Top 7 Best Reebok Basketball Shoes in 2021

The best Reebok basketball shoes are always sought by professional basketball players. In fact, everyone seems to like wearing basketball shoes, even when they are not practicing the exciting sport. The shoes from Reebok are well-known for amazing designs, comfortable features, and high quality materials.

Over time, Reebok has produced hundreds of basketball shoes products. Some of them are really famous because they were worn by basketball superstars like Michael Jordan and Shaq. In 2021, the list of the finest B-ball boot from Reebok is still full of its classic products.

List of the Best Reebok Basketball Shoes 2021

Talking about the list of some of the best Reebok basketball shoes in 2021, you can find it down below. Do not get surprised, though, if you find the products down below mostly come from decades ago.

This is quite understandable because some of the most precious and finest Reebok basketball boots are those from the 1990s. They are so fine and great to wear. That is why they are still relatable and sought by a lot of people, even in 2021. Here is the list.

1.Reebok Question

The first of the best Reebok basketball shoes is of course Reebok Question. There is no doubt about it actually. The Question was released in 1996 but even when it has “Question” in the name, there is no question that the boot is the best one of all basketball shoes products made by Reebok.

The shoes were particularly designed to be very clean and interesting. It has white color domination with beautiful red stripes here and there. The shoes are given wide, broadside to display spacious inside.

Reebok Question was basically released to be worn comfortably by all basketball players of that time.

The technology used in Reebok Question was the most advanced one at that time. The hexalite window technology was not very popular back then. This Reebok product used exactly that technology to create beautiful, comfortable boot to wear.

The padding of the shoes was also designed particularly to properly support the rapid movements of basketball players, making it impossible for them to slip off easily. This is why Reebok Question is always named as one of the best Reebok basketball shoes of all time.

2. Reebok Pump Rise

The Pump was first released in 1989, the year when Nike was way more popular as a go-to brand when it comes to basketball shoes. However, this boot is in the list of the best Reebok basketball shoes because it is indeed the best. Even when Nike was so popular, the Pump could suddenly soar in the market, defeating Nike.

Why so? It was the Pump’s amazing innovations. The shoes were designed by Paul Litchfield, who had years of experience creating boots for many purposes. The Pump was given several new technologies and features to keep it comfortable and fancy to wear.

Some of the most remembered features of the best Reebok basketball shoes like the Pump are including the cushion mechanism and also the long tongue design, making the shoes easier to wear and fit to the feet easier for sure as well.

The initial market target of the Pump was the jumpman. The long orange tongue in the shoes represents all the jumpmen on the court. However, the shoes were so comfortable that everyone on the court ending up wearing them at least once.

3. Reebok Kamikaze II

One of the best Reebok basketball shoes in the 1990s that is still relatable to this day is surely the Kamikaze II. The shoes were soaring in popularity because it was worn by Shawn Kemp, one of the most famous basketball stars in the 1990s.

The Kamikaze II was designed using swirls of black-and-white stripes. It was considered very swank and contemporary back then, making it so popular right after its initial release.

As one of the best Reebok basketball shoes in this year, surely the boots have several awesome features to offer. Some of the best things about the boots are including its advanced Hexalite cushioning and its ankle support. They allow the wearer to fit perfectly to the boots.

The shoes was released in 1996 and never officially being re-released. However, many people are still keen to purchase Kamikaze II, especially to be treated as collectibles.

4. Reebok Shaqnosis

As you guessed it, Reebok Shaqnosis is the B-ball boot product specially created by the apparel manufacturer to honor basketball legend Shaquille o-Neal in 1996. It was not just for honoring him, though.

It was also for providing the perfect boots for the man. It is no secret that Shaq is a giant. He is over 7-foot tall and he weighs over 300 pounds. With massive body structure, it would be hard to find the proper basketball shoes to keep him comfortable during the time on the court.

Shaqnosis was designed particularly for that purpose. The base of the shoes is very firm and sturdy in order to support Shaq’s massive weight.

The design of the shoes was a simple black-and-white combo with twilight zone pattern. It was great to look at and easily noticeable. It makes the shoes considered as one of the best Reebok basketball shoes of all time.

Even though it was originally released in 1996, which was over two decades ago, the boots are still openly sold these days. Most people who hunt them down are classic shoes collectors or the fans of the Shaq.

5. Reebok BB 5600

One of the oldest collections of Reebok basketball shoes is the BB5600. The classic-looking shoes were released in 1986, the same year Reebok tried to enter the basketball shoes industry. The BB5600 has broad design. It looks massive with its white base and blue and red stripes, just like the colors of the Union Jack, which is displayed on the side of the shoes.

The shoes are very comfortable to wear. It is believed that the side panels of the shoes are using big looping design, making them stay still during any race on the court.

Reebok promoted these shoes back in 1986 by choosing Celtic players, Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge to as representatives. They wore the shoes several times to introduce the shoes to the public. The strategy worked quite well and everyone seemed to like the new boots from Reebok.

To this day, the shoes are still sought, particularly by collectors because they are indeed the best Reebok basketball shoes available today.

6. Reebok Pump Omni Lite

Reebok Pump Omni Lite should always be on the list of the best Reebok basketball shoes. The boots were released in 1990, making it one of the classic collections of Reebok B-ball boots. The shoe products became famous among basketball players and fans after talented basketball player,

Dee Brown, wore those shoes to the Slam Dunk Contest held by NBA in 1991. The bold design of the shoes attracted the attentions of many people back then, both basketball players and basketball enthusiasts.

The Pump Omni Lite has mid-cut design with black as its main color scheme. It has a few orange stripes and white stripes on several parts of the shoes. Reebok gives the shoes Hexalite technology for the cushion. With this technology, the cushion will still be firm but very comfortable to support the weight of the wearer.

Because of its fashionable design, the shoes are popular not only on basketball courts but basically everywhere else in general. It was worn by young people to their school, on the streets, and at parties. There is no doubt that the shoes were the best Reebok basketball shoes at that time.

7. Reebok The Commitment

Reebok The Commitment is considered as one of the best Reebok basketball shoes of all time. Even in 2021, the classic-looking boot is still hunted down by basketball fans, especially the fans of Danny Manning. The shoes are indeed the basketball superstar’s favorite ones to wear. He wore the Reebok shoes for numerous times on the court throughout his professional career.

The Commitment was first launched in 1989. Back then, the boot was a massive hit. The design was so trendy and its black-and-white color combo on the outside made the boot seemed so stunning. In 2009, due to the high demand,

The Commitment was produced again and launched to the public. It was 20 years after its original release. Why The Commitment was such hit? Well, it is probably because it has amazing features, including the midfoot strap. It makes the wearer feels comfortable and secure because the boot is going to stay locked to the feet even during a swift movement.


Those B-ball shoes from Reebok above are all classic editions and probably quite hard to find these days. If they are available on Amazon or eBay, most of them are there for collections, not to be worn during basketball practice or match.

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If you are looking for a wearable Reebok basketball shoes, go buy the newest products. They are completed by more advanced, up-to-date features and technology, allowing the wearer to perform the best at the court. It all starts by choosing the best Reebok basketball shoes to wear.

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