Top 7 Best Tennis Rackets in 2021 for Beginners and Pros

Any kind of sports would need good equipment to do the right things. When it comes to tennis, rackets or racquets are one of the utmost importance equipment we would have if we want to play tennis. You can’t possibly play it if you don’t have this equipment ready. If you plan on buying one, it is a must for you to look for it among the best tennis rackets that are offered and recommended in 2021.

The recommended ones are the kinds that prove to have great quality worth to consider. If you don’t have any clue what is the best tennis racket to choose, choosing one from the list of the best rackets for tennis will do the job and will help you a lot.

How to Choose a Tennis Racket

You can’t be too careless when choosing equipment for playing sports. If you are a tennis player and currently looking for the ‘right’ racket to use, you have to give some thought about the one you choose.

Just how to choose the best tennis rackets then? If you don’t know what to do, let use tell you the way to do so. You need to consider various things about racket here. Let’s get down to it then.

 1. Measure Proper Grip and Choose Racket Size

The first thing to do than anything, you need to measure your grip on racket handle. Each person has their own proper grip. So, grab the handle and measure the grip size. If your index finger didn’t get enough room, the grip is too small, and vice versa. You have to pay attention to choose the racket size as well. For a safe choice, we suggest the normal, 27-inch long racket.

 2. Choose the Racket Style Better Suits Your Level

In this procedure of how to choose the best tennis rackets, you will have to choose racket style. Power/Game Improvement one is for beginners to intermediate players. Tweener is for all levels of skills, and Control/Player’s one is for maximum control. If you are a beginner, though, we suggest to choose the head-balanced one for more power without over-swinging.

 3. Get the Racket with the Best Material to Pick

The last thing you need to think about is about what is the racket made from? For beginners, it would be better to go with the graphite one since they are lightweight and powerful. An aluminum racket is good for it is sturdy and dependable, but it is heavier too. Boron or Kevlar ones are the lightest but they are less forgiving kind. This is how to choose a tennis racket.

Top 7 Best Tennis Rackets in 2021

Here, we have 7 choices to pick from our list we have here. We will explain them one by one, so pay attention and make your choice as you go through them.

 1. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Since tennis rackets are something that will be used to hit a tennis ball over and over again, it is definitely something that needs to be heavy-duty. Thus, it becomes important for you to care more about the reliability of the racket rather than how it looks. So, put the reliability as your top priority. Speaking about the reliability of the racket, there is no need for you to question it off this racket here.

You see, this racket is made by combining two materials; titanium and graphite. Each material offers beneficial things for the use of racket. Titanium has the job to make the racket strong. That being said, this material maintains racket’s light weight very well. Meanwhile, graphite is there to give you a great feeling that makes you comfortable using it. It is what makes the racket durable as well.


  • cover with an anti-vibration attachment
  • strong and durable titanium material
  • incredibly lightweight and comfortable grip
  • more power when serve and strike
  • best for experience players


  • doesn’t come with a bag

Rating: 4.9/5

 2. Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet

This one of the best tennis rackets from Wilson is pretty much worth to consider too. Since it comes from a different manufacturer, you can expect different things from this racket here. You see, this Wilson racket is made with V-matrix Technology. This very technology is what makes it possible for this racket to provide more power for you. With more power like this, you should be able to perform better.

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The design of this racket also features Stop Shock Sleeves as well. How about its dimensions then? Knowing this is important to get a better insight of racket’s size and weight we have to bear. Its head size is 112 inches and its length is 27.5 inches, while the string is 10.3 oz in weight. The racket should not be too heavy with such dimension. In fact, it makes perfect size and weight to swing around.


  • V-Matrix Technology for more power and stop shock sleeves
  • cheap price
  • lightweight and well-balance
  • perfect choice for amateur


  • doesn’t come with a bag/cover

Rating: 4.9/5

 3. Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquet

The racket we have this time is actually recommended for tennis players in beginning and also intermediate level. If you just started your tennis, this would be the best tennis racket to choose. Because of the Head’s Comfort Zone technology, this racket offers generous sweet spot that can support slow swing. You don’t have to worry. This technology makes things easy on the arm.

Not to mention, open string pattern is used in its design, making it further enhance the sweetspot. It is done without even sacrificing the control as well. What’s more? There is the new patented dampening system of hard and soft materials to reduce vibration on the string and give excellent comfort. There is also the grommets’ cone shape for the optimized sweetspot area as well. This racket sure is well designed with those many features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a racket cover when you purchase this racket.


  • best for beginners and intermediate level players
  • stable and comfortable when hold the handle
  • strong grip and has excellent power


  • Doesn’t come with racquet cover
  • a bit heavy

Rating: 4.8/5 

 4. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

best tennis rackets

This is one of the best tennis rackets we have here. You can absolutely expect much from it. After being tested and developed by the greatest tennis players, RF97 Autograph appears to offer you more power than its previous generation. This power you will get comes from the design of larger head size and sweet spot. Rest assured for it won’t sacrifice the great feel it already has before.

With more power like this, this racket makes a perfect choice for an attacker, indeed. Since it has been tested and developed, there is no way for it to be unreliable for you. Wilson makes this rackets after making some real experiences on the court with it. If you want to be a reliable attacker in the tennis play, it would be great to choose this racket as your choice. You won’t go wrong with this one here.


  • with help of Roger Federer in developing process
  • provides more power and accuracy
  • has a larger headsize and a bigger sweet spot than previous type
  • best for the offensive players


  • the racquet comes unstrung and without a cover
  • quite expensive

Rating: 4.7/5

 5. Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket

How about this one then? Just like other Wilson rackets we have been talking about so far, this racket is also a well featured one. It features Stop Shock Pads, Arc Technology, Power Strings, and perforated grip as well. Of course, each of them contributes something to the making of this racket. Stop Shock Pads are meant to reduce the vibration and give better and greater control while used.

The Art Technology is there to provide you with greater stability on the racket. As a result, you get added control from it. How about the Power Strings? This feature is included in the design because it has the role for increasing your power while holding the racket. Meanwhile, the perforated grip is obviously there to give you cool comfort as you swing it during the matches. The comfort makes you focus on your plays.


  • good stability and control on the field
  • power strings increase power when hit the ball
  • Stop Shock Pads reduce racket vibration
  • incredibely cheap tennis rackets (less than $20)


  • not really durable, better to use it in training for beginner
  • a bit heavy

Rating: 4.5/5

 6. Wilson US Open Adult Strung Tennis Racket

This one of the best tennis rackets is pretty much interesting in its design as well. It features Fused Graphite Construction, Double Hole Technology, Arc 2 Technology and also 1-point Head Light Strung Balance. Really, you might never find Wilson rackets that lack reliable features. All of the features in this racket are there included in the design to make a better performance as you use them to swing and hit the tennis ball.

Well, you can expect more power from this one of the best tennis rackets from Wilson. Double Hole Technology is there to execute powerful performance from you after all. You don’t have to worry. Its immense power will still be controllable because there is Arc 2 Technology used in this racket’s design. This feature does the job to give us greater stability on the racket. This is what promotes good and added control from the racket. It has a perfect balance of performance.


  • Arc 2 Technology for better stability
  • Double Hole Technology added for more power
  • well-balanced rackets
  • good for adult and beginner level player


  • the racquet comes without cover
  • not quite strong in power

Rating: 4.4/5

 7. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Did you know? This racket ranks as one of the most popular Hyper Carbon models among the customers. Indeed, it might be said to be light and maneuverable. It even gets a slight head heavy balance. Even so, this racket is not as heavy as you think. On the contrary, it is intended to be extremely lightweight even for all around the control and the feel. You can expect no less from it.

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It is one of the best tennis rackets after all. Well, there is an oversize frame in its design too. This is what brings you explosive power that you might never expect before. Its extreme light weight also contributes to bringing more power, it makes the racket easier to swing around. Of course, you will be able to hit the tennis ball more powerfully than before. It really is a worthy racket to choose.


  • good power and very lightweight
  • larger headsize increases the sweet spot
  • better control of the ball
  • one of the best tennis rackets for both youth and adult


  • handle seems a bit off and slippery

Rating: 4.7/5

How to Care for Tennis Rackets: Easy Steps

Having tennis racket for tennis sport activity is a must, but doing the way of how to care for tennis rackets is more important as well. We can’t get long lasting racket product without cleaning it off frequently and doing some treatment. If we didn’t do cleaning or treatment, it is sure that our racket will be easily brake or damage. Thus below are several steps that we can easily practice to take care of our rackets item.

Steps of Taking Care the Tennis Rackets

The first step of doing how to care for you best tennis rackets is by carefully handling the rackets. It means we are avoided to brake or hit it deliberately in the hard surface area. For example do not hit the racket in the wall hard surface. Sometimes when we get upset we do not think longer and just doing something that can reduce our anger like by braking stuff. This action is dangerous especially if we wreak the anger by breaking off the racket that we usually use every day. Next step of take care the tennis rackets is casually taking off the racket from the trunk for several times.

Leaving the trunk can help the existence of the tennis rackets stay longer. It is because the excess heat or cold can damage the rackets especially when we leave it inside the trunk. Next step of doing how to take better care of tennis rackets especially that is related to the user or player is by changing or removing the old grip with the new one. The grip that has been old and faded needs to be changed into the new one. This will help the player to have soft and safe grip when playing tennis.

Other step of How to care your best tennis rackets is by casually restring the racquet when it seems loosen and flabby. By restring the racquet precisely it will help he string to last longer. We can see the durability of the string by restring it. If the string seems not well then we can change it to the new one. Sometimes when we buy the original and certified rackets item we will get other service which like guarantee that help us to protect the stability and durability of the product that we buy.

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