Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Bat to Level Up Your Kid’s Game

Baseball bat is important basketball equipment along with gloves and balls. If you are looking for best youth baseball bat, this article will suit you perfectly. This article will discuss about the specification of seven youth baseball bats with good quality. What is youth baseball bat means?

Youth bat is referred to a baseball bat with a particular specification. The width of baseball bats can be categorized as youth bat if it is exactly 2 1/4 inch. The same measurement is used as the standard for Little League.

Best Youth Baseball Bat in 2021

 1. Marucci’s Cal Ripken Limited Edition

The first series of the best youth baseball bat in our list is Marucci’s Cal Ripken Limited Edition. Marucci produces several types of youth baseball bat. This series is one of the flagship products. The 2 1/4 inch of barrel diameter allows its user to target the ball on the perfect spot easily. It improves the accuracy to gain optimum speed.

The weight of this baseball bat is engineered to improve the ability of its user to create multiple home runs easier. It already has several certifications for Little League, Dixie Youth Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, and other tournaments.

 2. Louisville Slugger Youth 2016 Omaha


As the best youth baseball bat, Louisville Slugger Youth 2016 Omaha uses 7U1 alloy barrel. This material makes a stiff shaft that is good to create a strong hit.

It is engineered with a unique feature that is able to eliminate vibration dramatically. This feature eliminates vibrations by taking advantage of the trampoline effect. Even though the vibration is eliminated, its user remains capable of feeling the ball contact.

Most importantly, the handle is covered with composite material. It provides better grip when being used to swing. This youth baseball bat is recommended for beginner and professional during the practice session or tournament.

 3. Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bat

The aluminum alloy used in Easton S300 baseball bat makes it one of the best youth baseball bat that you can purchase. This aluminum material has two purposes. It makes the whole product lightweight, thus users can swing it with less effort and preventing exhaustion. Aside from making the baseball bat lightweight, the aluminum material is also durable.

Therefore, it prevents fracture caused by frequent swings. The combination of main material and alloy used in this youth bat is engineered to make it last longer. The handle has a unique design to counterbalance the whole structure and provide optimum grip.

 4. Louisville Slugger Youth 2014 Attack

best youth baseball bat

The length of Louisville Slugger Youth 2014 Attack is 29 inches. This length creates an ideal structure with the 2 1/4 inch of barrel diameter. Most professional baseball players recommended this particular youth bat for beginners on their training.

The main material used for it is Pure 360 Composite. The wall of this baseball bat is designed with thinner size in order to improve the power dramatically when being used to hit the ball. Most importantly, it also features Tru3 Technology. This patented technology absorbs vibration that might cause discomfort.

 5. Marucci’s Cal Ripken Limited Edition 30/17

The next product by Marucci designed for Little League is Marucci’s Cal Ripken Limited Edition 30/17. This product is considered as the best youth baseball bat due to the AZ3000 alloy used for it. This particular material is able to give perfect vibration resistance. When being used to hit the ball, the bat vibration makes the hand feels uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the material used is able to absorb this vibration. The handle is reinforced with Unequal Kevlar to give better grip. As it goes with other products by Marucci, it also has several important certifications.

 6. Easton Mako Aluminum Youth Tee-Ball

List of the best youth baseball bat continues with Easton Mako Aluminum Youth Tee-Ball. As the name suggest, this particular series uses aluminum alloy. This durable alloy is able to eliminate the vibration caused by the ball hit to reach the hand.

The handle itself is coated with rolled material to give a comfortable grip and reducing vibration. Using the bat for training will be able to conserve users’ power.

 7. Axe Bats 2017 Origin Youth L135E

Axe Bats knows what it takes to produce effective youth bat. The Axe Bats Origin Youth L135E is the best youth baseball bat like no other baseball bat. It takes advantage of a high-quality alloy that is not only able to reduce vibration, but also make the whole product lightweight.

The handle that’s designed slightly is heavier than the wall as the counterbalance. With a single swing of this youth bat, players will be able to hit the ball accurately.

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Even though the specification of youth baseball bat has been determined, some younger baseball players also use bigger specification. Such baseball bat is called as the ‘senior’ bat. The standard width of the senior bat is about 2 5/8 up to 2 3/4.

Therefore, it is only natural if you also find a baseball bat in such dimension in the list of best youth baseball bat.

How to Choose and Find the Best Youth Baseball Bat: A Guide and Tips

Choosing the right model and type for baseball bat is not easy since there are various style that is made with special designs for different players starting from beginner to the professional, or from kids to adults. Then, how to choose and find the best youth baseball bat for your kids? Before choosing and deciding the best baseball bats that is appropriate for kids, we need to know about several things before like the certification, weight, length, dropping weight, and the material composition. After knowing about these then we can start looking for the bats we want.

Tips Choosing Best Baseball Bats for Youth

How to choose and find the best youth baseball bat especially regarding to the age and capability in using the bat? The first thing we need to know about before knowing youth baseball bat size chart is by understanding the term of adult in baseball. Those who are already past 13 ages can be considered as adult and allow to use the standard and certified baseball bats. The bats that are used for baseball activity and under certification from BBCOR are the ones that we should look for.

Looking for soft bat size chart especially those with BBCOR certified means we have to find the bats with these characters. The characters talks about the barrel diameter that should not exceed more than 2 5/8 inches. Then the length of the bats should be 36 inches or less and the weight ratio of the bats is minus 3. Then what are the three things that can help us to find the right and proper bats for us? At least we need to know about the length, weight, drop weight, and the barrel size to find the right bats.

The length bats for those who are 17 is around 33 – 34 inches and those who are in 5 – 7 ages is 24 – 26 inches. Every one age year apart the length of the bats gets longer around 2 inches. Then the barrel size is different for different players. A 12 years player can use the 2 1/4 inches barrel and the school or collages player can use 2 5/8 inches barrel size. After that, what we need to know about how to choose and find the best youth baseball bat is by using the right material that is appropriate. At least there are alloy bats, composite, half and half bats and hybrid bats that we can choose.

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