Top 7 Best Cheap Baseball Cleats under $150

Baseball is one of the popular sports, particularly in USA and Japan. This sport requires strength, agility, and high stamina to play. You need to hit, throw, jump, and run quickly. To support those activities, you need to use baseball cleats or shoes. On market, there are many brands and designs with various qualities. However, finding cheap baseball cleats might be a little bit difficult, particularly for beginners.

The simple way to pick the right shoes is to buy from popular brands. You may familiar with the name of Under Armour, Mizuno, Nike, New Balance, and Adidas. Under Armour is a company based in the United States with a capability to produce high-quality shoes, including baseball cleats. Nike and Adidas are the names at the top list of sport’s industry. In baseball, both companies produce high-quality cleats to support beginner until professional players.

People hesitate to buy baseball cleat due to the price. As you know, $200-$250 is too much for the pair of shoes. The product from prominent brands only spend less than $$60, even you get less than $50. Of course, baseball cleats are not just about the price. There are several aspects to consider and the next section will explore seven cheap baseball cleats with the top quality.

Cheap Baseball Cleats 2021
 1. Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK

Another recommended baseball cleat comes from Mizuno. The brand sounds familiar in sport’s industry, right! This company develops specific technology to keep the feet from severe injury and feel comfortable for long period of utilization.

Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike ADV is good and cheap baseball cleats. It has nine spikes, synthetic material, and full-length midsole. From material, you can expect much of durability. This product is suitable for amateur and professional. Do not worry about the price because Mizuno puts an affordable price in this product.

 2. Adidas Men’s Wheelhouse 3 Mid Baseball

cheap baseball cleats

Cheap and expensive is the matters of perspective. You already understand the meaning of this phrase. In term of baseball cleat, you cannot ignore product from Adidas. One of cheap baseball cleats is Adidas Men’s Wheelhouse 3 Mid Baseball. Durability and a high-grade material are what you will get from this product.

Baseball requires high durability because players will run alongside the field. Moreover, the shoes support extreme movements from standing to immediate run quickly. Besides, shoes are able to handle sliding mode which is very difficult to do. Another feature is subtle foam inside the shoes to reduce an impact of running. Therefore, this product is affordable and it is categorized as the high-quality baseball cleat.

 3. New Balance Men’s L3000V2 Metal Low

New Balance has an iconic emblem with big N letter. This company also produces some baseball cleats and one of them is New Balance men’s L3000V2 Metal Low. At first glance, it looks like a regular sneaker, except spikes. For your information, New Balance is a company with long history in sport’s industry.

Many shoes are already produced to support athletes and professional players to gain ultimate result. Of course, baseball is one of the areas that cannot be ignored, especially in the United States. This product has eight spikes and dual density of baseball cleat.

 4. Mizuno Men’s Vapor Elite 7

Mizuno introduces Men’s Vapor Elite 7 to fulfill the need for baseball cleat. This product is lightweight and has high durability. You will find it comfortable when using it to run and feel no effect at all. Inside this product, the manufacturer puts special pad as shock absorption. The material is synthetic leather. Mizuno has a specific team of researcher to develop technology in baseball cleat.

The price is affordable and you will get the change after paying $150. It means the price is lower than that number. This product is one of cheap baseball cleats.

 5. Nike Men’s Trout 2 Pro Baseball Cleat

Nike is the top brand in sport’s apparel. One of their products is Nike Men’s Trout 2 Pro.

This product is specifically designed for baseball players. You can see the strong rubber from outside, but soft and subtle from inside. It creates a comfortable area for feet. As part of cheap baseball cleats, the price is reasonable and affordable. Moreover, you get more than what you pay.

 6. Nike Kids Huarache 2KFILTH Keystone M

As we know, professional players started to play baseball since they were kids. For such reason, Nike introduces a special product for Kids who love baseball. It has the name Nike Kids Huarache 2kfilth Keystone M. It uses synthetic material. A good side of this product is lightweight. In fact, kids have sensitive feet, so they need protection from severe injury.

Nike adds special pad and foam inside this product to cover feet area. When doing an extreme movement, they do not feel any restriction. This product is also part of cheap baseball cleats with best quality in 2021. Parents do not need to worry about the price. They can buy the pair of shoes from Nike to let kids enjoy the baseball.

 7. Under Armour Men’s UA Harper One RM

List of top baseball cleat cannot be completed without product from Under Armour. If you want to pick one of them, Under Armour men’s UA Harper One RM is much recommended. The material is synthetic and it has ankle strap to keep stability. This product is able to absorb high impact after players run. As similar to other, the price is affordable and quite cheap.

You do not have to spend much money to get a high-grade product. Therefore, it is recommended as the cheap baseball cleats.

Tips On How To Choose The Best And Cheap Baseball Cleats

 Have good baseball cleats mean everything for its contribution of your winning and losing, though there are some other important factors such as proper clothes, helmet, and so on. Wide range of cleats are offered, which can be good or bad news because of how to choose the best baseball cleats with cheap price is not an easy task. Nevertheless before you go to the price range section, there are some basic things you have to know when buying your first or your next baseball cleats, including,

  • The right size of the cleats
  • Proper ankle supports
  • The construction of the cleats

Looking for cheap baseball cleats that best for you will be less daunting when you know how to choose the best and cheap baseball cleats properly. The cleats that you wear should be comfortable enough for you which means the size should fit your feet, not too loose or too tight. Several ways below will help you to choose the right size of the cleats,

  • Pay attention toward the socks that you want to wear. You may not aware about this before, however the thickness of the chosen cleats will affect significantly toward the cleat’s size.
  • Ensure that the cleats have adequate room for your feet movement to minimize injury.
  • Choose the cleats that allow your heel to snug firmly.

The next thing about how to choose the best baseball cleats that fit your budget is the ankle supports. Common options are, high tops, mid tops, and low tops. Ankle support is for your feet protection and everyone demands different types of ankle supports.

However, if you need one that caters better support, in case that you have injury, then high tops are best opting. There are two options for cleats construction, leather and synthetic. Choose the latter if you prefer good quality baseball cleats for less.

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