Nike Prime Hype DF Review and Price

As an important part of basketball’s apparel, shoes deserve more attention than the rest. In this article, we are going to talk about Nike Prime Hype DF review. Apparently, it is the same pair of basketball shoes usually used by the professional basketball players.

This product becomes special since those players choose it than other brands. The manufacturer itself is a trustworthy company that produces high-quality products. It should come as no surprise that this series is popular among other basketball shoes.

Nike Prime Hype DF Review 



Before we talk about what professionals say on Nike Prime Hype DF review, let us make a product comparison first. A pair of low-quality basketball shoes is mostly having the same issues on the seams. As you can see, the materials used for each part of the shoes are diverse. On one part, it uses a rubber which is quite good even for a long time.

However, in other parts, fabric and foam are included. Combining two different materials will create unique seams. If the seam is not carefully designed, there is a high potential that it will come apart easily.

The basketball shoes you are using right now probably have the same issue. As a big company, Nike is obviously aware of this same problem. Therefore, Nike implements clever innovation to the seam of its shoes.

High Durability

Based on the Nike Prime Hype DF review mentioned by users and pros, they also realize this benefit as well. The technology incorporated in order to make strong seams is not only brilliant but also provide more durability. The manufacturer is able to join different type materials in perfect shoes.

Besides the seam, the materials used on its basketball shoes are no less impressive. The textile material used on Nike Prime Hype DF is lightweight. Therefore, it will not burden your foot when you want to make a move during a basketball game.

As a textile material, it has microscopic holes that supply good air circulation into your foot. It prevents your foot from overheating due to all movement you make.

Designed to Increase Dynamic Movement

Another interesting fact of Nike Prime Hype DF is about its collar. The collar has the high top design. This particular design is intended to give enough support for anyone who wears the shoes.

Moreover, it is also designed so that it does not restrain your movement. The manufacturer already takes into consideration about the dynamic feature of the collar. The outsole of this series is also using high-quality rubber as well. This material is not only able to last longer due to its durability but also give good fraction when being used.


One concern about shoes used in physical activities is the safety aspect. When being used on physical movement often, skin on your foot will create a friction with the inner part of the shoes. In order to prevent the blister from this friction, this basketball shoe takes advantage of soft foam.

Nike Prime Hype DF Price

As mentioned on Nike Prime Hype DF review above, you might expect the shoes will be pricey. However, the price is quite affordable. The price might be different regarding its size but will not be more than $120.

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