Best Waterproof Running Shoes in 2024 [Cheap Price]

Running shoes may be one of popular sport apparels. You can do many sports, besides usual running, although you are not at professional level. There are some products considered as the best waterproof running shoes.

Why does the shoes have waterproof feature? You may enjoy running in nice weather, but that’s not for every time. Harsh weather brings water and wet condition, even the icy surfaces.

Do you wait until all of them are gone? Running is the simplest sport to maintain healthy body. You need to overcome track and train from water and ice. That’s why the shoes have waterproof membrane to protect you from slippery and wet area.

The Best Waterproof Running Shoes Review

Buying running shoes is simple, but choosing the right one may take your time. Waterproof shoes are able to support your activities to be more flexible. The shoes use high-grade material to increase capability and durability. You may wear them for daily running, but only few ones are suitable for casual activity.

In order to choose the right product on waterproof running shoes, consider comfortable aspect as your top priority. You do not want to feel high temperature inside the shoes due to excess heating, right?

Moreover, the shoes should be easy to clean, especially for the cushion. Well, for more information about the best waterproof running shoes in 2024, read the following sections.

1. Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX

You need waterproof shoes for running or doing outdoor activity. For such purpose, you should choose the best waterproof running shoes. At the top list, you will find Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX.

Adidas develop this product to fulfil more than running in broad daylight. You can use this product for extreme sport and some outdoor activities, such as hiking or mountain climbing.

It has waterproof feature to protect you from direct spilling and slippery when you are in wet area. The shoes are for men and women, which mean the cushion is very comfortable. You can do extreme movement, but still in control due to waterproof and sole capability.

When comparing to other running shoes, it is slightly heavier, but not as much as the product in the same category. Adidas make sure these shoes are durable due to the excellent material.

2. Inov-8 Roclite 282

Running shoes are common to wear for indoor and outdoor sport. However, you need waterproof shoes when doing extreme sport or heavy activity on outdoor location. One of top products on the best waterproof running shoes is Inov-8 Roclite 282. There are some features on this product to support your running session or sport activity.

It has waterproof layer at bottom area and sticky rubber to keep traction. The outsole and midsole use the high quality material to increase the durability. When wearing these shoes, you still can do natural movement. It is rare product to get this feature. Keeping natural movement and balance when doing sport is hard task, even for professionals.

3. Asics Gel Cumulus 18 GTX

Asics produces several shoes and one of them is Asics Gel Cumulus 18 GTX. You wear running shoes for sport activity and rarely for casual events. When you want to do casual activity, this product is very reliable.

The cushion is comfortable completed with waterproof feature to keep the shoes from spilling water. Moreover, the arch support is neutral and the length from heel to drop is about 10-mm. Asics releases the shoes for men and women with different size.

Overall material is the top quality to enhance durability and capability of this product. One visible thing when seeing this product for the first time is design. It has elegant, sporty, and attractive design. That’s why you can wear it for casual occasion.

Manufacturer makes sure your feet feel comfortable when doing less outdoor activity through these shoes. Therefore, those things are the features to put this product as one of the best waterproof running shoes.

4. Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX

Another product of the best waterproof running shoes is Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX. It has trail mode as terrain and neutral for arch support. You can use it for daily running, although it is still capable for extreme activities.

The manufacturer provides two types, for men and women with different weight. Men and women types has weight 330g and 290g respectively. Both have the same heel and forefoot height.

Waterproof feature protects the shoes from water and keep you in balance when doing activities at wet area. The shoes are capable to adjust in order to suit feet contour. The cushion is comfortable and easy to move for cleaning.

For the material, it is top quality that brings the shoes at high durability product. Another feature is traction to maintain balance and control when you wear for running.

5. Adidas Terrex Trailmaker

Adidas produces some shoes on list of the best waterproof running shoes. If you look for the comfortable and durability aspecs, Adidas Terrex Trailmaker should be the right choice. It has waterproof feature to resist water. The shoes may seem big, but lightweight compared to other. It makes comfortable feeling for beginners.

Moreover, the outsole uses high-grade material in order to enhance traction. You do not have to worry when running in slippery trail or icy surfaces. The design is simple, but elegant with Adidas iconic pattern. Several colors are available to fulfill customer preference.

As we know, comfortable and durability are what people look for when buying waterproof running shoes.

6. Under Armour Fat tire GTX

Under Armour Fat Tire GTX is one of the best waterproof running shoes. It has waterproof membrane to keep water in check. Manufacturer uses foam and textile to create strong foot wrap. You can do extreme and excess activity, but the shoes are still in proper condition. It has lacing system called Boa System to fit the shoes into foot.

Do you know why this product is called Fat Tire? Under Armour incorporates racing tire concept. As you know, the tire has to be agile with high traction and strong grip. You can do running on train or for extreme sport, such as hiking and mountain climbing. All of them will be easy when using Under Armour Fat Tire GTX.

7. Salomon XA Pro 3D

Salomon XA Pro 3D is running shoe with waterproof capability. The arch supports the stability when you wear for daily running. This shoe looks similar to other, but quite heavy. Men type has weight of 405g and women category is 354g.

As one of the best waterproof running shoes, this product has upper membrane wrapped in waterproof sole. It gives protection from water and wet condition. You can also wear it for outdoor activity involved adventure session such as mountain climbing and hiking.

The shoes are capable to support whatever you do. Besides the outer area, it has comfortable cushion to keep the foot from excess heat and sweating. Another feature is anti-abrasion to support harsh surface.

8. La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0

One of recommended products on list of the best waterproof running shoes is La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0. Well, it has one-piece mesh with adaptable capability to comfort your foot. The design is elegant and it has sturdy construction. In spite of sturdy, it is quite flexible to hold the balance when you wear at harsh area. Sturdy material is preferable in order to keep traction.

Therefore, you will feel safer and more comfortable. This product is ready for men and women. If you choose men size, the weight is 400g. For women, the weight is 330g. Both are heavier than competitor due to its construction and material. However, this product has high durability for long period, especially waterproof feature.

9. Asics Gel Sonoma 2 GTX

Comfortable is the top priority when choosing product from the best waterproof running shoes. For such reason, you can rely on Asics Gel Sonoma 2 GTX. It is comfortable shoe with high durability. If you are trail runner, this product is the right choice.

The distance from heel to toe drop is 12mm. It is available for women and men with different weight. You get 315g for men and 260g for women. The arch support is neutral and it has normal width.

Moreover, just enjoy the well-cushioned and top material for outsole. You can do 10k running and still feel convenient. Another good side about Asics is attractive design. You still look fashionable while doing outdoor activity.

10. Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Neonshell Low

You are surely familiar with Adidas, Under Armour, and Asics. Another top brand for the best waterproof running shoes is Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Neonshell Low.

What do you get from this product? At first glance, the design is elegant and sporty with few delicate patterns. The shoes are available for men and women that have different weight. For men, the weight is 283g and 235g for women. Waterproof running shoes have more capability than the common ones.

For this product, you do not have to worry when raining or doing the activity in wet terrain. In general, the shoes use waterproof feature to keep them dry. In addition, the material for outsole is able to enhance the traction. You can wear it for daily running, but it is also capable to extend for more extreme activities.


People recognize Adidas, Asics, and Under Armour as prominent brands in running shoes industry. There are few brands with top quality to put on the list. All shoes have waterproof feature to resist water. Manufacturers produce different weight between men and women.

Each product has similarity and differences. You just choose the most suitable ones to fit your activity and preference on list of the best waterproof running shoes.

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