Top 10 Best Running Apps for Android or iPhone

Choosing the best running apps to download on your Android phone or iPhone is something mandatory for sure, especially if you want to keep your training under control.

People these days are very keen about maintaining their healthy lifestyle, especially their physical health. That is why most people are exercising in daily basis.

The simplest physical activity is running. It is easy and basically everyone can do that.

The Best Running Apps to Download Today

To make sure you can keep a good running exercise every day, you need a good app. Choose one of these running apps.

They are all great to use and available for both Android and iOS-based mobile phone.

By using the best running apps, you can surely track your running progress, and do a lot more things. Here are the options you can use as reference.

1. Runtastic

One of the best running apps is Runtastic. This app is available on PlayStore and AppStore. Runtastic has a lot of great features to offer. The app has built-in GPS and running challenges to do.

The best thing about this app is that it can provide nutrition plans, too. So, this running app keep you fit from the physical exercise as well as from the diet, too.

2. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is the running app that will help you reach your best potential on physical exercise. There are numerous features that will be useful here, including the workout track, distance track, calories burned tracker, and many more.

The app will also connect you to other people who use the same app and you can even go on group challenge together. The best thing about the app is that it can get connected to many types of devices, such as Apple watch.

3. Pacer

Choosing one of the best apps for running activity is not easy for sure. However, Pacer should be one of your options to consider. The app is the ultimate all-in-one app. It works not only as a fitness tracker, but also for the easy exercise guidance.

It contains free workout videos to watch and it also has the feature to make plans on your running track. The app allows you to record your calories, BMI, and even your blood pressure.

4. Adidas Running


Adidas is more than just exercise and sport apparel brand. They have running app, too, called Adidas Running. This app is completed by tons of features, including voice coaching and route tracking that can be used live.

You will be able to use cheering feature as well during your running trail. Because it is Adidas, of course, the running app will also notify you when the time you change your shoes has come.

5. Vi

source: apkpure

Vi is one of the best Android application for running available today. You can download it easily on PlayStore for Android or AppStore for those who use iPhone. Vi is the right app for those who love running in daily basis.

It provides audio workout and tracking feature to keep you fit. It also has customized workout program that will help you figure out the best type of exercise for you to do.

The app has “Tracks and Learns” option, too, to help you perform effective workout every day.

6. Strava

Strava is a mandatory app for cyclist and runner. It contains lots of features to use, including the access to cycling and running community nearby.

The app can track your daily ride. It can also analyze your performance on running and cycling over time. The app offers “run with friends” feature to allow you go get some companions on the trail. It is such a fun thing to do every single day.

7. Nike Run Club


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Besides Adidas, Nike also has a running app. The app is often considered as one of the best running apps these days.

Nike Run Club allows you to have fun while getting fit every day. It offers coaching, workout features and even music to accompany you during the running.

It also allows you to track your progress and you can get the real-time feedback. Every run you take will be completed by details and records as future reference.

8. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is quite frequently considered as one of the best running apps. It offers a lot of tools and features to use. You can discover a new running route every day and track your fitness level progress.

The app has simple and easy user interface to make sure that everyone can use the app with ease. Use this app to track your weight, your distance coverage and anything else that you need to discover on your daily exercise routine.

9. Zombies, Run!

This is probably the best running app you should try if you love some wild adventure. The app combines regular running app with apocalypse timeline on it. Basically, while using the app, you should run to avoid being eaten by zombies. It is like combining reality with a video game.

The goal is to get fit and escape those undead. There are more than 200 missions to complete and new stories are coming every day. Instead of sitting down on the couch fighting zombies on video game, this running app is way better and healthier, of course.

10. Couch to 5K


The last one on the list of the best running apps here is the Couch to 5K. This is the app for those who want to reach 5K race.

This app will guide you to run for 20 to 30 minutes every day and the goal should be achieved in a couple of months. The app offers cool design with interesting characters as your coach or trainers.

Those are the running apps you can certainly use today. Most of them are free to download. The features are numerous, and they can be used so easily by everyone.

Make sure if you want to use a running app on your phone, you download one of those options up above. They are surely the best running apps available on the PlayStore and AppStore today.

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