11 Simple Basic Drills for Basketball At Home

Basketball becomes one of the popular sports. Seeing people playing is truly interesting. However, once you try it by yourself, you will find actually the sport requires drills and training.

In this case, if you want to learn about it, there are some basic drills for basketball. Some sets of the drill can help you to know better about the sport, and you will know the basic skills needed to play the sport well.

Some Required Basic Drills for Basketball

Some sets of simple basic drills to do for basketball players will help you to play basketball better. It will be great when you have friends to work as a teammate or do this with your family.

With more people, learning basic drills will be more effective and more fun to do.

1. Perfect-shooting drill

This is an interesting and quite easy drill to do. The goal is to help you in making two-point shots from all directions.

What you need to do is quite easy actually. You and your friends can make a row. Then, there are three positions to do the shot.

The first one is from the left of the ring, in front of the ring, and right of the ring. You can make a line, and everyone should try to shoot from all directions.

2. Pivot shooting

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The next point of basic drills for basketball becomes the combination of foot movement, dribbling, and shooting skills.

In this drill, you will start by dribbling the ball. You move from the area under the ring to the outer area of three-point. After that, you do the chest pass, and let the other person receive your pass.

Then, you must run along the free-throw line and approach the ring again. Before you reach the ring, you will pass, make pivot movement, and do a jumping shot.

 3. Pass and layup

Layup becomes the base and common movement in basketball, especially in scoring. You need to move quite fast to break the defense and do the shot from the running position.

This requires good footwork and dribbling skill. In this drill, you need at least two people.

First, you can dribble the ball from the center of field. When you are approaching the free-throw line, you can pass the ball and run approaching the ring.

Before the ring, you will get the ball. After that, you need to dribble shortly and make the layup.

4. Accuracy drill

This will be interesting when there are five or more people. This becomes one of the basic drills for basketball to develop your accuracy in shooting.

What people need to do is only to make a line on the area of the free throw. Then, each person will get chance to shoot. Everyone must be able to shoot well and make point.

When they are failed, they need to do certain punishment. By doing this, everyone will have certain pressure to do the best.

5. Zigzag dribbling

Well, it is one of the basic drills for basketball for dribbling skill. This can become the most basic skill to do.

What people need to do is to set some cones or other obstacles, you and other players only need to pass the obstacles by making zigzag movement.

To get more drilling skills, some dribbling techniques can be tried. It can start with simple dribbling, crossover, through the legs, and other combinations.

6. Collision dribbling

This will also become interesting basic basketball drills for dribbling skills. What the players need to do is to make some rows. It may also make everyone in a random position.

Then, a player who gets the ball must try to dribble around the other players. This is good to control the ball handling, and it is also nice to try some dribbling technique while facing other players.

7. Dribble and pass

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This is good for teamwork. At least, there are two or three players to do the basic drills for basketball.

What they need to do is to dribbling from a certain distance, and then they need to make some passes.

There is only one ball, so everyone should know when they have to pass, and it is also a good drill to know how to control the ball while stopping and moving.

8. Jump shot

In some conditions in the game, someone must be able to shoot well while jumping. It can start from a dribbling position, but it may also start from the passing position.

In this drill, a player should try both of the conditions. Doing a jump shot can also be combined with some movement to trick the player in front of him.

This can be interesting. In this case, adding punishment for failure in scoring will make everyone do their best effort.

9. Explore, pivot, and pass

This becomes one of the basic drills for basketball combining dribbling, footwork, and passing technique.

First, each player must dribble a bit fast. After that, they only need to make pivot movement and make a chest pass. This seems easy, but sometimes stopping suddenly from running position and make a pass is quite difficult.

In this case, someone should blow the whistle to notify suddenly when they have to do the pivot.

10. Rebound and pass

During the game, some players may be failed to score a point. In this case, it is a good chance for both offensive and defensive teams to steal the ball.

They need to make a rebound, and then they can pass to another player. In this case, a coach can help to make the unpredictable failed shot.

After that, two or three players must be in a ready position, and they have to get the ball and make a pass.

11. Rebound and shoot

(Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

This is a good drill for the offensive team under the enemy’s ring. When the previous drill is to clear the ball, it is to continue scoring the ball.

The step is almost similar. However, this phase requires someone to take a shot from the rebound.

This is not easy since everyone must be ready to directly get the ball and shoot it. It needs a good jumping position and calmness to direct the ball.

Those are some drills to play in basketball. There are many combinations, and all players must be able to get the basics.

Everyone in the team must know the basic skills, even if later each of them will have a specific role and position. These basic basketball drills are surely necessary. 

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