Best Portable Soccer Goals For Training 2021

If you are a hardcore football fan, and want to spend your spare time for training or playing soccer with your friend, a portable soccer goal is a must-item to have. Finding the best portable soccer goals is quite troublesome especially for the people who have no time to check all of the products on the website like Amazon or Wallmart one by one. Don’t worry, for a lazy people like you, we will take the hardest part of the job so all you have to do is to make sure you have the money to spent.

In this article, there are some references to portable soccer goals. Yes, this stuff makes the court versatile and it doesn’t disturb any other game. There are some points to consider in choosing the products of soccer goals. You need to consider their size, material, storage, weight, ease of storage and packing away, durability as well as the price.

Recommended Brands of the Best Portable Soccer Goals for Training

Here are the top 10 best portable soccer goals in 2021. We check all of the product from the material, size, durability, and any small detail of the products.

 1. Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width

This goal is constructed of steel coat that makes it resistant to rust and weather. The height is adjustable from 3-5 feet. Meanwhile, the width can be adjusted as well from 4-7 feet. Designed with foldable construction, it is really easy to transport and store. Anytime you need to use it, just assemble it in a few minutes.

The goal includes some equipment to assemble it, such as extra-net straps, heavy-duty net, and five anchor hooks. Offered at the price less than 100 dollars, you will have a cool modern silver and black soccer goal for soccer court in any size. It is really worth to consider as one of the best portable soccer goals.

 2. Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goal Set of 2

The best portable soccer goals are not only for adult. Some of them are designed for kids. Do you want to encourage kids to play outside, enjoy fresh air and leave their gadget? This is a stuff you need. This product is very suitable for kids. Designed with simple and lightweight construction, it can be popped up and opened in just seconds.

Therefore, kids can play it immediately. When they are finished, they can fold the soccer goal by themselves and store it in the carry bag easily. This goal can be used to any type of space. Kids can use it in the field training, backyard, and even take it to the beach. It is really versatile and doesn’t require much space.

Another advantage is that it is designed with reflective strip that allows the players to see it in the dark. So, even though there is no enough light, they don’t need to stop the soccer game or training.

3. PowerNet Soccer Goal 12×6 Portable Bow Style Net

Another highly-recommended product of the best portable soccer goals 2018 is PowerNet Soccer Goal. Designed with lightweight construction measures 12×6 feet, this is really easy to set up and pack. When you want to use it, just assemble it in five minutes since no tool needed.

This portable soccer goal is made of sturdy metal and framed with fiberglass bow style. Moreover, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor soccer game and training. This hardware includes anchors, net, frame, ground stakes, bungee, and carry bag.

4. SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal (Kickster)
SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal

SKL Quicker is specially designed for elite and young players. It is constructed for intense soccer training. This is a perfect choice for player level. You can choose the size available, including 6×4 ft, 8×5 ft, and 12×6 ft. Using this goal for the game and training will give you the experience for real soccer action and also scoring.

With ultra portable system, SKLZ Quickster is easy to assemble and store. Therefore, it is possible to take this soccer training equipment anywhere. Anytime you need it for playing or training, just set it up in not more than two minutes.

To have this practical and durable soccer goal, you only need for around 130 dollars or less.  The advantages of this product are reliable to make it one of the best portable soccer goals.

5. Bow Net Portable Soccer Net

There are three advantages of having this product. Once you brought it home, you get the portability, reliability, and strength of a practical and useful soccer goal. With Energy Absorption System technology and bow poles, it can reduce the tension and stress on net sides.

Therefore, the net can be assembled in more balance, stability and flexibility. Besides easy to set up, it is also really easy to remove. When you are finished playing or training, just collapse then fold and place it into the carrying bag.

With this product as one of the best portable soccer goals, you can play or practice soccer anywhere. If you are interested to have it, you can can find it in some online marketplaces.

6. Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

Designed with 1.25-inch galvanized steel bar and all-weather net, Franklin sport soccer goal is something that provides all you need from a soccer game. It is reinforced with bars to improve its stability. The dimension is 12-ft width, 6-ft height, and 5 ft depth.

For a secure and easy assembly aspect, the product provides fit locking pins. For a tournament level soccer or backyard play, this soccer goal is a perfect option. It is really recommended if you need an affordable yet qualified soccer goal for all levels of soccer play. There is no any doubt to include this as one of the best portable soccer goals for all levels of player.

7. Franklin Sports FlexPro Portable Soccer Goal

Let’s go to another recommended product of the best portable soccer goals. It is Franklin Sports FlexPro. This soccer goal will help to take your game to the highest level.

Designed with lightweight and portable construction, it is perfect to take anywhere, such as the beach and local field. You can simply pack it in carrying bag. With fiberglass and steel, this soccer goal is all-weather resistant and durable. For elite and young players, this is a perfect choice.

To make the frame sturdy, it features some poles of ultra flex tension that latch together. If affordable price includes in your consideration, don’t hesitate to choose this one. You can take this for around 65-70 dollars.

8. Forza Soccer Goal

Choosing the best portable soccer goals can be a challenging task since there are a lot of options in the sport stores. Another product you must like is Forza Soccer Goal.

Designed with extra frame thickness which is 2.7-inch diameter, it is much stronger than most other portable soccer goals. Besides stronger, it is also more durable.

With tighter construction, this portable goal is more secure for all types of player. With super easy set up and all-weather resistant construction, it provides the best security and convenience for players.

There are a variety of sizes you can choose from 3×2 meter to 12×6 ft. This beneficial soccer goal has been the best-seller product in 2018. At online marketplace, Forza Socer Goal is offered at the price range of $50.00 – $150.00.

9. GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal
best for training your shooting accuracy

Security is the most important aspect to meet before deciding to buy a portable goal. If you need one for kids and adult, this product is considerable. It is reliable to be in list of the best portable soccer goals for all ages.

With the simple design, it is easy to set up for soccer play in the beach, backyard, or anywhere. It also allows you to store and transport it easier by twisting it flat.

This product comes in three available sizes: for ages 2+ (2.5ft W x 1.7ft H x 1.7 ft D), ages 4+ (4ft W x 2.7ft H x 2.7ft D), and ages 6+(6ft W x 3.5ft H x 3.5ft D).

10. Franklin Sports MLS Tournament Soccer Goal

As one of the best portable soccer goals, Franklin Sports MLS Tournament makes everything perfect for all players. With the dimension 12 ft w x 6 ft h x5 ft d, this soccer goal is very suitable for any type of space, such as backyard, beach, and local field.

With 1.25-inch galvanized steel, it is very sturdy and durable. It provides more stability and security. Moreover, this goal includes 6 galvanized ground stakes and 4 ft x 4 ft PE net that’s all-weather resistant. Don’t hesitate to have this for adding more fun in your spare time with family. It is offered at the price less than 100 dollars.


Make your decision about the best portable soccer goals you are going to purchase. All of products given in this article are affordable yet made in good quality. If you want to have more fun outdoor time with family and friends, don’t hesitate to buy one. It makes your holiday and spare time more exciting and healthy.

Don’t forget to always consider the specs along with pros and cons of the products. Make sure you have the best ones that suit your need.

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