Top 10 Best Nike Running Shoes for Women in 2019

Running shoes might not be new thing in today era, but people start to aware more about these shoes. As you can see, the basic function is for running activity outdoor. There are several manufacturers and companies that produce high quality shoes for running. One of them is Nike which is very popular in sport industry. If you want the top products, the best Nike running shoes for women will give what you want the most.

Running shoes turn into more flexible apparel. You can wear this kind of shoes for many sport activities. For example, running shoes are capable for cycling, hiking, basketball, tennis, and soccer. You do not have to buy basketball and tennis shoes for simple game with friends. Of course, running shoe is not qualified for professional match. At least, you still enjoy more activities with these shoes. In the next section, the recommended and the best running shoes for women by Nike are presented.

List of the Best Nike Running Shoes for Women 2019
 1. Nike Women’s Lunarglide 8

Nike started to produce running shoes for women since long time ago. Men shoes are not capable to fulfil women need due to certain thing. To fulfil this demand, Nike creates running shoes for women. Several models are already on market and one of them is Nike Woman’s Lunarglide 8. It is also one of the best Nike running shoes for women with high quality.

Several colors are available from light to dark tone in order to give more variations. Properties of lunarglide are flyknit, rubber sole and imported material. It has shaft with measurement for 2.8-inch. As women shoes, this product is light and smooth to use because the foam inside protects the feet from injury. You do not have to worry about sweat since the breathable property keeps your feet from excessive wet condition.

 2. Nike Women’s Free RN Running Shoes

best nike running shoes for women in 2017

Nike Women’s Free RN is another running shoe from Nike with the top quality. If you need stylish and comfortable shoes, this is the right choice. Removable foam keeps it easy to adjust with foot. It is also breathable to keep the foot out of extensive sweat during exercise. Good side about Nike running shoes is you can wear them anytime.

This kind of shoes is versatile that’s capable for exercise, outdoor running, or casual event. This side makes Nike Women’s Free RN as one of the best Nike running shoes for women. The material is synthetic leather with lace-up closure. Another property is padded mode at tongue and collar. The price is affordable and this product is available for customers worldwide.

 3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 32

Running shoes for women is softer and more lightweight than the products for men. You may feel comfortable with men shoes, but still, the specialized product for women is better to wear. Another excellent choice is Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 32. As one of the best Nike running shoes for women, you will see many top and utmost quality products at hand. The shoes have zoom air as the technology to reduce high impact while running.

As you know, running shoes for women require advanced cushion to protect the foot from injury. Even though you may do simple activity and exercise, high impact at feet is important to concern. Combination between zoom air and cushion midsole provides everything for safety and comfortable shoes.

 4. Nike Women’s Flex 2016 RN

One of the best Nike running shoes for women is Nike Women’s Flex 2016 RN. This product is designed specifically for comfortable running to keep the feet out from extensive sweating and unnecessary injury. For your information, women use running shoes for more than outdoor running. They may wear for cycling or light sport, even enjoy wearing for casual reason. As Nike product, the quality is top priority with flywire technology to fit into your feet. Flywire may be called as lock-down mode that’s integrated alongside mid-foot. As usual, Nike produces several colors and models as part of Flex 2016 RN to give more choices to pick. You can buy the shoes at authorized store, sport store, and online marketplace with the price starts from $50.

 5. Nike Women’s Flex Experience RN 5

Women pick the shoes based on two things. Firstly, the shoes should be comfortable and delicate to adjust with their foot. Secondly, the must be stylish and follow the trend. They do not want to wear the dull and odd design because appearance still plays the major part on their life. For such reasons, Nike Women’s Flex Experience RN 5 will be the right choice at all.

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This product belongs to the list of the best Nike running shoes for women with advanced quality and attractive design. There are several colors on market, such as blue, light green, white, and black. You just pick one of them to enjoy the shoes ultimately. The design is sleek to adjust with foot and lace-up closure mode. The shoes have padded collar and tongue as well as the rubber sole. For material, it is synthetic leather with high-qualified compound.

 6. Nike Women’s Free 5.0+

At first glance, you may think that Women’s Free 3.0 is not for running. Actually, this is versatile product due to the design that looks like sneaker. Nike Women’s Free 5.0+ is one of the best Nike running shoes for women on market.  Several colors are available to fulfill customer’s preference. You can get pink, white, black, etc. as primary color.

Besides the design, Nike also adds advanced technology and uses the top material to make sure this product is at the top quality list. Comfortable cushion protects foot from heavy impact during exercise and running. Therefore, you will get most of what you want at Nike Women’s Free 5.0+.

 7. Nike Women’s Roshe One Running Shoe

Another option in the list of the best Nike running shoes for women is Nike Women’s Roshe One. What do you get from this product? Running shoes are designed for exercise, but Roshe One has another purpose. You can enjoy daily activity by wearing this one. Nike produces this shoe for everyday utilization and you may wear without sock. Such versatile property is rare to find in other products. As usual, Nike gives some choices regarding color availability. The product uses three materials: leather, textile, and synthetic leather. All of them still create utmost and the top quality result for Roshe One. Therefore, this is the right shoes to have and wear for every day usage.

 8. Nike Free 4.0

Running shoes should keep the foot from excess sweat and absorb the impact during running. For such purposes, you can pick Nike Free 4.0 as the top choice. As best Nike running shoes for women, this product is available with top quality. It has knit-in ventilation to control airflow and enhance the breathable property. You do not have to worry when doing heavy exercise. Another property is hexagonal flex for midsole in order to enhance the flexibility. It is important thing for running shoes. You cannot afford to have sturdy shoes which lack of flexibility. Flywire cable is installed to make it lighter and adaptive fit. The last part is flyknit to make sure that the shoes is lightweight. Therefore, Nike Free 4.0 is the top choice when you need running shoes.

 9. Nike Women’s Free Distance

If you look for the best Nike running shoes for women, Nike Women’s Free distance is good option to choose. It is comfortable to wear during any exercise then protect your foot from wet condition due to excess sweat. The shoes use the top material and several properties enhance its capability. It has circular knit and single layer to fit. Nike introduces Lunar foam as the core for cushion to enhance flexibility. Moreover, you will feel comfortable when this foam touches your foot. Nike Women’s Free Distance is specifically designed to fulfill much exercise without losing traction. Therefore, you can get this shoe in sport store, or any authorized Nike stores.

10. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

Nike has several products with air zoom properties and one of them is Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11. It is suitable product to support your exercise daily. It has advanced traction to absorb high impact while running. Women may have similar foot structure, but it is still a little bit weaker than men. If you are beginner in running and exercise, injury may come easily. In order to protect your foot, Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11 provides lunar core and firm cushion.

This shoe is also more lightweight than others due to synthetic material. You can feel easy for running every day. As one of the best Nike running shoes for women, several properties enhance the capability of this shoe. For example, it has flywire cable to fit the laces.

There are two top brands in sport industry and Nike is at the number one list. You will see Nike in many sport events and competitions. Nike produces many shoes for men, women, and kids. Running shoe is one of popular products due to high demand for this product. Ten products above give some options to buy when you need running shoes for women. The material is top quality and Nike gives ultimate product to satisfy customers. All of them belong to list of the best Nike running shoes for women. As you know, women deserve to get the best product because they also take big part in market share. Therefore, you just pick one to fulfill what you are looking for on running shoes.

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