Top 7 Best Baseball Cleats in 2024 For Beginners and Pros

In this country, we all know that baseball is one of the most popular sports. As time goes by, this game spreads into other continents such as Asia and Africa. Using bat and ball as a foundation, this game emerged in North America from British immigrant. To play baseball, players should wear special shoes and the best baseball cleats are your good choice, to begin with.

Before going to store and buying this kind of shoes, you need to know several matters to prevent unnecessary purchasing. Baseball is outdoor sport mostly, so the shoes should have a high capability to handle extreme field condition. You might not professional in this game, but want to play in neighborhood fields. There is no guarantee that field or court is good. That’s why the best baseball cleats become the ultimate choice. As the top products, they come in handy when something wrong happens. Moreover, baseball requires stop-and-go running, so players should feel comfortable with their shoes.

There is no guarantee that field or court is good. That’s why the best baseball cleats become the ultimate choice. As the top products, they come in handy when something wrong happens. Moreover, baseball requires stop-and-go running, so players should feel comfortable with their shoes.

Best Baseball Cleats 2024 For Beginners and Pros

At stores, you will see many shoes for baseball. For beginners, picking the right one is quite difficult. This article will recommend seven shoes considered as the best products. In the following section, you will know why they are on this list.

 1. Mizuno 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleat – [BEST SELLER]


When buying baseball shoe, customers will face two options: buying specifically shoes for baseball or multipurpose sport. This one is what you need when deciding to buy baseball shoe. The manufacturer uses 9 spikes for the outsole to increase the grip. It has a high-durability and can be used in any condition of the field.

With such specs, this product should be on the list of the best basketball cleats in 201. The price is not very high to give a chance for everyone that enjoys playing baseball. Therefore, it will be your favorite shoe all the time.


  • specific cleat with rubber studs to provide stability, durability, and comfort for all kind of fields
  • 9 spike advanced outsole
  • Full-length midsole for more maximum comfort
  • best and cheap molded baseball cleats


  • many user reviews say that the size is a bit off, choose 1/2 size larger is very recommended

 2. New Balance 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat – Best for Wide Feet

You know New Balance as a prolific manufacturer in sport’s industry, particularly shoes. This company produces many shoes for many kind sports, including baseball. 3000v3 is a specific product for baseball players to gain their ultimate skill and goal. With debris-free construction, this product is so good and having great capabilities to handle any field.

When playing baseball, you need to be ready to run. Without the right shoe, your action will be ruined. High-grade textile and synthetic materials keep the quality at the top priority.


  • Revlite midsole with toe protect
  • durable and has a strong grip on the field
  • very fit and comfortable even for hours
  • best for wide feet baseball players


  • a bit heavy than usual cleats

 3. Mizuno 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 – Best for Clay Field

To play baseball, you need special shoes to support running. Besides, the shoe is capable when keeping stability in any field and prevent any slippery. For such reasons, this shoe is ready to answer your needs. It uses synthetic materials with rubber sole. As one of the best baseball cleats in 2024, this shoe consists of several features.

There are the profile to enhance flexibility, ground grip, full-length midsole, and traction stability. Mizuno intends to put this product as multiple sports category. Besides baseball, you can use it for any sport in any field condition.


  • it uses high-quality synthetic upper material
  • made with Groundgrip aggressive stud design provides enhanced traction
  • very comfortable (full length midsole) and can be used for other sports too
  • best baseball cleat for clay or turf fields


  • not recommended for players with wide feet

 4. New Balance L4040V3 Cleat Baseball Shoe [EDITOR’s CHOICE]


Cleats are special part below the shoe to keep the grip ultimately. Such part can be seen in shoes for the outdoor sports where players do running and extreme movement. Baseball shoe using cleats to avoid player from fallen while running and make them run faster. New Balance creates L4040V3 to support baseball player with high-traction control and top durability.  The material is synthetic with lace-up style on top.

This product is very lightweight, so players feel easy to move quickly. As one of the best baseball cleats, L4040V3 is our recommended product to buy. The manufacturer puts this shoe at a low price and you can purchase it under $100.


  • synthetic material for upper and sole
  • it uses strong and best metal spikes
  • featuring protective toe overlay and padded collar
  • Full-length REVlite foam midsole for better comfort
  • good for both narrow and wide feet


  • the rear is a bit short

 5. Nike Huarache Keystone 3/4 Baseball – Best Comfort


In general, shoes for baseball consist of two models. Firstly, this shoe is lower and no collared part to protect the ankle. Such shoe is common on the market. The second model is collared style resemble basketball shoe, but more subtle. For this kind of shoe, Nike introduces its new variant. It is the best baseball cleats of 2024 with rubber sole and synthetic material. Nike is a popular brand with affordable price. Everyone can enjoy baseball using this shoe.


  • the shoes use mesh tongue for breathability
  • Phylon midsole for better comfort and lightweight cushioning
  • good traction even though it uses rubber outsole


  • some buyers complain about the cleats that easily broke


6. Nike Trout 2 Pro Baseball Cleat – High Durability

Excellent shoe for baseball does not have to be expensive in price. Everyone deserves a high-quality product with affordable price. If you want to play baseball without spending too much money, this product is preferable. Nike designs this shoe to suit amateur and professional player. You can enjoy baseball with friends and hit the ball as hard as possible then running around the base.

This excitement requires high-grade shoes. Buying premium product is out of option and the best solution is Trout 2 Pro. As one of the best baseball cleats, this product uses the synthetic material and offers maximum performance.


  • cheap metal baseball cleats
  • phylon midsole for better comfort and lightweight cushioning
  • TPU plate with nine cleat configuration for great traction and accelerate
  • good enough in term of durability
  • mid top shoes for better protection and comfort


  • not recommended for players with wide feet

7. Adidas Performance poweralley 3 TPU Mid Baseball Shoe

best baseball cleats

One of the best baseball cleats in 2024 is the product from Adidas. As you know, Adidas is a prominent manufacturer of sport’s apparel. Many shoes are produced for many kinds of sport. For baseball, this one is an excellent choice. It is lightweight with Traxion stud to maintain the traction ability.

During the game session, players should keep their movement ready and heavy shoes will reduce acceleration capability. Ortholite sock liner gives the comfortable feeling to your foot. It has special cushion and resistance from odor. This shoe is your top choice. Moreover, the price is affordable.


  • high comfort and excellent durability of the materials
  • one of the top lightweight baseball cleats
  • Adituff for best abrasion resistance in the toe area
  • Full-length eva midsole for better comfort lightweight cushioning
  • one of the best rubber baseball cleats


  • many user reviews say that the size is a bit off, choose 1/2 size larger is very recommended

The best baseball cleats consist of products from various manufacturer. You recognize Nike and Adidas as the big players in this industry. However, you cannot ignore New Balance and Mizuno. Their products are able to compete with existing market leader. Shoe fans have their own favorite regarding baseball. New Balance is from US and Mizuno comes from japan. Clearly, baseball is one of the popular sports in East Asia and America. Moreover, Nike and Adidas also help to spread the popularity of baseball.

From number one to seven, the quality is equal because the numbers do not represent the rank.  Before buying baseball shoe, you need to make sure that the shoe is matched with your foot. By using the best baseball cleats list as a reference, you know where to start and ready to play baseball.

Honorable Mentions:

There are some baseball shoes that also worth to be considered as good baseball cleats that have remarkable points. These product below are worth to look if you looking for a something different from the other baseball cleats. Here is our honorable mention list of the best baseball cleats in this year.

  • Nike Huarache 2k Filth
  • Under Armour Harper One
  • Under Armour Leadoff

Nike Huarache 2k Filth

Nike is very famous to create excellent shoes with incredible quality despite the fact that their sport shoes aren’t for conscious-budget buyers. Still, you won’t disappointed as the price defines the quality of the shoes.

Nike Huarache 2k Filth is one of them. It is metal baseball cleat that is designed not only for comfortableness, durable, but also caters you optimal traction.

The design is also quite attractive and it would be very cool to use this one on the field.

Under Armour Harper One

Under Armour Harper One also deserves to be placed in our honorable mention list. The aforesaid is extremely comfortable, lightweight and durable.

In short, it gives you anything that you need for reliable baseball cleats that will improve the way you play.

The only drawback is that, the baseball cleat has no variation for colors and styles, in case those previously mentioned are significant for you.

Under Armour Leadoff

And the last one is the Under Armour Leadoff. This baseball cleat from UA is designed for baseball players who yearn for speedy baseball cleats that offer comfort and durability.

It also has strong and durable cleats to make sure that the players always at the top performance. The design is quite interesting with the combination of white and black. And the most important is, it has very a cheap price.


Many factors play significant parts to improve your performance when playing basketball including proper basketball cleats. Baseball is a typical game where running is pivotal, and yes every second matters. Your baseball cleats should give you appropriate speed. However as well, it should give you adequate comfortableness in the same time.

Because of that reason, we pick the Mizuno 9 as the top of th best baseball cleats because all of the features it has. Two products from New Balance, which are New Balance L4040V3 and 3000v3 series also can be considered as the best. And that’s why we put them on our top three of the best baseball shoes in 2024.

More Info about Baseball Cleat

How to Choose a Baseball Cleat?

Despite different colors, styles, and brands, it is essential to know best baseball cleats that will boost your performance during the baseball game. Whether you already have favorite brand or not for baseball cleats, your understanding toward each character of different types of cleats will assist you to pick the pair that matches you well, some options to consider,

  1. Plastic spikes
  2. Metal spikes.
  3. Turf shoe.

What’s the difference? Plastic or molded spikes are most common baseball cleats for official leagues, not to mention, this kind of baseball cleats become obligatory for some leagues.

If best baseball cleats for you are those that cater you comfortableness, plastic spikes are for you.  The only downfall when it comes to this type of basketball cleats, the time when you run or reach the batter’s box, though this not applies to everyone.

For better grip, metal spikes are best. Not as comfortable as plastic spikes, but you don’t find it as a letdown for some points. Somehow hard to handle when dealing with dirt, even so, it gives you anything that you need to avoid you sliding around too much during the game. The last option is turf shoe that is also known as coach shoe.

Turf shoe is a perfect alternative for best baseball cleats where cleats are prohibited or you prefer not to wear one. This is a bit confusing, but don’t think too much. Who can wear turf shoe? Usually two kinds of persons who are able to wear this type of baseball cleats, the coach and those who stay in the batting cage.

Buying baseball cleats aren’t necessary complicated because basically, it’s almost the same, the way to choose the right shoes including baseball cleats. Pay attention toward famous brands without neglecting some other factors like whether the cleats fit comfortably on you.

How to Care for Baseball Cleats: Things to Do

Doing sport activity means we can’t stay far away from dirt, mud, and ground which caused dirt in our shoes especially if we didn’t continually doing how to care your best baseball cleats. If we feel lazy to do cleaning this will make our shoes look even dirtier and the worst thing is it may get damaged. If it is damaged then we may need to buy the new one. Of course having the new is not a good idea especially is we just have bought the new one not long ago. Thus, it is better to clean up the shoes frequently than just leaving it with dirt.

Cleaning the Shoes – Easy Way

The cleats in the shoes may be the hardest area to be cleaned up. We may need to spend longer time to clean this area up. Thus there are several easy ways of doing how to care for baseball cleats that can helps us and can easily be followed by us. The first step is by taking off the shoes and claps the cleats together. This will lose off the mud that clinging in the shoes surface. Then, the way of doing baseball cleat cleaner, is by using a soft brush then rub the shoes off. This will help to take off the mud easily.

Then how about the metal cleats type, is the steps are the same? The way of doing how to clean white metal cleats is most likely the same. There is no difference for the first steps. After that, we can continue the cleaning by washing the shoes. We can soak them inside the warm water for minutes, around 5 or 7 minutes, before taking it off. Then use soft lather or cloth to clean the spike shoes more. We need to it carefully. Sometimes we need a help from soap. We can use the dish soap to clean up the hard dirt that is hard to wipe off.

Then we can move to rinse the shoes with flowing water. If the shoes and the cleats still look dirty then we can continue the cleaning. After that, next step of how to care for baseball cleats, are by drying the shoes using rag and leave it in the fresh area. Remember we do not need to dry it off directly under the sunlight. We only need the airy area to drying it. Then our shoes cleats are done for cleaning.

See more about how to clean and care of your baseball shoes below.

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