Top 7 Best Mizuno Running Shoes under $150

Today, more and more running shoes are produced one after the other. It becomes rather difficult to find the best one of all. It is because running shoes nowadays are well made after all. If you want one with a uniquely different look than in common shoes, we suggest for you to consider best Mizuno running shoes.

The shoes of this brand are often made with such unusual look. That being said, they are all still well designed and featured to ensure perfect needs of doing some sports or exercises in your life. Now, give us the chance to tell you 7 best running shoes from Mizuno that worth to take into account here. They are all amazing.

7 Best Mizuno Running Shoes in 2021
 1. Mizuno Wave Paradox Running Shoe

The first of the best Mizuno running shoes is Mizuno Wave Paradox. The color mostly covered with blue and combined with white and yellow. This is how uniquely interesting it is. Olympic blue is used for the brand marks, and Chinese red is used for the outsole.

This shoe is specifically designed to control over-pronation. Midsole geometry is combined with Wave to give a smooth ride. There is also SR Touch for cushioning, shock absorbing, and many others.

 2. Mizuno Wave Legend 3 Running Shoe

best mizuno running shoes

We have the second option with different look and design here. Rather than having dimensional lines, we have one with mesh layer here. Although mesh layer is quite common nowadays, the one on this shoe makes it look cool in a different way.

Not to mention, this shoe features parallel wave technology to ensure smoother and more efficient runs by making an effortless transition to midfoot. It also features el8 midsole to give you responsive cushioning and reinforcements for more stability to offer.

 3. Mizuno Men’s Players Trainer Running Shoe

Not all Mizuno running shoes have very different looks, like the first shoe earlier. There are others that have the same design, yet plainly colored. That being said, they still look calmly cool, just like the shoes we have here.

Rather than having more than two colors combined in the design, this shoe appears with the combination of two colors only. It is made of fabric/synthetic and has a rubber sole for essential traction when doing some sports or exercises. This shoe sure makes a calm-looking choice.

 4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe

We have a cool option of best Mizuno running shoes this time. It does not look as simple as the previous shoe, but it does have an interesting look with breathable upper. It is made to meet the expectation of perfect mix between performance and comfort too.

With Classic 3D Mizuno Fit, it ensures the consistent fit. Also, there is U4icX strobe board for more improved underfoot comfort. It is the best one to choose for soft but responsive runs. Even parallel wave technology is used in here.

 5. Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 Running Shoe

Mizuno running shoes sure can be interestingly different in its look. This running shoe is the same. It features modern wavy stripes in mesh and synthetic. Even if it is made for men, we are sure that women would also compliment its beautiful look. If you are men, it could be the best pick for you.

This shoe is fast and lightweight. There is removable foam insole to provide underfoot comfort. Of course, there is U4ic midsole for a smooth ride and X10 rubber outsole for great traction to run with.

 6. Mizuno Women Wave Synchro MX WOS Shoe

You don’t have to worry. We have a very good option for women here. This shoe might look simple at first glance, but you would notice that it has nice look with white, black, and quarry to color the shoe. Not to mention, it looks impact and seems to have good cushioning and comfort.

Well, it is because this shoe is made with new concept Synchro midsole and dual 3-D slab after all. With them, the comfort and fit are optimized a lot. You will feel comfortable wearing it for walking, running, jumping, etc.

 7. Mizuno Women Spark WOS Running Shoe

We have another one for women this time. Of course, it offers different design and style for you. This time, you get one colored in fierycoral, silver, and black. With perforated surface, this shoe can look incredibly great and nice-looking for women. Well, of course, it is also designed to offer you a comfortable fit.

Also, it is made to have proper cushioning too, making it just all the more perfect for one with the comfy feel. Best Mizuno running shoes can be this interesting to consider, both from its look and capability. For doing exercises, jogging, etc., this shoe is surely made to meet your needs.

That’s all about the best Mizuno running shoes for you to choose as the perfect protection while running. Find more about running shoes and other sport’s shoes at

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