Nike KD VII VS Kobe 8 Review and Comparison

Today, we would like to inform you about Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 review and comparison. Since many Nike’s lovers out there are still arguing about both Nike’s models, we will make them clearer than before now. Read on this review based on its model below.

Nike KD VII Review

KD VII Traction

We start this Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 comparison from the appeal segment. In other words, we try to see what makes this model attractive on the store. Of course, the latest model of KD is better than the KD VI. You just can see it through the patterns.

However, the grip is not strong as the Kobe 8 obviously. It is understandable since KD VII has more attractiveness rather than others. This model works perfectly whether on indoor or outdoor uses.  Moreover, we believe that it has more durability too with this traction or design.

 KD VII Cushion

Next, we will talk about the cushion of the Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8. The KD VII has Max Zoom and 9mm Zoom for the cushions. The Max Zoom is located right in the heel segment while the 8mm Zoom is placed in the forefoot. AS a result, it brings more comforts and fitness for our feet.  Unfortunately, the full-length Max Zoom reduces the mobility of our movement. But, it is still covered since we can use the older or previous Zoom on it perfectly. Overall, the cushion of KD VII is still the best with both Zoom features so that our feet will always feel comfy as long as possible.

KD VII Materials

Furthermore, about Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8, the materials come from HyperRev on the front and Foamposite right in its back. The mesh brings more mobility for the users. But, it is also quite difficult for us to be more freedom when we set it completely. For your information, both materials blend perfectly each other on KD VII. However, these materials lack longevity. In other words, Nike offers another segment which is comfortable and suitable feeling for the wearers. Moreover, the mesh is able to support your foot from any pain or uncomfortable use during running.

Kobe 8 Basketball Shoe Review

nike kd vii vs kobe 8

Kobe 8 Traction

As same as the previous perspective of Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8, the traction is the first review of Kobe 8. With an impressive design, we have no doubt anymore with its traction. As we can see on the picture, the pattern is just cool as we expect. This shoe works perfectly in any type of courts. Moreover, it suits for any weather and condition. However, we suggest you to set the XDR outsole when you play or do sports in the outdoor area. Back again to the traction segment, the patterns and colors of these shoes are amazing our eyes. It will defeat the KD VII easily on the store.

Kobe 8 Cushion

The next perspective of Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 is the cushion. Nike offers Lunarlon for the Kobe 8 which is special foam rather than the KD VII. For your information, this cushion is able to save and then transfer any impact that we got in long run activity. As a result, you might not feel the bigger impact for your feet. Instead, it will make our feet become stronger to run faster and faster. The best part is when you apply full length set up of Lunarlon which won’t reduce anything on its feature, unlike the KD VII.

Kobe 8 Material

Last but not least, it is all about the material of Kobe 8. For your information, the mesh is completely engineered here. Moreover, there is also some Fuse on the shoe. The use of those features are not only giving you a light on the night but also providing better weight and comforts for the wearer.

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That’s all the information we can give to you. Lastly, we believe that you have already known who is the winner between Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8, haven’t you?

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