Top 12 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet under $200

In fact, there are various kinds of feet. Actually, it is not a problem and will not make people unable to do some activities. However, each type of feet will need special shoes, so they can find the best comfort, including in doing sports.

That’s why it is important to know the best tennis shoes for flat feet. This article will give some recommended shoes for those who have flat feet and want to play tennis. The recommendations are listed below.

The List of Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Sports need special treatment, and one of them is about the shoes. Suitable shoes will give good comfort that support the movement of players. Moreover, it also reduces the possibility of injuries.

Each shoe will have different specs and those who have flat feet will need special tennis shoes to get the best experiences. In this case, there are some good recommendations as your references.

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 7

This is the first recommendation of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. It is actually a stability shoe and can be used as tennis shoes and sneakers.

In this case, the shoes are equipped with memory foam that’s designed for flat feet. Therefore, players can comfortably move with the shoes, and they will have better motion control.

There is also a Trusstic System to give better stability in movement, so moving and following the directions of the ball can be done easily and quickly. In terms of design, there are some options of colors. You can find the most suitable design based on your taste.

2. ASICS GEL-Resolution 6

This is also from ASICS, and there are some interesting features for those who have flat feet. The shoes have an external heel collar as a foot support system. It enables players to move flexibly and comfortably. The collar will make sure the feet move easily and the risks of injury can be reduced, so twisting is rare to happen.

Moreover, there is extra-gel cushioning. It is comfortable for those who have a high level of agility and movement. The gel will give better protection. Moreover, players can do better landing and it can help the feet to recover fast from the shock after landing. There are still other features to give flat feet comfort in moving.

3. Prince 8P984149

The design of shoes is more like casual sneakers. It is a good point since it looks great on the court as well as gives better confidence. In terms of features, it is one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

There is good stability offered by the shoes that come from the forefoot straps and the TPU shank developed by the brand. It will prevent some injuries and twists from the wrong movement.

In addition, it gives great flexibility in responding to the movement of balls. Then, there is also Shock Eraser as the technology of shock absorption. The impacts on muscles and feet can be reduced and players can easily recover to continue moving.

4. GEL-Solution Speed 2 ASICS Tennis Shoes

From the name, it is clear that is the tennis shoes. Well, it is also included as one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. It is kind of shoes designed to give lightweight for better and faster movement on the court.

Although it is lightweight, it has good durability. Players do not need to worry for having trouble in the midst of game. For the aspect of shock absorption, the shoes have synthetic sole and Cushion Solyte midsole.

These will absorb the damage and shocks from landing and other sudden movements.

That’s why the injuries can be reduced and muscles can quickly recover. It is of course the good recommendation of shoes for flat feet.

5. New Balance MC806

The next option for the best tennis shoes for flat feet is from New Balance. It is the famous brand of sneakers and sport shoes. In this case, the shoes provide good motion control and flexibility for the flat feet in moving, running, jumping, and landing.

Then, there is also ABZORB as the cushioning technology. It will make sure the players will get good comfort since the cushion will absorb damage from each movement. The muscles can recover faster from certain shocks.

6. Babolat Propulse 4 All Court

The material of the shoes gives good durability. Moreover, it will give conveniences for players in playing the tennis. For your information, this kind of the best tennis shoes for flat feet has nice design to boost the confidence.

For its features, the shoes from Babolat have nice gel-cushioning. It is good technology developed by the brand to provide effective shock absorber. It is also to give powerful supports when the player must make sudden and fast movements.

Then, the material is also very light, so there is no additional burden given to the feet during the game.

When these are not enough, there is good ventilation in the material to give better air circulation inside the shoes.

7. Prince T22

One of the interesting things about the best tennis shoes for flat feet comes from the design. It is one of sport shoes, but it has great design to boost the personal confidence in standing on the court.

Then, the material is made with lightweight and soft composition. Therefore, it is very nice for flat feet that need flexibility and efficiency of energy in each movement. There is also plush cushioning to give great stability and support. Well, players can always play aggressively without worrying about the shocks and twists during the game.

In addition, the shoes give special space for the toes as well. It gives good space for convenience and air circulation.

8. ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 3

It is actually similar to the Gel-Resolution 7, and it is one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. The product gives Personal Heel Feet that is useful to lock the position of the heel. Yes, the shoes are like being attached strongly to the feet and give easy movement during the game.

Then, there is Trusstic System for better stability. The system also provides good protection for the area of forefront. It will make sure players can move and jump easily since the forefront are fully protected from any impact and muscular shocks.

9. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

The shoes look nice in term of design. It is suitable for men who love playing tennis and looking for the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

The shoes have EVA insole for the cushioning. It is good absorber for the shocks when players land or make some sudden movements.

Then, the cushioning gives good feature for energy and muscle recovery. Players can suddenly move even after they have hard landing.

10. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3

For the best tennis shoes for flat feet, stability becomes important point and it is what to find in the shoes. It has lightweight material to give stability and agility since the shoes will not give extra burden on the feet during the game.

There is also mid-foot shank that will provide the feet and prevent injuries or twists. It is good feature for players who play flexibly and aggressively.

Then, you can find rubber outsole for the better experiences in playing the tennis game.

11. Max Nike FIngerTrap

The next choice of the best tennis shoes for flat feet is from Nike. It may not be fully affordable, but the shoes are still good option to consider. It is suitable for flat feet players since it offers great material and synthetic features to give great durability.

Then, the shoes have some options of colors for those who need boost of confidence in playing the tennis. In term of features, the shoes bring good sole and shock absorption. These will boost the stability and convenience in playing the tennis.

Moreover, there is good ventilation and enough space for toes, so movement can be done perfectly and the feet will not get slipped because of the sweat.

12. Babolat Propulse Fury All Court 

The last reference of the best tennis shoes for flat feet is from Babolat. In term of price and design, it looks great and there is nothing to worry. The features are also good for those who need comfort and stability in playing tennis.

The shoes have good Kompressor EVA midsole for the cushioning feature. It will make sure all shocks and impacts of movement can be absorbed well, so there will be less potency of injury and twisting.

The high collar will also provide better comfort for the ankles. There will be less pressure and movement can be boosted.


Those are some good recommendations of tennis shoes for flat feet. Although all products may feel comfortable to wear, it will be different when used for the sports. Precise sizes, features, and some other specifications must be considered to give full convenience and protection against the injury. That’s why there are recommendations of the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

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