Top 7 Best Wide Running Shoes in 2018 [Best for Wide Feet]

Everyone has their own foot size. Some of us might have wider dimension than the rest. In this case, you will need the best wide running shoes. As it goes with other sport shoes, it is also equipped with all features that are required to make you feel comfortable. The only thing that makes it different is the dimension. The rubber soles of the shoe are slightly wider. It is intended to accommodate the dimension of people foot with wider size. Here are some leading products for those of you who have wide foot size.


Best Wide Running Shoes as References in 2018

 1. ASICS 33-FA Running Shoe

As the first shoes in our list, this product deserves the title of the best wide running shoes. The most notable thing about ASICS 33-FA Running Shoe is the layout of it. You cannot deny that it has fashionable looks. The material itself is made out of imported synthetic material. It is featuring cooling system that ensures good air circulation.

The design of these running shoes keeps your foot dries. The product is lightweight given its total weight is only 9.2 oz. The price for this particular series starts from 50 dollars.



 2. Tesla Men’s Trail BK30 Running Shoe

best wide running shoes 2017

If you are looking for the best running shoes for wide feet with outstanding design, this product is highly recommended. Tesla Men’s Trail BK30 Running Shoe comes in different colors. Orange with yellow highlights is a flashy one that you can choose. Other than being visually striking, it also has other features to keep you feel comfortable. For instance, the outsole uses nonslip grip feature. The upper section of the shoes is also dirt proof as well. Protective layer will keep it clean from any stains and dusts. You can bring it home with only around 30 dollars.



 3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Brook Adrenaline GST is one of the running shoes series with good quality. As one of the best wide running shoes, it comes in three different color schemes. Other than silver and anthracite, you can also select the high risk red one. Regardless the color you choose, all of them have decent quality. Even though the mesh is rather thick, it is surprisingly comfortable. The imported material comes in high grade quality. It will ensure that the product will last longer. The price offered for this product is approximately around 60 dollars.



 4. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6

New Balance always produces the best wide running shoes with high quality. The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6 is one of those sport shoes.  This particular series come in two variations. Other than for men, it is also available for women as well. Either way, the product offers two color options. You can choose the gray shoes with modern impression or blue one that gives stylish looks. The shaft of Fresh Foam 1080v6 is measured precisely to make your foot fit in it.



 5. Nike Revolution Running Shoe

The next product on our list is Nike Revolution Running Shoes. Since it is manufactured by Nike, you can rest assure that it has above-average quality. As far as the product design concern, the design of products by Nike is always satisfying. When most running shoes use synthetic materials, the materials for this particular series are polyester. The breathability feature of the mesh will maintain good air circulation when your foot begins to sweat. Aside from being lightweight, it is also famous due to the responsive cushioning. As for the price, it will not exceed more than $200.



 6. ASICS GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

When talking about the best wide running shoes, you need to mention products by ASICS. Regardless the series of sport shoes manufactured by this company, the design always have signature pattern. The GT-2000 4 is not an exception. It comes with flashing layout. The combination between textile and synthetic materials will make the air circulates inside your shoes without any problem. This material combination is also selected due to the lightweight feature. The color options available are including lime punch, silver, and turquoise. The price for this product is ranging from $30 up to $150.



 7. Brooks Addiction 12 Running Shoe

Brooks Addiction 12 Running shoe is recommended for those of you who have wider foot size. The material used for this particular product is combination between synthetic material and textile material. In order to give additional support when you are using it for running, it offers internal support saddle. The best feature that you can get from this product is the removable foam located inside the shoes.



As you can see from the list of the best wide running shoes above, each product has impressive specification. The specification of them is designed to meet the need of people with wide foot size. Most importantly, this advantage is added without ignoring the comfortable factor.

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