Best Pool Basketball Hoops in 2021 [Latest Pick]

When summer is approaching, it is time to find exciting activities to do with family at home. Having pool activities is a good idea but swimming seems too ordinary. Playing pool basketball is one of fun activities to do in summer.

Therefore, choosing the best pool basketball hoops is important to make this activity more exciting for all family members or friends. Some people tend to think that the best hoops for pool basketball game are the expensive ones. Actually, if you shop online, there are a plenty of affordable pool hoops with high quality material.

playing together with friends

Basketball hoops with good qualities are usually durable, so you don’t have to buy another type of hoop again and again. Once you purchased the best hoops for pool basketball game, it means you invest a good stuff for all family members.

Make sure that you only choose one with good features, materials, and the right size. For your references, here are the most qualified and best pool basketball hoops in 2021 you can consider to purchase.

The Best Pool Basketball Hoops to Equip Your Home Pool

Choosing the best pool basketball hoops need consideration. The quality of the hoops doesn’t depend on the price only. So, when you find it expensive, it doesn’t mean that it is good. If affordable price is your focus, here are some brands of pool basketball hoops you have to own.

1. Dunnrite PoolSport Pool basketball (B950)
Dunnrite PoolSport Pool basketball

Dunnrite PoolSport B950 should be considered as one of the best pool basketball hoops. It is totally made from stainless steel. This portable pool basketball hoop is a solid poly backboard with the size of 22×31 inches. By buying this hoop, you will get a ball with matching color.

If you have children at the age of 5 years or above, this hoop is highly recommended. For adult, it is also worthy. Since all hardware of this hoop is stainless steel, it is sturdy, lightweight, and also durable.

It doesn’t stop here. If you purchase this product, you will get 3-year warranty. For having this hardware in your pool, it only takes around 120-200 dollars.

2. Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

Another recommended pool basket hoop is Dunnrite Splash and Shwoot swimming. This hoop will turn your pool into an amazing basketball court pool.

This fun and durable hoop features stylish stainless steel vinyl-coated rim to avoid rust. The size of the rim is 18 inches, making it sturdy.

To complete the ability, Dunnrite Splash and Shoot hoop holds 200 lbs of water. In addition, it also features big backboard with the size of 29×43 inches screened with polyurethane silk.

The telescoping pola can be adjusted for the height up to 55 inches above the pool. There is no any doubt to put this hardware as one of the best pool basketball hoops.

3. SwimWays 2-in-1 Game
SwimWays 2-in-1

If you want to have a stylish, sturdy, and durable pool basketball hoop, this product can be your good reference. SwimWays 2-in-1 Game comes in stylish, eye-catching, and slim design.

This is a pool game set that provides you everything you need for a pool basketball game. In summer, your pool activities with family and friends will be more fun. Whether you are not playing, this pool basketball pool is still worthy for being installed to add more playful look to your swimming pool.

The product is highly recommended for 6+. With heavy-duty and sturdy construction, this is totally safe, not easy to dislodged fall down from its installation.

This is really cool for small or large swimming pool, truly worthy to be in the list of the best pool basketball hoops.

4. Pool Master Pro Rebounder Poolside
Pool Master Pro Rebounder Poolside

Let’s continue to the 4th recommended brand of best pool basketball hoops. It is a hoop with hard-bodied basketball backboard for aquatic court.

Comes with the size of 34×25.5 inches, this is really suitable for a home pool. Designed with the best materials, it is all-weather resistant.

The deck space to support the construction you need is only 18×21 inches.  It features the handmade polyethylene that is well-structured and looking nice.

5. Pool Master 72794 Pro rebounder Adjustable Poolside

When it comes to the best pool basketball hoops, this one should be in your list. Pool Master 72794 adjustable basketball hoop offers everything you want from a pool basketball game.

This is a cool hoop with 40x54x74 inches in size. It features all-weather resistant backboard. The size of sturdy and hard backboard is 34×22.5 inches.

The game base is made from polyform and you can fill it with sand or water to stabilize the poolside.

If you buy this pool basketball hoop, it includes the game ball, polyethylene net, and PVC hoop measures 14 inches. It is most recommended for children 8 years and older. If you are interested to have this one, it is only around 100 dollars or less.

6. Poolmaster 72830 USA Competition Poolside
Poolmaster 72830 USA Competition

If you are looking for a pool basketball hoop for poolside, this is one of the most recommended hoops. Designed with sturdy game base made from polyform, it provides the best comfort and safety while you are playing with children.

The 16 inch-hoop is also sturdy and rust resistant, featuring polyethylene net. It is also designed witg polyform backboard. The dimension of this pool hardware is 34 inch-width by 22.5 inch-height.

This can be used for all types of rubber ball. Overall, the size is 34x45x38 inches. It is very recommended for 8+ and up.

Many customers reviewed it with good review and rank it as one of the best pool basketball hoops for 2021.

7. Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball
Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside

In considering having a basketball hoop in your home pool, there are many aspects to consider. The material of hoop is one of important aspects. Swimline cool jam pro is made from water-resistant material.

This pool hardware also features a durable net. Moreover, the adjustable-height hoop has dimensions 32 inch-height and 44 inch-width. It comes in 3 different materials you can choose including nylon, metal, and plastic.

This pool basketball hoop is recommended for children aged 4 years and up.

8. Poolmaster Splashback Poolside basketball game

Cool designed, sturdy, and durable. These are you must want from the best pool basketball hoops. If your taste in decorating a pool with basketball hoop is that good, this one will be a great choice for you. Poolmaster Splashback Poolside is specially designed for 8-year old children and older. It is also fun for adults and parents.

It features a high-quality game base that can be filled with sand or water. The game base is made from polyform that is safe for children. This is specially designed for a summer poolside basketball game.

The manufacturer provides game ball, PVC hoop, and polyethylene net as bonus if you purchase this pool hardware.  The size of this pool hoop is 34-inch width, 45 inch-height, and 38 inch-depth.

9. Swimline Pool Jam Combo Inground Pools
best swimline pool basketball hoop

This is another reference of affordable best pool basketball hoops with good quality. It is a basketball hoop specially designed for inground pools. This is a great thing if you want to assemble it easier and faster.

Featuring a large backboard with hard body, this hardware is totally awesome and of course durable. The dimension is 32 x 22 x 5 inches. With this dimension, make sure it is used for 5-year children and older.

Designed with durable plastic material, it is weather and water resistant, even you never remove it from your pool.


The references about the best pool basketball hoops above are important as your consideration to choose the best accessories for your pool. The pool accessories shouldn’t be nice-looking only. It should be useful, beneficial, and fun for children and parents.

Not all cheap pool basketball hoops are bad and not all the expensive ones are good. It depends on its materials, level of robustness, and resistance to weather and water.

In conclusion, if you want to purchase a pool basketball hoop, some aspects you need to consider including size or dimension (the size of hoop perimeter), material, level of robustness, durability, design, and price. If you shop a hoop for your aquatic basketball court, don’t hesitate to compare more than one hoop, so you can decide which one that provides more advantages.

Whether you buy online or offline, there should be a comparison between two or more different brands. In general, the best pool basketball hoops will provide all aspects and they will not be broken easily within several years.

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