to feel comfortable during running.

The shoes are breathable with ability to control airflow. Other specs are flywire, rubber toe, and rounded heel. Flywire is Nike technology to secure and enhance the flexibility. It also keeps the shoes to be more lightweight to reduce effort when running on difficult track. Therefore, this is the right show to have in enjoying daily running.



 7. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3

What is difference between shoes for women and men? You can see from the design and comfortable level. However, some Nike products are capable to use for both. You can try Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 as the good choice to enjoy running. It is also one of the best Nike running shoes for men to put into consideration. The properties of this shoe are flymesh upper, rubber forefoot, phylon midsole, sharp lugs, and dynamic wrap.

Flymesh upper makes the shoes more lightweight. You can move easily and fit on foot. Rubber forefoot also helps to reduce shock when running. You need extra grip when running in order to prevent unstable movement. This grip comes from sharp lugs on shoe. From those properties, Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 is the top choice for running outdoor.



 8. Nike LunarTempo 2

The other type of the best Nike running shoes for men is Nike Lunartempo 2. Sport industry produces more than functional product to wear on foot. Nike also puts effort to create fashionable shoes. That matter can be seen on Nike Lunartempo 2. Nike emblem on the right and left sides of shoes is a solid proof to encourage prople to wear the shoes.

The design may not change significantly, but the shoes have improvement on capability. New flywire cable keeps foot at stable position and flymesh upper will handle the traction. It also has comfortable cushion to protect foot from high impact after doing extreme movement. This product is very comfortable to wear and the price is also affordable.



 9. Nike Lunarglide 8

Nike produces shoes for men and women. Certain series are only available for men and other can be used for both. One of series is Lunarglide. Well, Nike Lunarglide 8 is the top choice for men to do running. It is also one of the best Nike running shoes for men. Nike uses high-grade material to enhance the shoes capability and durability. You will be in excellent condition, even after long running session on outdoor.

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Nike has technology called Flywire to secure and adjust foot. It is also useful to keep shoes at breathable mode to make them more comfortable. One advantage of Lunarglide is soft cushion to reduce high impact during running. Other specs are molded pods, inner sleeve, and collar.



 10. Nike Flex Experience RN

As it mentioned in above section, Nike has several series that are useful to wear for running. One of them is Nike Flex Experience RN. You can enjoy running for long period without worry about the foot condition. The shoes make sure that running activity is more enjoyable to do every day. That is the reason to put Flex Experience RN as one of the best Nike running shoes for men.

The specs of this shoe are flexible sole, hexagonal flex, foam sole, rounded heel, rubber segment, and mesh fabric. The shoes look simple but very functional. You can wear it for casual event, besides running. The shoes are very lightweight because the foam sole and rubber heel wraps the foot on stable position. Rubber segment also involves in reducing high impact during running and extreme movement. For flexible transition, hexagonal flex keeps the movement naturally.



Which are shoes as the best choice? All of them are Nike products, so the quality is the top priority. You can pick one of them to suit running style, condition, and design preference. Running shoes should fit into foot and comfortable enough to wear for long period. That is the main focus to put the top products into list of the best Nike running shoes for men.




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