Top 7 Best Tennis Shoes in 2024 for Beginners and Pros

Regardless the type of sport you do, shoes are always important apparel you need to use. In this article, are going to create a short list of the best tennis shoes manufactured by leading company. The shortlist is needed since tennis shoes are different with shoes for other purposes. Shoes used for running are mostly designed to improve the forward motion of its users.

In the case of tennis shoes, different design specification is highly required. Shoes manufactured for tennis need an ability to endure sideway friction. Moreover, it is also designed with reinforced layer on its toe and heel area.

The best tennis shoes are commonly manufactured with distinctive characteristic on its design. They come with tight design and a flat sole. The sole in tennis shoes is carved with unique pattern to provide good friction. Friction is something important on shoes for tennis since the game requires you to perform lateral movements.

If the design of those shoes does not include reinforcement on particular parts, you will have a good chance of getting injuries.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Shoe?

How to choose tennis shoes? It’s kinda like choosing a hairstyle that should fit your face shape, it is not quite different when choosing tennis shoes. If you want to buy your first tennis shoe, or say that you want to know how to define and pick tennis shoes that best for you, here are some things you should consider when choosing the one,

  • The types of your foot
  • The style when playing tennis.
  • The right sizes of the shoes.
  • The materials
  • The type of the court

In order to find the right tennis shoes, understanding the types of your foot would help you a lot. Speak of the types of your foot, they are,

  • For the high arch type, the shoe type that fits you is a cushioning shoe.
  • For the normal arch type, perfect shoe type for you is a stability shoe
  • For people with flat feet, the perfect choice is a motion control shoe.
Type of Foot

Learning and knowing about how to define your type of foot and the best shoes to support is very necessary.Your play style plays a very significant role when choosing the right tennis shoes.

Commonly, there are two types of play styles when playing tennis, serve-and-volley, and baseline. As an example, if your play style is serve-and-volley, then you need a tennis shoe with the soles and toe cap which are reinforced.

However, if your style is baseline, you need a tennis shoe that has sturdy and uses durable sole, also it is supported with a lot of cushions.

The Type of Courts

The places where you play tennis also have a great effect when choosing the best tennis shoes for you. If you often play on the concrete tennis court, you need tennis shoes with a very good durability, especially in the outsole area. The materials for tennis shoes are plenty. Press down the range of material options for the shoes, put into account the tennis court you mostly play and your play style.

However, our effort when choosing the right one would vanish immediately if the shoe isn’t fit properly to our feet. An ideal tennis shoe has to be comfortable enough at the time you wear it especially for a long time. Some recommendations for tennis shoes are Adidas like Barricade 2016 model for men and Barricade club for women, Nike including Nike Free Flyknit, and many others.

Top 7 Best Tennis Shoes in 2024

Here is the list of several tennis shoes with the best quality that is using good design to get maximum comfort and to prevent injuries.

 1. Men’s Barricade Court 2 Adidas Performance Tennis Shoe

best tennis shoes

If you are looking for best tennis shoes with affordable price, you can use the tennis shoe manufactured by Adidas. This model is offered at around 40-70 dollars. Even though the price is inexpensive, you should not underestimate its quality.

The superior feature on this product can be seen from the thick rubber sole used on the toe and heel sections. It also comes in five different colors of the same model.


  • Supportive synthetic upper with breathable mesh
  • ADIPRENE midsole cushioning
  • Molded foam insole
  • Forefoot ADIPRENE rubber outsole
  • Affordable price

Our Rating: 4.7/5

 2. Nike Free Flyknit 4.0


If you are planning to be a professional tennis player, it might be the best time for you to invest your money on tennis shoes. This model is offered at around 60 dollars to  300 dollars, depending on the size and colors.

However, the specification of this pair of the best tennis shoes is worth the money you spend on it. It also comes in a wide array of colorful options that will suit any of your demands. Lateral movement is not a problem since this product is equipped with excellent rubber sole pattern.


  • great traction even in the rain condition
  • Flyknit upper for ultra-lightweight support and breathability
  • Flywire cables
  • Nike Free midsole with hexagonal flex grooves for multidirectional flexibility

Our Rating: 4.6/5

 3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 10 Tennis Shoe


As a famous manufacturer of best tennis shoes, ASICS manufactured product with excellent quality. The model that is designed for men can be purchased at around $50 up to $150. Along with its high friction sole, the shoes come with attractive design.

This stylish product comes with seven color options, including Poseidon blue with yellow and white stripes. As a pair of tennis shoes with awesome appearance, it also features foam material that can snug perfectly with users’ foot.


  • good design
  • manmade shoes
  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems
  • very comfortable and perfectly fit for wide feet

Our Rating: 4.6/5

 4. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade 2016 Tennis Shoes

This one of the best tennis shoes in 2024 by Adidas are famous due its quality and design. This series comes along with six other color options. It is offered at decent prices range of $70 up to $170. Its low top design will not restrict your agility. At the same time, it is also able to prevent your ankle of injuries as well.

In addition to those superior features, it uses synthetic leather materials. This material is more durable than ordinary leather yet still maintains its luxurious appearance.


  • minimalist design
  • textile and synthetic materials
  • lightweight TPU skin for optimal breathability
  • long-lasting durability
  • ADIPRENE in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency

Our Rating: 4.5/5

 5. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 32


As the name suggests, it is not only the best tennis shoes 2024 that you can purchase but also cool running shoes available on the market. In order to support both of those functions, it takes advantage of the low top layout.

Besides its quality material, it also has attractive designs. The color options available for this model are up to 24 types. The side incorporates cross stitches to improve its durability and appearance at the same time. You can bring it home not more than $150, depending on the type and size you pick.


  • mesh material for upper
  • Flywire cables for support
  • Underfoot crash rail
  • lots of style and design
  • cheap price

Our Rating: 4.6/5

 6. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade 2015 Boost Tennis Shoes


Offered at price range between 70 to 200 dollars, the tennis shoes already have premium quality. The imported material used for this product will ensure both durability and aesthetic aspect. The awesome appearance of the shoe is designed with striped texture on both sides of the shoes.

In order to give the modern impression, it has 9 different color options. The iron metallic gray with blue highlights on its inner foam and padding improves its looks.


  • Ballistic mesh upper for breathability
  • 9 different colors
  • Full-length ADIPRENE foam for cushioning
  • high durability with Adiwear 6 outsole

Our Rating: 4.4/5

 7. Tennis Shoe ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate 4


As it goes with most tennis shoes, this model incorporated low top design. Manufactured by leading company, you do not have to be worried by its quality. The product is available on the market at $39.99 – $103.99.

The color option provided for this product is only five. The combination of black with white and silver accent becomes the bestselling product. The main feature of this tennis shoe is located on the well-fitting foam on the inside. It makes the users feel comfortable.


  • leather material
  • synthetic sole
  • Forefoot gel cushioning system
  • strong rubber outsole for maximum traction and durability

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Honorable Mentions:

New Balance 996 V2 Tennis Shoes

New Balance 996 V2 tennis shoes are one of the lightweight shoes for tennis. It worn by Milos Raonic and heather Watson as their main ‘weapon’, and it did not disappoint them. The shoes are very stable and have great traction on the court. The grip is also excellent especially when changing to other directions.

There are some colors you can choose, like yellow or purple. Perfect for concrete/hard court but not quite comfortable for grass or clay.

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoes

This is one of Roger Federer’s Favorite Shoes and that’s enough to make Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour as one of the best tennis shoes. The traction and grip are perfect on the court. It also breathable even on a very hot day. It has good stability and the padding around the tongue ensures a snug fit without hurting your toes.

Before selecting the best tennis shoes, you need to take into consideration about several things. You need to make sure that the shoes are fit perfectly on your foot. It is necessary to prevent the shoes from slipping off while you are using it for playing tennis. After you find well-fitting tennis shoes, you need to try it. Try to walk with it and perform your tennis stance. If it feels good on your foot, you can purchase it right away.

As you can see from the list of best tennis shoes above, some of them include foam material in the inside. It is needed in order to secure your foot. It is important to take a note that your toe does not touch the inner front section. Even though the foam is able to keep your foot safe, the toe is the vulnerable part that is unprotected by the foam.

After you read the products listed above, you might already have your favorite shoes. If the price offered by those best tennis shoes is too expensive for you, you can browse the product online and find the cheapest one. For those of you who already know where to find it, you might get lucky and get a discount for it.

Tips When Buying the Best Tennis Shoes For Your Next Purchase

Think that all of the tennis shoes the same will bring you disappointment. A very simple rule you have to keep in mind, best tennis shoes aren’t equal for everyone. For better performance, you need one pair that is fit to you. Tennis shoe that isn’t fit will cause you severe injury and give negative impact toward your performance. The questions, then, how to choose that fits you? Several tips below may help,

  • When buying the shoes, ensure that you do it in the end of the days for the reasons that your foot puff up or increase in size due to your activities in the whole days.
  • Bring the tennis socks with you when buying the tennis shoes ease you to choose the right size that fits you. You know the best that tennis socks are designed thicker than usual socks to give comfort during the practices or matches.

Not only best tennis shoes have to fit you properly, but it should be durable on the same time. Durability of a tennis shoe isn’t only about the materials that construct the shoes, but also your habit when playing tennis, how much time you spend for tennis, and plenty more. Now, take close look to your tennis shoes, which part that tend to wear first?

Say that the cushion part of the shoes wears faster than another part of the shoes, you need a pair of shoes which great durability on the midsole. If the problem comes from the outsole, tennis shoes with reinforced sole are worth mentioning. Obviously, the shoes aren’t the only factor that gives a great performance, still, it matters.

Comfort and Safety

Comfortableness is also a considerable thing that makes a tennis shoe as the best. And yes, this is not stopping on the sizes of the chosen shoes, but also how breathable the shoes are. Breathable shoes can cool down your foot during the match that helps you to play tennis efficiently.

Consider to buy tennis shoes with good venting on the upper part of the shoes, in case you experience an unbearable heat of your feet. Even if you are not, your feet will appreciate it. Don’t forget about the tennis court where you are playing for different surfaces such as, clay, grass, and concrete, calls for different soles that fit the surface.

How to Care for Tennis Shoes: Easy Tips

Having tennis as one of our regular sport’s activity compelling us to have special sport shoes that are proper for that activity, and in other words, this makes us should know how to care for tennis shoes. Shoes that we use every day for hundreds time activity also need better treatment. This will make the shoes will last longer.

Then how are the ways of caring this type of shoes? Usually, shoes that are used for sport’s activity made with special quality and design. Thus it needs special handling as well. Below are several tips of handling these shoes.

Tips of Taking Care Your Best Tennis Shoes

How to care for tennis shoes can be started from a simple thing like slipping off the shoes. The simple way of put out our shoes is by unlacing the shoes’ lace and slipping our foot off. This way is better than just kicking off our shoes to the feet. Kicking off the shoes will make the heel damage and easier to break. Then how to keep shoes white? There are several ways of doing this cleaning.

The first thing we need to do is by removing the dirt that is stayed on the shoes by using a brush with soft-bristled. The way of doing how to take care of sneakers is by firstly taking off or removing the dirt using shoe brush then cleaning the outsole as well. Sometimes cleaning the dust and the dirt only by sweeping the dirt is not just enough. We may need to clean the shoe using water. Choose warm water to and a little amount of detergent to clean the shoe up.

After that, we need to take out squishy sponge, soft cloth, and a soft brush to clean the shoe and its area. After the whole side has been cleaned up with soap then use the same sponge to remove the detergent and soap with water.

Remember to use only warm water to clean up the shoe. When we want to dry it out then the air temperature must be stable and steady. Remember not to directly dry it under the sunlight. That is several steps of how to care for tennis shoes.

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