Lifetime 51550 Basketball Hoop Review, Specification and Price

Basketball is popular with millions of people playing from children to adults. It takes fled and outdoor equipment to enjoy this game with friends. However, the full court with the complete set is very expensive to obtain. To overcome such problem, Lifetime introduces Basketball Hoop with portable properties. In this article, I would like to tell you about the Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop review which explores the product’s specs and price.

The review consists of several sections based on technical specs of this basketball hoop. It is a portable hoop to play outdoors in enough space or indoor in the reasonable room. The review starts from backboard that contains rim and shatterproof material.

After that, there are adjustment pole, coated steel, and rolling base. They are important information to know regarding this hoop.

Lifetime 51550 Basketball Hoop Review


Features and Specifications:
  • 5 years warranty
  • 48-inch Shatterproof backboard
  • Solid-steel Slam-It Rim with double-compression springs and welded net hooks
  • Speed Shift height adjustment mechanism
  • All-weather resistant

The backboard is a part at the top pole with circle ring and basket as the main objection of basketball. Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop review describes every part of it to understand what kind of material and design that’s used. Shatterproof combines two materials, which are polyethylene frame to create a stylish surface and Makrolon polycarbonate for a strong structure. You will see professional shatterproof with high durability to withstand any force from outside. With this capability, you do not have to worry when hit this board very hard. During playing basketball,

During playing basketball, the backboard is the common area with high probability to break. Without high-grade material, you cannot play your favorite sport every day. Lifetime understands such preference then creates professional-grade backboard to enjoy playing basketball at the garage, or any outdoor place. Another interesting part is printed cover at the surface in flashy design. Besides, this printed area is able to withstand UV light to enhance the longevity.

Portable and Adjustable

Portability comes with the capability to adjust the height of its pole. This is also a part that’s included on Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop review. Backboard and rim are able to set into certain position in order to match your preference. For its height, it is ready from eight to ten feet. One benefit of this adjustment pole is one hand shiftment. You just need to use one hand to change the height that’s available in six-inch increment. As you know, people play basketball for fun and less for the professional level. Instead of having real height rim and backboard, it is better to enjoy backboard that can be reached easily. Of course, you can make a dunk and touch the rim in your own jumping level.

High Resistant

The next section on Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop review is coated steel. The pole is able to adjust regarding your preference. This part uses steel as the main material with high resistant for water. Power coating the is an advanced technique to make sure this steel is in good condition. Another property is weather resistant to keep the basketball hoop from harsh condition such as snow, rain, wind, dust, and storm. Moreover, this steel is free from corrosion or rusting.

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Very Stable

Rolling base is located at the bottom of basketball base. It has the area with the capacity of six gallons. You need to fill this base with water or sand to enhance the stability. Find the right location to play then roll this base to get destination. Rolling takes less time because overall weight is not much heavy.

The Price

Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop review

Knowing technical specs of this product helps to formulate the decision. Customer will get manual instruction and some tools to set this hoop. How much is this basketball hoop? The price is available between $100 to $199. You can buy at the local store or order it via online marketplaces. Therefore, Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop review provides the base and necessary information for basketball fans.

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