10 Best Soccer Games for Smartphones (Android and iPhone)

It is impossible for anyone to not know what soccer is, let alone never heard of it due to its massive popularity across the globe. That’s why no wonder there are tons of mobile games dedicated to it.

Amongst tons of applications out there, below are ten of the best soccer games for smartphones that work for both Android and iOS-based devices.       

These games below will bring you to experience a virtual enjoyment of this particular sport. Read the list in the following to find the most exciting mobile soccer sport games out there.

Recommendation of Most Exciting Mobile Soccer Games in 2020

FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is probably the most famous one in this list of best soccer games for smartphones. Most players will agree that it feels like playing real-life soccer with all the excitement.

The exceptional graphics, various features, and the contents are a few factors that add up to its popularity. In this game, you can play on single or multiplayer mode with over 550 teams to choose from.

There are also different levels, from beginner to the super level to cater the needs of different gamers.

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is a full game package that provides its users with complete full action field and full teams. You can create your own team and play them to win the championship. As an alternative, you can make the team you make play actual soccer as well.

To play this freemium game, you have to be a member. This game has a feature to play in multiple tabs. The control and graphic as it is one of the best out there.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

PES is the mobile soccer game that is considered as the biggest rival of FIFA Soccer. Some reckon it is even the better game compared to the other due to the quality graphic, exceptional control, good mechanic, and different play modes to play in.

As one of the best soccer games for smartphones, it offers high realism, competitive matches, and battles that require clever strategy and tactic, also incredible rewards for goal – which makes it preferable for many committed gamers. It is available in freemium.

World Soccer League

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Another addictive and intense soccer app that makes its way to the best soccer games for smartphones in 2020 list is World Soccer League. It might get as much traction as FIFA or PES, but it doesn’t lose in terms of offering smooth and unique gameplay.

The World Soccer League has an impressive package of features: four game modes, 2000 players, and 120 teams, in addition to 15 language options. Here you can create a team for yourself and have them play against others. The mechanic is simple. It has above-average graphic quality.

Score! World Goals

best soccer games for smartphone in 2020

This game targets players with proper soccer skills to complete the levels. There is a wide variety of challenges to go completely by the players. To play this game, you need to shoot, cross, or pass with intuitive smart mechanics and play against defenses of smart artificial intelligence.

Score! World Goals is able to make you feel like you’re experiencing real action due to its marvelous quality of graphics and sounds. It is indeed a very addictive game to play on a daily basis.

World Football League

best football games for smartphone in 2020

If we’re talking about application size, then the World Football League will be the winning one in this list of best football games. Built with interface and lineup similar to PES, you’d find this game to be quite familiar.

It provides access to 60 national teams, 60 clubs, and 2000 players in 15 language selections.

This 3D soccer game allows you to play all the characters on your team, to shoot and pass the ball. What makes it unique is you are able to capture images or record videos of your gaming moment.

Soccer Star

best soccer games for smartphone in this year

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For those of you who are currently looking for casual and easy to pick up, but addictive soccer game, Soccer Star makes an ideal solution. It lets you skip all the build-ups and go straight up to the main turning points during the matches.

Here, you are required to perform vital soccer activities such as aiming for goals, passing ball, or doing header. You can create the player that will lead you to successfully conquer the challenges within this app.

Real Football

Featuring numerous licensed soccer games and soccer players, as well as offering beautiful graphics, are what bring this game as one of the best soccer games for smartphones in 2020.

It also offers an array of playing modes such as International Cups, Leagues, Training, or Exhibition matches. 

In addition, the customization options are amazing. You’d be able to customize the team formation, team kits, select a winning strategy, and upgrade the stadium. It is also possible to interact with others by sharing pictures and videos of goals that you score.

Football Strike

best soccer games for smartphone in 2020

Football Strike has been downloaded and played by millions of mobile game users across the world. This game is developed by Miniclip and it offers a quick and simple game yet addicting at the same time.

The app is boasted by several game modes to make it exciting. To mention some, there is a Shooting Race mode in which you have to hit targets with time limitation to reach points. There is another one in Free Kick mode where you involved in a one-on-one game between striker and goalkeeper.

Flick Shoot 2

Being developed by MobileCraft, Flick Shoot 2 is amongst the most downloaded soccer games out there. As the sequel of Flick Shoot, Flick Shoot 2 offers an upgraded game by featuring thrilling and enjoyable modes such as Targets, Tournament, Arcade, Time Attack, Goal Post, and Multiplayer settings.

The game is designed with realistic and smooth graphics which makes it shines on its own.

These mobile best soccer games aren’t any less exciting than the ones played on video game consoles – some even available in both versions.

The majority of the mentioned apps above are free, so you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy them for hours.

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