Top 5 Best AND1 Basketball Shoes in 2019

Just what brand will you choose if you ever need to buy new basketball shoe? It is always better to have something in mind already when choosing one shoe out of many options available. It would help you find your choice easier and faster.

If you want to choose a basketball shoe for playing basketball with a cheap price, we highly suggest to check the one from the best AND1 basketball shoes in 2019. We have 5 of them to consider in this list we have below. We will tell you one by one, so consider them as you read here.

Best AND1 Basketball Shoes 2019 to Choose

 1. And1 Men’s Unbreakable Low Basketball Shoe

Even since in the early 1990’s, AND1 shoes have been used in streets, playgrounds, and gyms around the world. Wearing this one today would still be the best decision to make. Made of synthetic material with rubber sole, this shoe becomes the best option to step up your game.

Yes, this one is unbreakable low. However, with lower collar heights, it is designed to be lightweight and responsive. There are laser-cut vents to improve the breathability too. You will feel the best by wearing this shoe.

 2. And1 Men’s Typhoon Basketball Shoe

This And1 shoe is pretty much nice to consider as well. Of course, it is because this shoe is very well designed. It has perforated side panels for breathability by adding ventilation.

There are traditional eyelets and hidden ghillies for better lockdown. Even oversized EVA midsole is there for durable cushioning. Lace-up closure, plush tongue and collar, breathable fabric lining, molded foam insole, and rubber outsole are also included.

The best And1 basketball shoes sure get only the best things covered in their design. It means that their quality is very much worth to compliment.

 3. And1 Men’s Rocket 4.0 Basketball Shoe

best and1 basketball shoes

This shoe we have this time is one that is meant to build with features that will make you own the court. It has various great features you can benefit from the shoe. There is drilled synthetic leather upper and mesh tongue responsible for breathability.

There is also reinforced and redesigned upper for improved support. It might have used classic rocket over lasted and low-sew constructions. However, both of them are meant to reduce weight and give comfort, so it can be a nice shoe to wear. You will then be able to perform well and might even better than before.

 4. And1 Men’s Master 3-M Basketball Shoe

The And1 one we have this time is also lightweight. However, it has been made to increase breathability and provide you with the modern style that would be great for emerging athletes. In its design, you will have heel airbag to take care of foot cushioning as well as impact protection.

You will get increased traction from it multi-directional herringbone outsole. Double lasted EVA midsole and new composite mesh/synthetic upper are there for durability too. As for the heel stability, it is increased and taken care of by TPU heel clip. This shoe sure is amazing.

 5. And1 Men’s Fantom Basketball Shoe

The last option of the best And1 basketball shoes we have here is made for basketball players who demand superior attributes to challenge weight thresholds. It is capable of delivering excellent support and durability for high wear zones with reinforced heel and toe. As for the breathability, it is ensured by laser-cut vents. Secure fit is certain in this shoe because there is hexagonal lace.

Meanwhile, you get EVA midsole to reduce weight without sacrificing anything important, like the stability or even the performance itself. This And1 shoe is that of one with high quality as well.

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