Top 10 Best Volleyball Shoes 2020 with Cheap Price

Choosing the best volleyball shoes is important to improve your performance at the court. The best shoes are determined by the material, design, and weight. When it comes to the best shoes for volleyball, there are several popular brands people usually use. Some volleyball athletes are known to use these shoes.

There are plenty of volleyballs shoes offered in many sports store. Many brands seem interesting. They offer a number of valuable features for the design, material, and durability. Therefore, before choosing the best volleyball shoes, it is important to get as many references as possible in order to avoid loss and disappointing. Just compare the features offered with the price and review whether it is worthy or not.

To make you easier to choose volleyball shoes for practice or games, here are some references about volleyball shoes with incredible quality.


The 10 Best Volleyball Shoes 2020 to Own

1. ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoes [BEST FOR MEN]

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoes is our first on the list of the best volleyball shoes for volleyball players or athletes. These shoes are available for men and women. Both of men and women shoes are designed with remarkable fit, exceptional upgraded and traction, best forefoot gel-rocket, and best cushioning for absorbing shock.

The advanced tech reduces the sole unit weight, allowing it to retain the shoes’ structural integrity. These shoes are really reliable to choose as the favorite shoes for beginner and intermediate volleyball players. These shoes are available in black, white, and blue. The price range is between $40 – $140

2. Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike [BEST FOR WOMEN]

best volleyball shoes 2017

Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike shoes are equipped with sophisticated Flywire technology construction on the upper part. This technology allows an endless air circulation and locks the foot down.  It is also able to minimize any shocking movement inside the shoe by conforming to the foot. These shoes are equipped with lightweight phylon midsole that provides shock protection. The midsole also comforts your feet with 3D reinforced midfoot shank. It works incredibly for torsional rigidity.

The solid rubber outsole is designed with herringbone traction pattern. This pattern is really cool for the advanced on-court traction. These shoes are offered in the price range of 100-180 dollars. They come with exclusive 3 tone-colors for men and women such as pink-black-green and black-blue-white. Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike is really the best volleyball shoes for both practices and games.

3. ASICS Gel Rocket 7

The next recommended best volleyball shoes is the ASICS Gel Rocket 7 shoes. Designed with rubber sole, these shoes provide you an exceptional fit and other beneficial features such as impact-absorbing cushioning, enhanced upgraded, convenient traction, and of course top-level shoe gel. The ultimate gel-rocket represents the technology of stabilizing Trussic system which is able to reduce the sole unit weight.

Known as favorite shoes of beginner and intermediate players, players, all details are designed perfectly with the best technology. The outsole is designed with gum rubber for traction. These shoes are considered as entry level-price shoes.

4. Mizuno Wave Bolt 6

There is no any reason for not considering Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 as one of the best volleyball shoes in 2020. This sports shoe feature the non-marking outsole and parallel wave plate. This plate is really useful to create the lateral stability that all players need for making fast movements during volleyball court play. The shoe shafts are measured about low-top from the arch.

Offered in several colors, these shoes are ideal options for both games and practices. If you consider about price, Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 is the best option that offers an affordable price, which is around $71.12 – $100.00.

5. ASICS Gel-Netburner

Let’s review another best shoes for volleyball from ASICS. ASICS Gel-Netburner volleyball shoes are favorite shoes for women and men during court play. The Gel-Netburner Ballistic is an ultimate technology that is assigned to these volleyball shoes. With this Gel-Netburner Ballistic, the players have greater opportunity to get fired up more than they have had before. The optimal stability and bounceback set in these shoes allow you to set your higher goals.

The ASICS High Abrasion rubber provides durability. It also enhances the game with more natural traction. The other exceptional features include the comfortable cushioning system, forefoot and rearfoot GEL, and also a unique Trussic system that maintains the steady ride by reducing weight and pressure of the sole.

6. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3

When it comes to the best volleyball shoes for men and women, Mizuno Wave lightning Z3 offers everything the players need. The men and women shoes are offered in the classic, low-cut. These shoes are lightweight, featuring the parallel Wave plate for lateral stability. This is important for making fast lateral movements.

The rubber sole is perfectly designed with the anti-slip system. For women, Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 offers optimal room for wearing ankle braces. It also provides the best comfort while maintaining fit. The price is around 100 dollars.

7. ASICS Gel-Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

For the amateur athletes, ASICS Gel-Upcourt is one of the best volleyball shoes for man or woman that offers great value. It features a gum rubber outsole with a full-length design for perfect traction during court play. These multi-court gel-up court shoes also feature excellent rearfoot gel cushioning system that provides more sophisticated cushioning.

The combination of and mesh underlays and synthetic leather overlays allows forefoot breathability and comfort. To own these shoes, you don’t need to spend a lot of dollars since ASICS Gel-Upcourt shoes are offered at the affordable price, which is around 55 dollars.

8. Adidas Performance  Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe

Adidas Performance Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe is excellently made for every surface. These best volleyball shoes feature a synthetic upper for strategic support, breathable air mesh upper and durable outsole. The outsole is non-marking, suitable for indoor use. These cool shoes come in several exquisite colors- shock blue, white, and black. They are offered at the price around $60 – $80, depends on the size.

9. Mizuno Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe

The next best Volleyball shoes 2020 come from Mizuno again. Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado x now comes in a mid-cut look. The advanced cushioning and shock protector is provided by the Infinity Wave plate created in the heel of the shoes. When the players make strong jumping and landing during court play, its wave plate absorbs the shock in a better way. These shoes are really ideal for use during both games and practices.

Don’t worry about the price. Although Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball shoe offers all features the players need, these shoes come at an affordable price. The average price is around 130 or lower.

 10. Adidas Performance Volley Team 3

Adidas Performance Volley Team 3 is the next generation of this brand. This generation offers more stability, comfort, and fresh colors. The torsion system provides motion guidance and mid-foot integrity that can support players to make efficient lateral movements.

The midsole are made from shock-absorbing materials to protect forefoot from all types of impacts as well as to provide more convenient landing. These shoes are feasible to be considered as the best volleyball shoes for beginner to advanced players.

How to Choose the Best Volleyball Shoes?

Picking out volleyball shoes can be a challenging thing. Since there are a lot of brands and types of volleyball shoes that offer several features, there are four main keys to consider. They are cushioning, stability, breathability, and lightweight. In fact, choosing shoes is a personal preference that not all types and styles are suitable for everyone. But knowing the main keys of volleyball shoes will help you to find the best shoes for a narrower search. Good cushioning is a must-have feature especially if the shoes are used every day. Cushioning determines how comfortable your shoes are. If they are not comfortable enough, your feet will be painful and tired.

Stability is another important key of volleyball shoes. The shoes should feature reinforced stability for controllable movements in all directions. All-around stability from shoes will decrease the risk of injury. As a volleyball player, beginner or professional, you cannot wear just any shoe for a court play. Truth is that ordinary running shoes offer great stability for forward motion. But on the other hand, they don’t give any good stability to move side-to-side. The next key to pick out volleyball shoes is breathability. It means the ability of the shoes to keep your feet dry and cool while you are sweating hard. Excellent mesh materials and vents allow for optimal airflow into the shoes while you are playing. The drier and cooler your feet, the better you will feel, play, and perform.

The last key to pick up the best volleyball shoes is lightweight. Several volleyball shoes brands provide great balance needed by the players. Playing in a pair of heavy shoes can drag you down when making a jump or sprint. Therefore, you need a pair of shoe that support your every movement. That is why volleyball shoes should be as light as possible without reducing the durability, stability, and other features.

How to Care Your Volleyball Shoes Effectively

It is not your fault that the shoes smell bad. That is normal, but you have to control this condition completely. How to care your volleyball shoes effectively? There are few things to consider in order keeping the shoes in good condition. Volleyball shoes have similarity to other sport-based shoes. They have solid material on the outside and inside part in order to prevent the feet from injury. Your movement will turn smoothly because of the subtle sole inside these shoes.

Get rid of mud and dust immediately

You do not want your shoes to look bad, right? So, get rid of mud and dust immediately after playing. Volleyball uses indoor and outdoor arena. If you play in indoor, the shoes may not have much dirt. On contrary, the outdoor game gives a high possibility to make the shoes dirty. Use a dry cloth and warm water when the mud is difficult to remove.

Dry it

The next step on how to care your volleyball shoes is you have to keep them as dry as possible. During the game, your feet move excessively. This condition produces sweat inside the shoes. It is the main source of bad scent that needs to get rid of immediately. Put the shoes under direct sunlight. You may remove the inside pad for the faster drying process.

Using baking soda

Baking soda is a good remedy to neutralize bacteria and bad odor. It has neutral and strong smell to counter acid due to excess sweating. Just sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes before using them in the game. Be careful not to add much baking soda because it can ruin the shoe material. Another way is baking soda for socks. It helps to balance the sweating effect.

Machine washable or not

Some shoes are washable and you have to check this property. If the shoes are machine washable, you can utilize its property. However, do not wash the shoes every day, unless it’s necessary. Well, all of them are methods to answer how to care your volleyball shoes. You can try them at home.

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