Top 7 Best Running Pants for Men with Great Comfort

Finding running pants for men is easy, but you should consider many aspects. The material should be flexible and comfortable in order to enjoy running ultimately. If you go for outdoor activity, the design should also be considered.

There are some of the best running pants for men as options to fulfill your preference. Every pant has similarities and differences. They will be explored in the list below.

Best Running Pants for Men 2021

 1. 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants

If you look for the best running pants for men, 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pant is the right answer. It is pant for running, cycling, or any activity for outdoor and indoor. The materials are spandex and polyester with the composition of 15% and 85% respectively. Such combination creates high flexibility and comfortable properties in order to do extreme exercise.

You do not have to change clothes when turning from running into hiking or cycling. This pant is suitable for winter due to thermo-line fleece from inside section to prevent losing heat. Water repellent keeps the pant out of wet condition and makes it easy to dry when heavily rained.


  • Double-layer synthetic material for unique water repellent quality
  • comfortable and not feel too tight
  • Breathable material on the back
  • strong and durable material


  • the sizing chart is quite off (recommended to choose a larger size)

Rating: 4.8/5

 2. Tesla Compression Capri Shorts

Pants for running have properties to support any activity. For such reason, you can try Tesla Men’s Compression Capri shorts. This product is available in many colors to fit customers’ preference. Besides, the size is ready up to XXXL, so do not worry when you need a larger size.

The material consists of two types: polyester and spandex. Polyester takes 87% and spandex 13%. Such combination makes this pant flexible and reliable to run the activity.

Another feature is the capability to release heat and moist which is suitable for any season, including hot summer. Therefore, Tesla Men’s is one of the best running pants for men.


  • TeslaGears S17© designed for all seasons (winter and summer)
  • lightweight and good air circulation
  • anti-microbial deodorization fabric for odor control
  • perfect for a long run


  • size is a bit off, very recommended ordering ONE size up what you wear normally

Rating: 4.6/5

 3. Nike Club Swoosh

Nike introduces Nike Club Swoosh Men’s for running pant. The design is quite classic, but it has the function with essential features. It is one of the best running pants. The material is cotton and polyester with high flexibility to stretch. Elastic waistband keeps pant from uncomfortable mode during running. You can use Nike Club Swoosh Men’s for indoor or outdoor activity, even for casual clothes.


  • Drawcord at waistband for adjustability
  • very comfortable even for a long run
  • 100% cotton made


  • some users got a problem on the length of the legs, make sure you check the size first

Rating: 4.5

 4. Neleus 2 Pack Athletic Compression

Polyester and spandex are common material in running pant. Most of the best running pants for men use the combination of polyester and spandex. One of them is Neleus Men’s 2 Pack. This product is designed in 90% polyester and the rest is spandex. Flexibility keeps the pant at comfortable mode while you run for long period.

Elastic fabric and heat retention are features to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. It is compression design which fits on lower body for men. One of the benefits is the capability to dry faster when having a wet condition. Waistband provides comfortable mode at the top area. Therefore, Neleus men’s 2 Pack is the right choice to enjoy running and more exercises.


  • nice design with plenty choice of packs
  • you can wash it in a washing machine
  • good elasticity
  • suitable for any kind of sports (indoors and outdoors)


  • the pant is quite thin
  • good base layer, but not recommended for running without adding shorts over them
Rating: 4.6/5

 5. PUMA 3/4 Training Pant

PUMA is the prolific manufacturer in sport apparel industry. You can find many products, ranging from the sport equipment to training pants. The latter is also suitable for running. One of the best running pants for men is PUMA Men’s 3.4 Training Pant. It is 3/4 model which is shorter than regular long pant but covers the knee.

The material is polyester that’s flexible to handle extreme movement while exercising in the outdoor or indoor area. Elastic waistband is in adjustable mode to keep it comfortable.

PUMA puts technology to prevent heat out of the body while running in cold weather. Therefore, you can keep warm and put personal belongings inside the pocket.


  • slit hand pockets on both sides
  • flexible and comfortable
  • cheap price
  • 100% high-quality polyester


  • not much we can get in design and color’s option

Rating: 4.8/5

 6. ASICS Men’s Essentials Pants

best running pants

One of the best running pants for men come from ASICS. This product is called ASICS Men’s Essentials Pants. From outside, it looks like a normal running pant, but you get more features to keep running comfortable. The material uses polyester in order to gain lightweight and stretching mode.

At the top part, elastic waistband is integrated with drawcord to make it more comfortable. The pocket at both sides use zippers to keep what you put inside safety. This product is available in various size and the biggest one is XXL. From such properties, you know the capability of this pant. ASICS makes sure the quality is the top priority.


  • lightweight and very comfort when running in high or low speed
  • there is elastic waistband with drawcord
  • polyester material with excellent odor management


  • not much we can get in design and color’s option

Rating: 4.4/5

 7. Baleaf Men’s Outdoor

Affordable and reliable features are properties from Baleaf Men’s Outdoor. This product is suitable for running, cycling, or some outdoor activities. Polyester and spandex are the material with composition 90% and 10% respectively. To keep it comfortable, soft fleece provides warmth condition while people run in cold weather.

The material is flexible to give breathable mode to prevent heat isolation. You can bring personal stuff inside side-pocket and keep safe with the zipper. This is one of the best running pants for men to use.


  • good leg zippers on both sides
  • reflective elements for visibility in low light
  • perfect for running, cycling, hiking, and other sports (including outdoor winter sports)


  • not really comfortable especially if you have big thigh like me

Rating: 4.8/5

All of running pants above come from many manufacturers. The design, material, and price are various, so pick one that’s suitable to your preference. Some pants are designed for running and the others are more flexible for outdoor or indoor activities.

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Polyester and spandex take the majority as material, but cotton is also utilized as running pant. Therefore, enjoy exercise using the best running pants for men.

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