Top 7 Best Performance Basketball Shoes in 2021

Are you going to have basketball matches soon in the future? Surely, you want to get everything ready before the day of matches. You might have been ready with your skill. However, it is not the only thing you should concern yourself about. Playing without a good choice of basketball shoes pose danger to you. You can’t possibly wear old, tattered shoes, right? So, it is only wise for you to look for the best performance basketball shoes.

Here, we have 7 top ones to choose. They are pretty much highly rated, popular, great features, and look fabulous, making them worth to pick.

Best Performance Basketball Shoes of 2021

These are our top pick of the best performance basketball shoes in 2021 that we highly recommend to you.

1. Adidas Men Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe


With the price going between $60.00 and $200.00, this basketball shoe is made of synthetic and textile materials. The synthetic material is used in the upper part of the shoes to offer you both light weight and durability.

Meanwhile, the textile is there in the insole part to offer comfortable textile lining. As for the sole, rubber is used there for traction. Coming with various different colors, this Adidas shoe makes a perfect choice for any basketball players. It has everything you need. You should be able to get a lot of benefits from it.

2. Nike Men Air Python Basketball Shoe

best performance basketball shoes

This Nike basketball shoe we have here currently pricing from $80.00 to $200.00. It has its design included environmentally-preferred cupsole cushioning. Of course, it is none other than for the sake of providing durability and comfort for the wearer.

Of course, this shoe also uses rubber for its outsole, giving long-lasting wear as well as traction for us. As for its upper part, you have luxury leather used on it. Not to mention, this shoe especially has faux Python printed on it, making it look all the more beast and different. Isn’t that right?

3. Adidas Men’s J Wall 2 Basketball Shoe

If you want an affordable basketball shoe, this might make a good choice for you. Priced from $40.00 to $200.00, this shoe is made amazingly well in its design. It has full-length ADIPRENE+ which is included to offer optimized cushioning and rebounding for you. With this, it ensures comfortability of the shoe.

It is not only that. There is also QUICKFRAME TPU used for the upper part of the shoe to give you stability, support, and responsiveness. Also, with lace loops for the lockdown fit, this shoe makes the perfect fit for your foot to slip and stay in.

4. AND1 Men’s Typhoon Basketball Shoe

As one of the best performance basketball shoes, this one is currently priced within a very affordable price range. Ranging from $31.00 to $60.00, this price is tagged on the shoe that features all sorts of things. It is designed with a rubber outsole, molded foam insole, oversized EVA midsole, breathable fabric lining, lace-up closure, perforated side panels, etc. Each design has its own role to fulfill in this shoe. Of course, all features are meant to form this shoe to be the best in its performance for us to wear in basketball matches. It is great to consider.

5. Adidas Superstar Foundation Basketball Shoe

We have other choices from Adidas currently priced within the range of $50.00 to $210.00. Compared to other sports shoes before, this one looks pretty simple in its design. That being said, it is still interesting-looking and reliable at the same time.

With such price, this shoe uses coated leather for its upper part, synthetic material for its sole, classic rubber for its shell toe, etc. Breathable mesh lining is still available in this shoe. Also, if you look at its cup sole, you will get herringbone pattern in its rubber surface. It is still a nice one to consider.

6. Erke New Arrival Men’s Basketball Shoe

This one of the best performance basketball shoes is worth to take into account as well. Currently priced under $50.00, this shoe seems to promise you great things. They include rubber sole, synthetic leather upper, cushioning with soft mesh, lightweight midfoot support, best traction, and high-abrasion rubber outsole. You get most out of your sports activity with this shoe here.

Reliability, comfortability, and durability are all ensured in the design to give you the best things in just every aspect possible of the sport’s shoe. You should be able to play well by wearing this shoe.

7. AND1 Men’s Unbreakable Basketball Shoe

This basketball shoe is the last one we have here to offer to you. Priced under $30.00, it makes the most affordable choice you can choose from our list here. You don’t have to worry. Despite its affordability, it has what it takes to be one of the best performance basketball shoes. It might look low compared to other basketball shoes.

However, it is meant to offer you lightweight and responsiveness. No-sew construction helps it so too. Even air flow is maintained by having laser-cut vents, enhancing the breathability of the shoe.

Now, after you know all of the best performance basketball shoes this year, it’s time for you to choose.

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