Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2021 [Top List]

You definitely want to know your options of the best traction basketball shoes if you are into the game. When playing basketball, you know that it is a high pace sports with explosive movements and sudden changes. You want to be able to move fast and agile, so make sure that you have chosen the right shoes.

If choosing the lousy and cheap loose shoes, you won’t be able to play your best. The reason why traction is important is because it will support your actions. You can do sudden stop or fast start easily because of this feature.

The Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2021

There are some products that are known to be the best traction basketball shoes because of their construction and also improved comfort. Not only they are made from high quality materials, but they are also available in attractive designs and somewhat appealing colors. Here are some of the options for the products.

 1. Adidas D Rose 7

Although there are different variants and types for the shoes, such as D Rose Performance Shoe or the 7 D Rose Primeknit, the overall quality is super nice.

First of all, it comes with various colors. Some of them even come with combined colors, which make it appealing and catchy. The synthetic material with improved breathability will ensure comfortable use. Rubber sole is nice. It creates this bouncy effect with great absorbance. Moreover, the cushion is nice and reliable.

This is a kind of shoes that will give the sense of security and confidence once you wear it. No wonder if it is included within the list of the best traction basketball shoes ever made.

2. Nike Kyrie 3 basketball shoes

From design, this one is pretty simple and quite straightforward. The one color design with strong hue is one of the factors that make this item appealing. With combination of textile material, sole pattern Herringbone, and rubber sole, the quality of traction is definitely improved.

The shoes are lightweight, but once you wear them, they feel solid. You also have this feeling as if they were extension of the legs. Moving fast with sudden movements won’t be a problem at all.

If you are interested in a bolder and catchier look, there are also variants with different color combo. You should have a look into it.

3. Under Armour Curry 3

Want to look cool and experience improved performance? You should look into this brand and type, seriously. It is included within the best traction basketball shoes list for a reason.

The combinations of premium materials and advanced features are responsible for the top notch performance. The rubber sole is reliable and nice, providing the needed grip for sudden movements. Originally designed for Step Curry, you can also expect the same comfort from the shoes.

Thanks to the synthetic molded wrap, the shoes feel like hugging your feet. Under Armour has this anti friction technology that will reduce the heat inside the feet.

4. Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2017

This variant isn’t only great for cushion and support, but the design is quite interesting. The combination of color is simple and yet catchy. The rubber sole provides nice cushion, and when combined with synthetic and textile materials, the shoes are super comfortable and nice.

The shoes somewhat give you a charge of energy, thanks to the solid but light construction. There is an insert on the back collar for improved use and comfort.

The only flaw is the odd sizing. Somewhat, the shoes are a little longer with reduced width. Make sure you try them before buying.

5. Nike KD 9

If you see this variant from afar, you may not be interested in buying. Take a closer look, though, and see whether you have a change of heart. If you see it up-close, you will see the attractive patterns and design.

This variant may not come with bold and bright colors (expect only the basics like gray, white, and black) but it is the features that are important, right? The cage construction on midfoot is able to ‘lock’ your feet so it feels fit with dynamic support.

The flyknit design and construction allows flexible expansion; not to mention great stability for your game. No wonder if it is included within the best traction basketball shoes of 2021, right?

6. Nike Kobe Mentality II

Traction is definitely improving when you have this variant. It is definitely one of the best traction basketball shoes in terms of performance and also design. With mesh material and low cut construction, your feet should be able to move freely. The effect can be felt up to the ankle.

The side stability if supported by foam carrier while flyweave design will create flexible and yet lightweight support. The price is a bit higher when compared to other lines, but it is definitely a worthy spending.

7. Nike Lebron Soldier 9

From design, you have to admit that this variant comes in a rather strange look. Most people claim that it is designed for those with wide foot, providing nice feet and snug feel. One of the greatest things about this line is the many different color options.

Some may be available in two color combo while some are coming in only one color, but with bold hue. This lightweight shoe has comfort insole and nice breathability. Thanks to the lunarlon cushion, you can enjoy the bouncy and yet soft quality.

8. Jordan Nike Fly

There are different variants for this line, such as the B. Fly or the Extra Fly. There is also the unlimited type. Whatever variant you choose, be sure that you will only get the nice combination of premium quality and solid construction.

Rubber outsole is great for traction while plush foam ensure comfortable wear. If you still look for reasons why this is considered as one of the best traction basketball shoes, do extensive research and find out more.

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There are tons of reliable basketball shoes out there but narrowing down your options can be a headache. With this best traction basketball shoes lists; hopefully you can make a clever and wise decision about which product to choose.

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