Top 30 Best Point Guards of All Time in NBA (Part 1)

Point guard is the key player and position in basketball because he controls the offense and defense. It is like manager with capability to assess every possibility to attack. Ball movement form one player to others often stops at point guard at first.

Normally, the team requires fast and agile player to be the point guard. He can transform a plan form coach then apply on court. Most importantly, he is adaptable to recent condition, especially when the team is in close match. Point guard might be the shortest player in team, but it is not definite. In the next section, you will see the best point guards with high regard achievement.


Top Players for Best Point Guards

 1. Chris Paul

You cannot ignore Chris Paul when discussing about the best point guards. He is 6-foot tall and 175 pounds weight with advanced skill in many areas. Chris Paul is well-known in creating the deceptive movement when he tries to pass the opponent perimeter then provides his teammates with suitable passing to score. This is one reason to put Chris Paul at this list.


 2. Oscar Robertson
source: wikipedia

Thirty points at average score for one season showed the real skill of Oscar Robertson. He played for Cincinnati Royals then transferred to Milwaukee Bucks. In the end of career, he was able to push the team to reach more winning matches with young players as support. Oscar Robertson was the top player with the right to place on list of the best point guards.


 3. Isaiah Thomas
source: interbasket .net

One of the best point guards is Isaiah Thomas. Point guard has responsibility for team overall performance. Isaiah Thomas was able to do such thing with skillful and versatile movement during match. He had record to collect 25 points in every match for one season that puts him on all the time list for point guard. As you know, he was able to score and supported team to reach high score in spite of point guard position.

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 4. Magic Johnson
source: nba .com

Versatile player is rare in basketball. Therefore, the coach should determine which one who should be the point guard or shooter while formulating the better strategy. When his team had magic Johnson, such thing is no longer issue. He is rookie in 1980 as subbed player. After first impression, Magic Johnson continued to created top-level skill as point guard. He was able to control tempo then decided when to do fast break to score. Magic Johnson also contributed significant number of score to win the match.


 5. Bob Cousy

Point guard is also able to attract spectators with skillful movement. If you are Bob Cousy, this movement will lead to new score. He was not popular player at first time, but he forces himself to train hardly. After outstanding performance, he is recognized as the top point guard with average score of 20 points. He was part of the best point guards especially in his era.


 6. Gary Payton

Point guard has job to hold attack from opponent and stop their players. Such job is not easy and it takes great skill to know the counter strategy. This is where Gary Payton acts for team. He was player with skill to hold offensive then created proper assist to do alley-oop.


 7. Jason Kidd
source: nba .com

Another player to put on list for the best point guards is Jason Kidd. As point guard, leading and controlling game as far is more important than scoring. Such matter is what Jason Kidd did during every match. He was able to control ball movement then made score through his teammate. He was in NBA for 19 years and got many trophies.


 8. Steve Nash
source: espn .com

Another player at the top consideration for the best point guards is Steve Nash. Two times as MVP were his achievements after Magic Johnson. He was more than point guard for the team due to skill for shooting at free throw or three-point.


 9. Walt Frazier

best point guards of all time

Leader in match also leads to the team. That is what you can see from Walt Frazier. He is definitely the best point guards with attractive movement to watch. He could hold intense battle without losing temper. Such trait was essential to make sure the winning result.


 10. John Stockton
source: nba .com

If you want to see efficient game, then John Stockton will give what you want. He was excellent player with ability to create effective attack. The game with artistic performance is desirable to watch, but it does not guarantee the winning result. John Stockton did not waste any ball and avoid ponding ball. Effective and efficient strategy is applied for defensive to hold opposite player going through.


 11. Russell Westbrook
source: thesource .com

Russell Westbrook entered all-star player in his eighth season. As point guard, he was capable to adapt into unpredicted situation. He might not as popular as Frazier or Magic Johnson, but you need to put him on the list when discussing the best player as point guard.


Eleven players above show the advanced skill to act as point guard. They might not reach high score in each match, but they play the major role to win. Each of them has unique trait and ability to consider as the best point guards.


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