Top 15 Best Soccer Balls 2018 for Amateurs and Pros

Finding the best soccer balls can be tricky and difficult because most people aren’t really aware of the qualities they are looking for. Soccer balls come in various types and qualities. Some are made for the professional usage or a soccer match while some are designed for the light practice.

If you are looking for a soccer ball with rather decent and good quality without compromising sturdiness and structure, there are some balls that can be included within your list.


The Best Soccer Balls 2018 in Different Variants from Reliable Names 
1. Wilson Soccer Ball (Traditional) [BEST FOR BEGINNER]

Sometimes, going back to the traditional look and construction can be your best options in finding the right ball. It seems to be the motto of Wilson with their production. This variant is considered as one of the best soccer balls ever designed, especially for beginner users. The ball has reliable synthetic leather as the cover, providing durability and softness to the texture.

Some users claim that this ball is pretty sturdy and tough despite the rough usage. Although the construction is sturdy and solid, it is quite soft so it is safe for kids and also pets. Some users, however, received the defective balls which pop easily after several usages only. But in the overall sense, if you want an inexpensive ball which is pretty soft and yet solid at the same time, this soccer ball should perform the best quality.



2. Serious Mikasa Soccer Ball [BEST PRICE]

The greatest thing about this ball is that it comes with a combination of good features. It is made from the best quality material and it holds the air pretty solidly and yet the soft cover is quite nice and comfortable, even for kids. This is one of the major reasons why this ball is included within the best soccer balls lists; all of the features are nice and promising.

One of the flaws is the ball tend to lose its power to hold up air after a while. It is probably because of the inexpensive price factor so don’t expect the sturdiness to last for a long time.



3. Pitch Training Nike Soccer Ball [BEST FOR PRACTICE]

If appearance is important to you, then this ball will meet your requirements. This soccer ball from Nike comes with attractive colors and hues, dominated by either red or yellow. The company believes that bold visual graphic play important role in the pitch tracking. Not to mention that the ball is smooth with good durability that’s perfect for long lasting play.

For most people who have used this ball, it is no wonder if this ball is considered as one of the best soccer balls. It feels soft and nice for kick with good bouncing feature. Some users, however, feel that this one is too soft. But then again, it depends on personal preference.



4. Adidas MU Performance Ball

Are you one of the fans of the club? Then you should have the soccer ball with good construction and attractive graphic with the signature style of the club. Most of the people who have used the ball state that the ball has good and even impressive quality. The delivery time is also exact and on time. This one of the best soccer balls has a very solid construction with soft texture and good bouncing feature.

The weight is decent so it is not too flimsy that feels cheap when held. Of course, you can’t expect it to come with the professional grade top notch quality. But if you are looking for a sturdy practice ball that will tough up after several usages, this one will be your best option.



5. Ace Glider Adidas II Ball

Some of the best soccer balls are designed not only with the handy features but also with attractive designs. And you can expect the same from this Adidas’ line. Since it is included in the ACE collection, this is a sturdy (but soft ball) for daily play, practice, and also drill.

Unfortunately some users claim that the ball doesn’t hold up very well after aggressive and rough play. It is pretty okay on solid ground but it is slippery on wet grass. Some users also experience poor quality.



6. Desafio Under Armour 395 Ball

This ball isn’t only affordable but also durable and sturdy. Thanks to the signature style, it has catchy design that doesn’t make it cheesy. In fact, when you compare it to the other world-class and popular brands, they have the same features. This Under Armour ball has the greatest design and texture and yet the price is pretty affordable, if not super cheap.

However, expect the ball to lose its resistance and sturdiness after rigorous usage. If you use the ball for 4-times-a-week playing, it is highly likely that this ball won’t last. But still, this is one of the best soccer balls ever made with decent quality and good price.



7. Genesis Vizari Ball

Looking for one of the best soccer balls with interesting graphic and bold colors? This ball is definitely your best option. It inflates well. But the overall casing isn’t too tough or sturdy as expected because once it is punctured; it will lose the air pretty fast. Some people even say that the quality is cheap. But if you can play carefully and you won’t play it quite often, this is a pretty great option for your like.



8. Soft Touch Golme Primer Ball

This is the perfect ball for fun play – not to mention that it is designed for all users from different ages. This is the factor that makes it one of the best soccer balls for amateurs. The butyl bladder feature will keep the ball stay firm and inflated for weeks, not only days. The structure is pretty soft and yet also solid and bouncy. Don’t expect it to come with perfect top-notch quality but it is pretty decent and okay. The color also helps retrieving it better.



9. Franklin Sport Soccer Ball

If you happen to love Superman and soccer, consider this ball as a great combination of both worlds. It has nice Superman logo and also nice color. The PVC cover is solid and durable with solid stitching ability. When you buy this piece, you should get a matching pump. Some people, however, get the defect item so they don’t get the pump. Some say that the ball has zig-zag rolling pattern. It is okay for kids but it is a disappointing factor for adults.



10. Glider II Adidas X Ball

best soccer balls in 2017 cheap price

What if your little girls love playing soccer? You want to find the perfect piece for them, right? Well, this soccer ball will be the perfect option because it comes with catchy pinkish hue without making it too feminine. You can say that this is the best soccer balls 2018 that are gender neutral.

After all, who says that soccer is only limited and exclusive for boys only? However, some people claim that the overall construction isn’t as good as expected. The ball loses its bouncing ability after several hours of usage. And its size turns out to be smaller than expected.



11. MLS Adidas Glider Ball 2016

The design of this ball is inspired by the MLS community and country. The stitching is done by machine for uniformed construction and the exterior TPU material should be sturdy and strong enough against abrasion.

However, don’t expect it to hold air for long lasting effect because it won’t hold up. Not to mention that the ball is actually smaller than the standard size.




12. Brasilia American Challenge Ball

As one of the best soccer balls in 2018 for amateurs, the ball has not only attractive design but also shiny and soft material. With machine stitching quality and hybrid bladder, it holds up air quite good up to 4 weeks.

For kids, this ball is pretty nice and promising. The construction is pretty well and solid, and it bounces quite nice. However, if you use it rather often and aggressively, it won’t take the abuse.




13. Nike Strike Ball Premier League

Looking for a ball with good bouncing quality without compromising style and design? This one of the best soccer balls is definitely the best one for your needs, especially if you are rather low on the funds.

The ball is solid and firm. It has a good softness quality and yet not mushy. You can say that it is a pretty good ball for playing and practicing.

However, some users experience not so round ball quality so it is always off when thrown or kicked.



14. Euro 16 Adidas Performance Glider Ball

No wonder if it is considered as one of the best soccer balls because the quality of the design is nice and solid. Most people who buy the ball claim that they like the design so much.

The ball is soft and bouncy, and it comes with its good solid quality as well. But you need to consider the size because it is mostly smaller than the standard sizing.

But for an overall quality performance, this is a pretty decent, nice, and quality ball with solid performance.



15. Confederations Cup Adidas Performance Glider Ball

The quality of construction is pretty good; not to mention that the unique pattern and bold patterns are making this variant different from the others.

For most users, this ball has a decent quality. However, the standard size is smaller than the regular ball so you should really consider the measurement carefully.




There you go, that is the list of the best balls for soccer in 2018 that are generally used by amateurs. Make a dedicated research. If you do it right, you can find the right and the best soccer balls fitting your requirements.

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