Top 7 Best Puma Basketball Shoes in 2024

In fact, a good pair of basketball shoes have a huge role in determining the overall performance of a player. However, it is sure a challenge to find the best one since there are so many alternatives available in the market. 

PUMA is one of the most known and dominating brands besides Adidas and Nike, due to its competence to provide shoes with outstanding qualities and excellent features.

Check out the list below the seven of the best Puma basketball shoes with each of their aspects and benefits. 

Recommendation of the Best Puma Basketball Shoes 2024

While it’s true that the majority of PUMA sneakers are heavily promoted toward men, it is not actually hard to find flavorful selections that will match with all genders.

Therefore, whether you are a man or woman player, the list below will present high quality and reasonably priced options, whether you are looking for specific shoes to play basketball or just a casual pair of sneakers.

PUMA Hybrid Court Uproar ASG Fade

The first hand-picked of the best Puma basketball shoes is the PUMA Uproar. It has this nostalgic appearance all over, with the retro style, faded color gradient, and rubber sole. The model has been receiving praise for its durability and comfort.

To provide great energy return and cushioning, it integrates IGNITE foam. The outsole is fully made of rubber to give a high amount of traction. To improve the reliability and adjustability, it is equipped with laces on the top part with a dynamic system of lacing.

PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt

As a reimagined model from 1973, these shoes deserve to be on the list of most fun shoes to play on this 2024. It is an ideal choice to go if you ever wanted to challenge yourself with something unique.

In addition to its special looks, it doesn’t lack the performance department as well. The cushion has great money value considering its price. The capability on-court is able to be translated well in the off-court – which is one of the key reasons why it is successful to catch the attention of many basketball enthusiasts.

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PUMA Palace Guard

PUMA doesn’t waste the opportunity to endorse this model further by boasting that it was once has worn by a former point guard legend from Detroit Piston. That wasn’t for an empty reason as it is amongst the most exciting shoes from the manufacturer.

In addition to the basketball court, this model also executes just as well as streetball. It integrates high-quality material, to offer cushioned and comfortable wear. The fact that it appears fashionable doesn’t hurt either, as it comes with an array of colors.

PUMA Winterized Basketball Shoe Men’s Sky II Hi

Comes to provide proper safety, Men’s Sky II features a leather material and Velcro straps. They both offer protection for your ankle areas and produce excellent lockdown. Moreover, the durable sole made from rubber material which makes them great to wear on any surface, indoor and outdoor.

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Aside from the great support and durability, it also serves versatility so you can it for non-sport activities such as working or hiking.

PUMA Legacy

Considering its affordable price, Legacy is one of the best Puma basketball shoes that are exactly solid no matter where you look it from. It is one of the few models that can be counted to get its job done perfectly even without too much thought.

It fits users by the great closure and ankle webbing. It is supported by the best cushion technology from PUMA, which is the hybrid foam to elevate its responsiveness. The full-coverage rubber outsole gives enhanced traction and long durability. 

PUMA Palace Guard OG

Palace Guard it the recreation of the original version which launched back in 1989. It is safe to say that the shoes are pretty much the same, from the design to its specification. The most visible upgrade will be the insole to add comfort.

This model is designed to be casual even for use outside the court. The upper part is made of synthetic leather material. It is supportive footwear while being lightweight, stable, and reliable at the same time.

PUMA Clyde Hardwood

The main appeal from this last model from one of the best Puma basketball shoes is the superior traction. The pair is well-performing sneakers overall – perfect to use on court and fashionable enough to use off the court. Even though it is modern footwear, it still uses a quite conventional forefoot.

The main material is made up of synthetic and textiles. The midfoot part to the heel area is switched up with traditional era materials in the 90s: genuine leather. Simply put, it is crafted with an amazing balance of old and new styles.

Wearing the right shoes can advance your game immensely, regarding of the sport type. The best Puma basketball shoes above are able to provide great support and reliability during the demanding game.

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