Top 7 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

Basketball shoes are part of basketball attire that will make a huge difference on your performance. Therefore, the manufacturers of basketball shoes are competing against each other to include useful features to their product. The competition between those manufacturers brings benefit to the basketball player.

Unfortunately, the price of those basketball shoes is not going cheaper -until now. The high quality of basketball shoes makes the products are even higher. In this article, we are going to talk about the most expensive basketball shoes that you can actually find at the market.


Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

 1. Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG

The appearance of Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG is not like any other basketball shoes. This particular series is listed under the Solar edition. This product is manufactured in elegant black color with rubber accent on the sides.

The material used for it is not only in high quality, but also durable. The soft padding inside the shoes maintains good grip to your foot. You will be able to get perfect balance when performing basketball moves with this shoes.



 2. Nike Air Yeezy 2 SP


The authentic design of Nike Air Yezzy 2 SP makes it the most expensive basketball shoes. The design comes in right color. This aesthetic feature will make you stand out in the field. Most importantly, the design includes low collar design. It will not restrict your moves.

Aside from shoelaces, the design of this series also includes Velcro mechanism as well. You can be sure that the shoes will stay in your foot even if you move a lot during the match.



 3. QiaoDan Men’ XM1550111

The blue color of QiaoDan Men’s XM155011 looks astonishing due to the black highlight on top of it. The shoelaces in the same color make the whole design looks interesting. The superior feature of this basketball shoes is not only located on the design but also the comfort aspect. The collar comes in low design. It features soft padding for your convenience. Due to this impressive feature, most people considered it as most expensive basketball shoes with good quality.



 4. Nike Air Jordan Men’s Retro 5

The list of most expensive basketball shoes continues with Nike Air Jordan Men’s Retro 5. The retro theme on this product gives an exceptional impression to the design. Its yellow color is highlighted with black edges. Both sides of the shoes feature ventilation system.

The microscopic pores in the material allow the air to circulate easier. This particular series uses high collar design. This design improves the support for your legs.



 5. Men’s Nike Air Jordan

most expensive basketball shoes

As a pair of most expensive basketball shoes, you can see that Men’s Nike Air Jordan use a unique color combination. The blue base color blends nicely with white highlight and black accent. The company logo can be found at the outer side of the shoes. The ventilation system of this series is incorporated on the top front. The microscopic pores on it will circulate the air on your shoes. The high collar design will provide more support to the users.



6. Air Jordan VI Doernbecher

Aside from having an outstanding blue color design, the shoes also include unique texture as well. As one of the most expensive basketball shoes, you can tell that it is manufactured with good material. The rubber soles on the bottom of the shoes provide more friction. This feature is combined with the high collar design to give extra support.



7. Nike Air Jordan Men’s 5 V DB

Despite being the last on the list of most expensive basketball shoes, Nike Air Jordan Men’s 5 V Doernbecher has a dark color option. The ventilation system in form of microscopic pores is included in the design with lighter color. The collar shape has low design and curvy shape. It makes the user feel supported when being used to perform basketball trick. Soft cushion padding inside the shoes will make users feel comfortable using it.

When selecting the best basketball shoes, it is important to consider about the comfort aspect. If you do not feel comfortable wearing the shoes, the basketball shoes will not good for you regardless its quality. Fortunately, the manufacturers of basketball shoes always take the comfort aspect as the top priority. Since selecting comfortable basketball shoes is easy, the next thing you need to consider is the price. Do not be hesitated to purchase a pair of shoes with the high price if it is indeed having a good quality.

As you can see, the list of most expensive basketball shoes is packed with popular brands. Even though they are offered in expensive price, the quality cannot be compared to the common basketball shoes. There are several reasons that make them expensive. The special feature is one of the reasons. The other reason is related to the material used. Most basketball shoes use synthetic material. The basketball shoes above are not only made out of synthetic material but also the most durable one.

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